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My New MJD vs my OLD FIRE 1.4

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by anantashu, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. anantashu

    anantashu Timido

    Hi All,

    Well this is my first post on TFI. I would like to share few of my experiences both with FIRE and MJD. It was 2009, when I thought of buying a car and stop biking. I was thinking on some lines (few of them were blunders.) anyways, would like to put them in points and then take them forward. So below are the points which came to my mind while planning for new vehicle in 2009.
    1. Wanted to buy vehicle under 5lkhs, well CLV was an option for me (Company promises to pay RT and Insurance).
    2. My drive was less, I loved taking volvo to office, it saves time and an hour is precious, one can read, sleep etc..
    3. Wanted to sell vehicle in near future, if something comes up.

    Above were primary inputs on planning, and me being a big fiat fan concluded that FIRE 1.4 dynamic is going to be the car. I was getting central locking ,power windows, etc and all the things, with which I could live happily. I bought Punto and got Pioneer and JBL done.

    It was indeed a fantastic vehicle, Pick up was good, super smooth and it had superb power. So my experience summary for FIRE 1.4 dynamic are
    1. Super smooth, elegant, Extremely good handling.
    2. I was getting 12+kml mileage in back to back traffic, 13.5+ in normal traffic(AC on always). I have driven it with respect, slowly and light footed. had never taken it above 60kmh in normal city traffic. On highways, I got 19.3 without AC and 16-17 with AC, highways speed was always between 100-120.

    Why I sold it.
    1. My plans to move abroad, (got cancelled due to official reasons).

    Takeaways for Planning
    1. Never plan on daily running, once you get vehicle, there will be a reason to drive. You never know when your driving need creeps up.
    2. Try not buying on CLV, closing in between was biggest pain and loss.
    3. Dont try to save extra 1 Lkhs. In long run, to be very frank it doesnt matter.

    Now 2011, after selling my old car, I needed new one, and my budget was 7Lkhs. I sort listed few.

    1. Figo:- well nice vehicle, but after driving Fiat, it simply doest appeal, right from torque to looks. People say its good vehicle, but it doesn't appealed me much. I found it bit rough and less torqueee.
    2. i20, well very nice vechile, but for me 8.55 ORP, was too much for an hatchback.+ I really dont like the money sucking Hundai (personal choice).
    3. Swift:- Good vechile, but doesnt give u feel of luxury, to much desi and waiting period simply kills.
    4. Punto:- Simply love MJD, nice VFM car, have decent space, very good looks, good build blah blah blah.

    So finally after scanning, I decided to buy Punto MJD 76 bhp. I went to KHT motors and below are the summary points on dealer.
    1. Nice show room, with immature sales person, they doesn't know what they are talking.
    2. Finance division is good. Quite handy.
    3. PDI sucks, they were delivering me unwashed car, with few eye catching defects, on yelling they rushed and fixed those things.
    4. My votes to them 6/10. You might get better deal at others.

    I brought my vehicle and its almost 5 days and I have driven 400km +. So below are the points and their comparison with FIRE.
    1. FIRE has very smooth startup sequence. Right from putting keys and starting engine. Its a pleasure with FIRE starting vehicle, where as, MJD its bit rough, It will for sure give you feeling of a masculine Red-Indian, whom u wake up by slapping :smile:.
    2. With First Gear, I found MJD showing some muscles, though you can feel short length of gear, where in FIRE, its feels better.
    3. Second gear, I felt the gap. well, certainly the torque is more in MJD, but one can feel the drag, which vanish away very quickly (may be it will improve for me, its jst a week old car), FIRE simply sails.
    3. Third gear, MJD pulls like a beast, where in FIRE you need to be sophisticated. MJD pulls even with very light foot and here one can get pleasure of MJD. Though the FIRE pull is very decent and it give you zoom feeling, but MJD wins here.
    4. Certainly FIRE wins here, driving at 2000-2500 rpm and maintaining speed of 60kmh is fun and luxury with fire not MJD.
    5. At top speed, FIRE is slower than MJD, One feel the difference, MJD simply takes off....
    6. Fuel consumption, do I have to tell you:steering:.
    7. Engine wise both are good, but FIAT is doing best in diesel.
    8. Engine noise is almost zero in FIRE. Where in MJD you can feel the vibrations and sound.
    9. Maintenance, almost nothing in FIRE, where as diesel comes with some overhead.
    10. Music system with my MJD is decent, I found it very decent and do not second people who cribs for DHINCHAK BHOOM BHOOM stuffs. I am AC/DC fan and I love it with what ever is provisioned.

    Well, my verdict would be MJD, very good torqueee engine, nice rhythmic car with muscle to pull and save money.But you will feel like a driver not a king. But, car rocks and I bet it is best in 5 to 7lkhs segment. FIRE has very good and smooth engine, in simple terms its a luxury to drive FIRE, but bit underpowered.

    In two words.. MJD rocks, go for it, if you can put a extra 1 lkhs, just do it, its worth.


    Last edited: Jun 8, 2011
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome aboard Anantashu

    Your comparison is indeed a invaluable resource and will help future buyers to choose between Punto 1.4 or MJD. Great first post.

    In the maintenance stakes also, MJD with its 15,000kms service interval is much ahead of many petrols and diesels found in the market.

  3. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    So you are enjoying the MJD more than FIRE....
  4. anantashu

    anantashu Timido

    Yes, for sure :)
  5. teky

    teky Esperto

    Great First post anantshu. Excellent review and nice comparison with 1.4 Fire. If you're high revving petrol guy then it's difficult to attain that pleasure in the Diesel. However you'll love the mid-range from the 3rd gear onwards, once you're in the correct RPM it's all touch of the accelerator.

    Gurjinder - This is something I haven't been convinced yet. My vehicle had it's oil change at 14,500 Km's to be precise, But I felt the vehicle lost it's charm post 12,000 KM's. I'm planning to change the engine oil in next 8000-10,000 for this very same reason. Would be interesting to view fellow TFI'ans view on this.
  6. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Teky, yes even im a firm believer of oil change every 7500kms. And i intend to follow this routine.

    But factory specified service interval of 15k is among the highest. I think only VW offer the same interval (Can anyone confirm?).

  7. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Great comparison and nice pictures, looks like your post may turn out to be a reference material to me.
    I committed the first two sins, and now I regret! The second one is especially true if you plan to leave the company or the company decides to FIRE you! When you close the lease and own the car, (legally) you become the second owner in RTO records, though you would be the user from the beginning. And that impacts resale value if one wants to sell the car.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2011
  8. drarvindc


    HI Anantashu,

    Great writeup, loved the comparison sans the technical details - makes the understanding very easy :D , - .

    Fun in diesel starts with 3rd gear and in fifth - one cruises. What's an CLV, i did not understand that part.?
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2011
  9. abk1980

    abk1980 Amatore

    CLV: Company Leased Vehicle

    Welcome Anantashu, and that is a nice & useful write-up.
  10. M A N U

    M A N U Amatore

    nice write up.
    Where did you buy your first car, how much did you sell your old car for?
    Is the pictures location koramangala ganapati temple ?

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