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My Punto EP MJD T-Wine: My Ferrari on a Budget

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ginnupotter, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. ginnupotter


    @maverick: i am pretty sure the sound is from the drivers side. And it comes even on a slight unevenness on a smooth road. Have taken an appointment for saturday. I just hope it can run till then:mad:
  2. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    If its the link rod, don't worry you can drive around for a couple of days, it will not damage your car.
  3. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    +1 I had the link rod issue, but drove around about 100~150km before I got it fixed it from TASS.
  4. ginnupotter


    Took Sabu to service center yesterday. Everything was fixed within 1.5 hours. The sound was from the front torsion bar, it was tightened. The pipe for rear wiper wash had come out in the engine bay, it was fixed. Door plastic near the rear right side seat edge was coming out, it was also fixed :)
  5. ginnupotter


    First a request to Mods: Please change the thread title to My Punto EP MJD T-Wine: My Ferrari on a Budget:)

    Took Sabu to Agra over weekend for a day return trip. He behaved exceptionally on the highway and was very stable. Although i rarely drove over 100 kmph, but that was more due to the road and other traffic.

    Overall distance covered during the day was around 514 kms which included fatehpur sikri as well.



    From tankful method the average came out as around 17.8 kmpl for the whole trip.

    Now need to add a few things to Sabu:

    1. Got new foot mats (smoked black, translucent) as the dealer provided one's were already torn on the driver side. Have peculiar issue, the mats look good but they Stink:irked . A strange smell comes out of them. I have removed them and kept in balcony for some sunlight for today. Anybody else faced this, and any solution to this?

    2. Seat covers: Went to carnations in sahibabad and saw a few seat cover designs, there is company called U-Cheer and a PU seat cover was coming for around 4500/-. Should i go for it or rather buy the fiat genuine accessory covers which are similarly priced? Also does PU heat up excessively?

    3. Sun-film: Saw Garware sun films at carnations, there were three qualities, the heat rejection was 30-40%, 45% and 60% and respective prices were 2100/-, 3500/- and 6500/-.

    - Which one should i go for? I mean, is the extra cost for higher heat rejection justified?
    - Would it affect visibility and aid in heat rejection if i go for sunfilm on the windshield as well?
    - Are all of these legal and is the certificate given with the installation of any use in front of a policeman who just knows that films are banned?
    - Also please suggest the sun-film shade which may go best with T-Wine color.

    4. Number plates i got from dealer are plastic and very plain to look at. Are the number plates with IND written on left middle legal, as i really like those!

    Looking forward to responses.:)
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2011
  6. Hope this info helps!! Do post some pics of your Agra-Fatehpur trip
  7. ginnupotter


    Some ******* scratched my car!

    Somebody doesn't like my car :sadblue

    Have been finding various small scratches which appear overnight on the car. However today morning somebody had marked a big one on the driver side rear door.


    This can't be from another car as its too high up and on the inward slanting part of the door sheet. Somebody has deliberately done this.

    I believe this won't go without some retouching, but considering the frequency of such marks, I will rather wait for an year and get all rectified together :mad:

    However I would try to find out the (@##$$% put in all the abuses, hindi and english) who did this. I already have a few suspects in mind.

    Does a good rubbing and paint protection treatment take care of such marks? :(
  8. ginnupotter


    Left my rear window open last night unknowingly. :(

    Is there any add-on which can cause windows to auto close on car locking?
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Yes there are some options avaialble in Market, please contact Dilip_dmk I think he has information about that.

    I enquired about auto roll up power windows kit here in Pune but the fellow said it will void warrenty of your car it need some changes in power windows wiring assembly.
  10. ginnupotter


    Total Fuel Usage Till Date

    Wanted to update the total fuel drank by Sabu till date:

    Amount: 9200/-
    Odo Reading: 3200 kms

    This includes the initial 3 liters that Showroom supposedly put in the car.

    Also the needle has just touched the red area and the low fuel warning is yet to come on so i guess there is still approx 8-10 liters of fuel left. This would give me an overall average of around 14.8 - 15 kmpl

    Out of this 3200 km around 800 would be highway or highway like driving. Rest is all city, bumper to bumper kinds.

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