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My Pathetic Experience - Happy Car - Horrible dealer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Zsa-Zsa, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    Nice to hear on your delivery experience. For me, i was dying to take my 90 HP out on NH-8 & hear that Lioness roaring/growl whose kid just being stolen. So i told ABS motors (Gurgaon) to excuse me asap with comments like "why do you making me sign here & there, i am no celebrity ??:mrgreen:". Collected papers assuring them that i will be back in case something is left, no wrappings-packaging, yep feedback form was filled in 20-30 secs. Gave rs 500 to the cleaners, had a quick photo with tap on Ajay Narang's (abs sales executive) shoulder for being the mediator. Had to stop once when driving away as Ajay was shouting & waving in my rear view for the sweets, then just screecheeed & scorcchhhedd from there. Pls don't mind, my intention is not to hurt anyone's feelings/views but i was helpless at that moment! I am sure they still must be like:confused: who the hell was this idiot? I will give them 15 out of 10, since they delivered & let me go with-in 20-30 mins. I would have been even happier with the "take it & go":p

    Service experience will be good. Keep your presence alongside your vehicle to inspect everything is fine. TASS will do the coolant toppings with water & charge you. So get all the topping done in front of you & get the filters cleaned in your observation.
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  2. niranjan_81


    This is shocking.Didn't they take your photograph with the car and gave it in a frame to you? I think it is done for all the people. I still have
    the frame with me.
    I hope your issues get sorted out early. Do try acumen motors as well. I have been there and they seem to be better.

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