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My Punto 1.4 E+ not starting

Discussion in 'Engine Compartment' started by Lenny, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Lenny


    New Delhi
    Hi All!

    My car is usually parked on the roadside of my colony. I haven't had any major software/technical issues as such until this morning. I hadn't started my car in the last 48hours. When I tried doing so this morning, it just wouldn't start. The engine, MID,indicators,lights,electric windows and what have you (electronics) were just not switching on. I called up RSA and they sent a mechanic promptly who first checked the battery (and concluded it was fine), then he checked all the microchips inside the box next to the battery (see pic, box encircled in yellow dashed lines, top right corner of the pic). He took these microchips out one by one and put them back again. After this, when I started the ignition, the car came to life.

    He told me that there were some "Carbon" that got attached to these microchips and thus was creating the problem, it happens due to the weather & pollution he said. I thanked him and bid him goodbye, he didn't charge me anything as my car is under warranty (I bought it beginning of this year).

    I started driving the car with the AC on. After about 30mins the engine, MID, everything - all the electronics just stopped...dead! I parked it by the roadside and did what the RSA mechanic had done - took out a few of the microchips and re-inserted them back again (as I'd seen the mechanic do the same). When I turned on the ignition after this, the engine started again. I kept the AC switched off this time as I didn't want to take any risk, and slowly and steadily came home and parked the car.

    I don't know why is this happening to my baby. I've always cared about her and take good care of her :(


    A depressed me!

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  2. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Those are not actually micro chips. They are the fuses. It also contains the relay for the AC compressor and other major electrical components fuses/relays. It is a possibility that dust might have entered the box if not closed properly and settled on the contact area of the circuits. removing and re-inserting simply re-locates the foreign particles.

    Visit the TASC. its not a big issue, they should clean it up(service it). but to be on a safer side have it checked without ignoring the problem.

    A word of caution by any chance dont ever mix up the small components, and replace them in the wrong circuit. it can cause serious damage to the electrical system which the insurance will not cover.
    If you refer to the backside (on the inside) of the plastic cover you will see a chart explaining which component goes where and for which system.. if you get confused as to what goes where if you face the same problem on the way..
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  3. true chaos,lenny get the fusebox checked.it had happened once in a zen-estilo belonging to my uncle.:)
  4. Lenny


    New Delhi
    @Chaos: Thanks for your prompt reply, and apologies for my late reply. Ya, i took it to the FIAT workshop, they checked everything (ECU et al) plus the fuse box, they couldn't find any problems whatsoever. However, they cleaned it up and put the fuse box cover tightly. Am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this doesn't happen again.
    @Dieselhead: ThankU. y'know, I always think I'm the unluckiest person in the world and everything happens to my car only...I guess that's human psyche! :)

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