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My Punto EP MJD T-Wine: My Ferrari on a Budget

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ginnupotter, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. ginnupotter


    Hi All,

    First of all, a big thanks to teamfiat for helping me zeroing in on Punto. I got my EP MJD yesterday. Have driven around 100 km till now and the ride quality is good. Although i have a few issues (because i could not do the complete PDI myself ):

    1. The roof beading was uneven, got it corrected during delivery.
    2. The glove box edge is not in line with the dash, no biggie: needs to be corrected later
    3. Check number plate light message on MID, one of the number plate lights was off, pushed it bit and it came on, msg on display gone : Need to get this permanent tomorrow.
    4. Now the big one: The front passenger side door is not getting locked when car is locked with remote or the key. I got two sounds and the car remained unlocked. I noticed it at the temple. Called up the showroom, they asked me to call the helpline, called the helpline, they said this is not our job pls call the showroom. Called the sales guy again he came and found out that if the front passenger door is locked from inside then the car can be locked: need to get this fixed tomorrow at the service center. I would like to add, when i lock the faulty door from inside then all doors get locked but if i lock the driver side door then passenger side door and with it, all other doors also remain unlocked.
    5. The arrow keys on the steering are not responding well, need atleast two-three presses: is this normal or needs to be looked into.

    Felt very bad and helpless and was in a way regretting buying a fiat within an hour of delivery:(. Hope the car and Tata-Fiat prove me wrong. :)

    A few queries from my side:
    1. The showroom said they had put around 3-4 ltrs of diesel i filled up around 1000 and after running for 100 kms the avg consumption is displaying 10.4 km/ltr is that normal, i was expecting something around 14-15kmpl?:eek: Although i must say that out of these 100 kms around 40 were in bumper to bumper traffic..
    2. Can Aux be enable in the current EP variant?
    3. What is the recommended tyre pressure?
    4. Should i drop a mail to FIAT India for the issues faced or give showroom a chance to rectify the problems?
    5. Do i need to get the teflon coating and underbody coating? will it help in preventing scratches or at least in cleaning the surface easily?
    6. Are seat covers needed or recommended for punto as the seats already have a lot of cushion..?

    Now for the pic(please excuse he poor pic quality):

    Thanks again for the help received by me as a passive follower of the forum. I would try to be a regular memberand hope to learn from it and contribute to it with my experience.

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  2. ginnupotter


    Requesting your replies. Need some advice to put my mind at ease..
  3. hope this solves all the answers you need.
  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Initial niggles are common with almost every car, fiat is no exception. to get it done for priority, an e-mail would help and discussion with showroom guys in a serious tone would be of much better help, informing that the feedback given about the buying and owning experience was very bad and higher authorities would be informed about the same.
  5. ginnupotter


    Thanks for the response. I am currently at service centre and was about to go for underbody coating. By the way i live in Delhi and was driving cng car till now. Will need to learn driving diesel.
  6. Lots of tfi ians from delhi are here. They might of some help.

    You kneed notg et the underbody treatment done also.
  7. ginnupotter


    Still at the service centre. Getting the front left door central lock assembly replaced.
  8. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ginnu, FE will increase by 1000-3000Kms. Also, make sure to reset the Trip A as well as Trip B at least once after delivery as the readings are low from a showroom vehicle. Don't worry about low FE for at least till the initial 1000Kms.

    Do not go for teflon or underbody coating in a new car. No more comments.

    You can NOT get AUX enabled in Emotion or Emotion pack variant.

    Buddy, seat covers is a thing of personal taste. I haven't got them. Fabric seat covers are best as you don't have to sit on a furnace in summers. Hope you got what I mean to say. :p
  9. ginnupotter


    Drove a few more kms:

    - The FE shown on display has increased to 13 kmpl :p

    - The car runs like a dream. It was able to pull up a flyover in 5th gear with 4 people onboard and AC on and at an initial speed of 40 kms.:D

    - The cheap plastics and fit and finish thing was something i did not notice during test drives. Now i can see that the indicator and wiper stalks are of a low grade material and the general feel of plastics, including buttons on the music system is that they will surely need to be replaced at least once an year.

    Quick questions:
    1. With my earlier CNG zen, while crossing water logged stretches, i used to keep a constant high throttle to prevent water going into the exhaust pipe, what should i do in case of diesel engine. Needs tips on how to drive during rains in a frequently water logged city?:(

    2. The long clutch throw is a pain in the bumper to bumper traffic i go through daily, can this be reduced?
    As when i press the clutch, the heel also moves forward and on releasing the heel needs to be adjusted each time. I never had such an issue with my zen in its 70000 kms::pP

    3. I am driving the car very sedately and try not to cross 2000 rpm. and generally i am driving between 1400 to 2000 rpm range, is this fine or i need to adjust. :confused:

    Thanks for the responses and help extended.

    Even i have started putting the knowledge acquired at the forum to good use, at the service centre on sunday, i was able to help a linea owner by pointing him to Oberoi service center in noida as his AC issue seemed unsolvable at my service center.

    Would be posting an intial ownership review at 1000 kms :)
  10. get used to the clutch.
    thats the way it is!

    you need to use the high revving method here also. water can enter into the pipe!
    diesel or cng is not an issue for it!
    keep the pressure(gases) high in the exhaust pipe and water wont enter or else ...

    buttons, you feel like that but they are pretty good quality,
    and the last one!! give her occasional bursts! it is good for her health in the long run!

    waiting for your initial ownership!!

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