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Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by pabhishek, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Note -The bubble if seen in this pic is mere reflection:).
    Hello Friends,

    This will be my first ownership review, so please pardon me for my ignorance:), if any.
    I have booked a "Linea T-Jet OB Emotion" from Pandit Auto, Pune on 16th December. Delivery will happen by next weekend, i.e. 3-4th Jan 14.

    Now, the question arises, why Fiat, then, in same order , why Linea and then why TJet(Petrol Car)?

    I will start from scratch(May find boring and lengthy to many. Please pardon).

    I used to think of owning car since I was a kid and that too not single but many. Not knowing the pricing and other things required to own them(especially Vitamin M) I happily owned many in the dreams only.

    When I was in my early teenage, father bought a M800(year 98), its still serving us. Then came a Indica Petrol(03 - earlier ones which comes with 1.4l Mpfi engine churning 75hp), needless to say, its also serving us till now.

    FastForward to 08, I graduated and joined a software firm in Pune. Since then i was thinking of buying a vehicle, but somehow it never got materialised mostly due to my parents who always stopped me saying "we are already having 2 vehicle , why do you need one"?
    Nevertheless I always visited various showrooms in the city to test drive the vehicles once in a few months to let know the current trends.

    When I initially came to Pune in 09 , I used to see many Puntos and lineas doing test run in city. They both look absolutely ravishing in their camouflaged/striped look and since then i had a soft corner for both of them.

    As the year passed my urge to buy car getting increased. I initially thought of buying a Safari Dicor which was my dream vehicle since its launch in 98. But as its a decade old model plus TataMotors seems to be going nowhere, I pulled myself back.

    I seriously started looking for vehicle in Mid 2013 and test drove all vehicles between price range 6-11 lac that includes Dzire, Etios, Vento,Verna, Linea, Safari, Duster, etc. This time also my family gave same reason I quoted above, but this time I convinced them somehow.

    I didnt have any specific requirement from my vehicle apart from that it should be beautiful, safe, value for money and feature-rich. I was open for hatchback/sedan/SUV/MUV/Compact SUV/Compact sedan. Even fuel choice was also not the deterrent.

    I will jot down positives and negatives of the vehicles which I test-drove.
    Please note that this is my personal opinion and not meant to offend anyone

    Maruti Dzire

    +ve - Value for money, feature rich.
    -ve - Awkard rear look , obviously not a full fledged sedan

    Maruti Ertiga

    +ve - Value for money, practical seating for 7.
    -ve - Not exactly feature rich(ACC missing), not liked by wife:-D.

    Maruti SX4

    +ve - Apart from maruti reliablity, I didnt find any.
    -ve - Dated design.

    Hyundai i20

    +ve - feature rich, good looking, , Hyundai reliablity.
    -ve - Ride and handling, not liked by wife.

    Hyundai Verna

    +ve - long list of features, Good Looks, Hyundai reliablity.
    -ve - Apart from ride and handling issues, I didnt find any flaw in it.

    Tata Safari Dicor

    +ve - Cult status, comfort, rugged looks and macho image of person driving dicor comes free!!
    -ve - Niggling issues more pronounced by incompetent TASS as reported in various forums plus only LX model was with in my budget which had absolutely zero safety features(ABS and Airbags).

    Tata Safari Storme

    +ve - Refined Safari, rugged looks.
    -ve - It was way out of my budget. Lx was costing upwards of 12lac onroad.

    Tata Aria

    +ve - Feature Rich, very very spacious.
    -ve - Reliablity issues, way out of my budget.

    Honda city

    +ve - Brand Value, engine.
    -ve - Badly feature skimped vehicle. 1 million Rs worth car doesnt have ACC, CD/MP3 player, full fledged MID, frustrating!!

    Honda Amaze

    +ve - Fuel efficient Engines, spacious for its size.
    -ve - Badly feature skimped vehicle, spartan interiors

    Toyota Etios

    +ve - Fuel efficient engine, value for money.
    -ve - Felt cheap when I sat inside , right from the fabrics , sheet metal, parts used, etc.

    VW Vento

    +ve - Diesel engine is too good, feature rich, brand value.
    -ve - Uninspiring Petrol, diesel out of budget, Higher maintenance cost of VW's.

    Skoda Rapid

    Sales guy was uninterested to sell rapid. So cant comment

    Nissan Sunny

    +ve - Fuel efficient and reliable diesel engine, value for money.
    -ve - Spartan interiors, dull and inspiring.

    Renault Scala

    Its same as sunny.

    Renault Duster

    +ve - Fuel efficient and reliable diesel engine, rugged looks and presence
    -ve - Out of my budget.

    Ford EcoSport

    +ve - Looks as if came from Jupiter. Endless list of features, rugged stance and dollops of presence.
    -ve - Not at all value for money with recent price hike; as per my view. Long waiting list.

    Ford Fiesta

    +ve - Looks, Features, Ride and handling.
    -ve - Vehicle not available for selling.

    Fiat Linea

    +ve - Good looks, Good looks and good looks, fuel efficient diesel and fun to drive and powerful Petrol(TJet), features list which is endless, ride and handling, value for money, most importantly bang in my budget, etc.
    -ve - I didnt find any.

    I always loved Linea, plus 2013 version came with SUVish ground clearance so that also help to use vehicle as a SUV when required in our roads (read Leh-Ladakh trip) and fuel type was never a deterrent, so went ahead and booked a TJet in the month of july with same spec as quoted above. But, may be, that was not my time, I had to cancel my booking due to some unavoidable reason .

    Come December13, things were sorted by now a bit, so took the plunge again and booked a Tjet again. As i had already test drove all the models , went straight to Pandit Auto and booked the vehicle.

    Well, that was quite a long, accept my apology for the same. I will share few pics of PDI which I did yesterday at showroom.
    Vehicle is November manufactured with last 3 digits as LKZ. A heartfelt thanks to the thread on teamfiat which helped in decoding VIN.

    IMG_0854.jpg IMG_0855.jpg IMG_0859.jpg IMG_0860.jpg IMG_0866.jpg

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  2. mathuranuj

    mathuranuj Amatore

    Awesome !!! Welcome to the Linea family. I too have a TJet and it is just an awesome car. You'll love it for sure...
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  3. Shri1972

    Shri1972 Amatore

    Congratulations !! Welcome to T jet family. I bought one from Pandit in December . Clocked 1500 kms , it's an amazing car.

    Shrinivas Patil

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  4. MakeTheMove

    MakeTheMove Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulation Abhishek and Welcome to T-Jet family.

    Please ensure your do check tyre pressure after delivery of the car. My car was having 50 PSI tyre pressure.:eek:

    wishing you a happy mile crunching in Jet. Fly Safe!
  5. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Trivandrum / Bangalore
    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations.. Enjoyed your opening post.
  6. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Thanks all for kind words!! It really feels great that I will soon be a proud owner of a TJet.:)
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  7. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Congratulations on new Jet, another OB Jet :cool: . Enjoy your ride and drive safe.
  8. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    Congrats Abhishek, looking forward to more happy memories and detailed reports over the period of ownership.
  9. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Wow one more Jet landed in pune!! Bravo!!!
    Congratulations Abhishek!!
  10. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest congratulations on owning the Jet. The colour OB looks rocking, I feel it might be a little painful to maintain the glossiness.

    Has the Jet arrived at home, you were to get the delivery today? I hope you must have been having sleepless nights till the delivery. Now go and enjoy the flying.

    Post some more pics of the Jet.

    Happy flying and fly safely.

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