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My Pathetic Experience - Happy Car - Horrible dealer

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Zsa-Zsa, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Zsa-Zsa

    Zsa-Zsa Timido

    Pune, MH
    A long story, written simple - Having decided to buy new car did a huge research and decided for
    1. I 20 - Sporz CRDI
    2. Swift - New swift VDi
    3. Vista - VX (top end I guess)
    4. Punto ( never opted by me but recommended by a friend)

    Converged to Punto in the four due to the reasons among the four as
    1. I 20 - Good interior, luxury, better service and reliability however 1 lakh more premium, 3 months waiting period and quite commonly seen ( atleast 2/10 cars on the road)
    2. Swift - powerfull, most selling , good service, reliable and proven but very loooooooooooong waiting period of 1 year ( bookings stopped by the time I approached the dealer), crimped rear space and very common car on roads - I wish I would have bought this
    3.Vista - Very generous car with MORE on every thing - space, features, low price but un professional look, noisy and very poor sales and service record in pune
    4. Punto - Best at Heart (the Engine), rugged body, very pleasent drive but very very bad service record.

    I opted for punto as I thought I can compromise to be o.k for a service interval of 15000 km or 1 year. but it proved to be a real problem. I wish I get a chance again to chose my car.

    It started from Day 1 - from the day of purchase:
    1. Sales manager does not care - to attend me at the showroom, explain what I wanted to know, negotiation on accessories anything he just does not care
    2. On the day of delivery the executive says there is your car outside here is the key. Take it and Go...

    Thank god I am a mechanical engineer working for car design & development and owned a car prior to this purchase.. did not need much info from the guy on operation and technical details of the car.

    I had a pleasent experience for all the 11000 km I did in first three months but the trouble started again when some idiot did scratch on my right side doors with a key or some sharp tool and I hit my car from rear in my parking in another incident. I could not see my new car with a dent and had to approach PANDIT AUTO again unfortunately.

    I did not go to him intensionally for my first service as I knew his GREATNESS at poor customer response. I had my first service done extremely well at CONCORDE MOTORS hyderabad to my satisfaction.

    PANDIT AUTO in pune is taking his FULL ADVANTAGE of monopoly he has in Pune. He charged me 3000 Rs extra after gettng his 10000 from insurance guys for a dent of 5 inch radius and 1/2 inch deep on the rear side just above FUEL Lid. He took a week to give me reply that it takes time. infact he was waiting for full CHARGE clearance from insurance.

    My request to FIAT INDIA....se please stop these greviences to your customers from PANDIT AUTOMOTIVE in Pune. The worst service and customer response I am seeing in my life till date.

    I always feel very sad and worried about my decision to buy FIAT for the service issues. I visited some of other car dealres and looking at their service and quality and the kind of CUSTOMER service at their service center.. I feel like giving them a hug and cry for my decision to buy FIAT.

    Will update more on my experiences... not on Pandit Auto but on my drive experiences... :(
  2. Sorry to hear that you are also a victim of "following your heart before head". This is the same case in delhi. Although there are few service stations but no one is capable enough to handle next gen Fiat Cars. I am also facing some issues since day 1 and till date no one has bothered to atleast acknowledge those issues.

    PS (Off topic): Replying while coming back from HIM Motors Delhi. My Punto is standing there because of wobbling issues :(
  3. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    The same old story. Good product horrible service. Don't know when the Gods would have mercy on us.
  4. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Zsa welcome to TFI, and really feel sad that you face problems with the TASS,
    I would suggest you Why not write up to the Fiat Customer Care for sure they will reply.......
    If you have a long weekend do take an appointment with the Mumbai Dealers and get the service done, as It would also be a long drive for your grande on the Expressway...
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  5. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    who was the sales executive? tell me his name.

    dont worry about servicing at tilak road pandit auto. they have very good technicians. directly meet Rahul Jadhav and tell him you are TFI member. rest assured.
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  6. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Don't worry.My earlier car was Swift and the experiences were even more horrifying.Every time my car went for service,they would remove the park lamp fuse intentionally and charge Rs.300 to fix it back.I discovered this only after the 3rd time,when a road side mechanic showed me and explained it to me and the list of malpractices and shortcoming of Maruthi A.S.S is huge.So,don't loose heart thinking that Swift would have been a better choiCe.Yes,my experiences with T.A.S.S is also bad,pollen filter was not changed as is given in the service manual,they don;t even read the manual and yesterday I had to take the car back to T.A.S.S and was charged Rs.250,just for cleaning the pollen filter(ofcourse spare not available,so only cleaning).Still,anyday,I would say T.A.S.S is far better than M.A.S.S
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    1. That is funny the way you stated & appreciate your sense of humour even when one can get raged as a mad bull.
    2. That is just Badddddd...!!! Pls let FIAT know about all this.
    3. That the point behind "buying a FIAT" actually. Let's not about dealer-experience but instead talk about the ecstacy of owning a FIAT.

    In addition to the above, i advise you to have a test ride of your's friend swift (remember with 5 people loaded). You will come to know the reality & how awfully over-rated this swift is. It's brake will stop working, suspension will start crashing & steering response would generally lag behind a few hrs to your actions. I tested Punto with a snake like/zig zag fashion movement at 90-100 km/hr with steering tilting around 45 degree on either side (with a frequency of 2-3 steering-tilt/sec) for full 1 km:helmet. The feedback was instant & unbelievable the way car was matching it's steering & still firmly planted/balancing itself ridiculously.It takes an even bigger dumbo than myself to make this car unstable. I ended up having a small cramp in my ribcage because of those intense whiplashes. I have very funny feeling & can't stop laughing when i imagine that on any other car.I don't need to test them actually & can bet my life on this. I don't want to comment what could happen to those fragile commuters but they will end up in the work shop for a week at least:p.
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  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Zsa Zsa i agree with you that the TASS is bad but not worse as we know our cars we can pull them apart and ask them,
    I had M800 Dlx 5Speed before the Grande Punto, The car was always giving a jerk i\on the 5th gear spee above 80 kmph, The service engineers at Automotive (Nerul) could not trace the problem, every time they check and say ok take the appointment and come next month will check and used to bill me RS.350.00 every time dont know for what it was, when questioned they said that its a routine checkup, They are just melting money, This problem started just after 35000 kms and never was solved....:chair:WHAT WOULD YOU SAY FOR THIS......
    The main thing i understood that the People just make big noise of small issues for FIAT, where as its vice-versa for maruti,
    Just enjoy the Grande Punto, Its a master piece dude, change the service centre and bet you would be cruising more smiles per kms.
    My Punto was at a stand still for a month and came to life in a Single half self................:p:p:p:p, Our neighbour having swift was just surprised:eek:
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2012
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  9. Umesh Prasad

    Umesh Prasad

    My experience with my punto delivery was very good. The morning I reached the showroom to take the delivery I was warmly greeted and asked for tea/coffee. I said I would like to see my car first. The technical guy too me to the car and I saw it being cleaned and flowers and ribbon being put. Then the manager came in and greeted me and asked the technical guy to explain the car features . We both sat inside and was given the details about features and tool kits provided. Meanwhile the a guy was waiting for us to finish so that he could put on some accessories (mats, door linings etc). Finally everything was done then came a lady with some list and survey to be filled and signed by me. And then time to take punto home...Also she asked if I would like to get the pooja done at showroom to which I said no as I had already planed pooja at home. I was very nicely handed over the keys, papers ,with box of sweets and photo frame(archies) as gift . Also they took the photographs while handing the gifts and keys. The pic was later send me by post. When I drove off saw them waving me off.:p

    Its just 3 months n waiting for my 1st service, keeping my fingers crossed for the better experience.:drinks
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  10. Ferrariscdr

    Ferrariscdr Amatore

    Zsa-Zsa, welcome to TFI and sorry to hear about your experience with service. Some dealers are worst in taking care of customer's issues. Thank god that Fiat finally separating from JV of Tata in sales..soon service will also be separated for sure.

    But one thing is there try to avoid going to a dealer for service, rather than try for a tata motors subsidiary like concorde motors. I am not sure if Pandit is a dealer or tata motors subsidiary but the chance of your problem getting addressed is higher with direct tata-fiat guys. Also one thing i have noticed that they are little afraid/concerned about your feedback. Fiat also takes it very seriously and people have got calls from Italy for their experience. But you make sure you keep everything in writing/feedbacks so that you can escalate it to higher authorities when required.
    Also at the time of service, ask them to give everything (damn everything) in writing on commitment form. before finalizing it at one service also check at other service what rates they are charging (unlike in your case where Pundit has monopoly, you cannot do anything).

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