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My new Lady in Red Emotion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ivynash, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I finally got my Lady in Red, boy is really hot or what??? Well to start off with my story, I wanted to buy a car for long time but due to other commitments I could not venture in buying it earlier. I had plans to buy a car in Feb 2011 but my buddy told me about yearend discounts and also saw some advertisements in papers regarding discounts. My wife & parents wanted me to buy a second hand car coz I was a novice driver and they didn’t wanted scratch all over the car ::D hehehe but I always wanted to buy a new car. So the hunt began in mid December 2010 with only two cars in mind Ford Figo & Fiat Punto (always dreamt of owning a Punto) did a TD of both and booked my Punto Emotion Exotica Red.
    Dealer Experience:
    As I am from Mysore (working in Bangalore) and all my two wheelers are of Mysore registration, I wanted my car also to be registered at Mysore so opted for URS KAR (only dealer for TATA & FIAT in Mysore). They were really professional and helpful. I booked it on 19th December 2010 and was promised a delivery date of 27th December 2010 but due to some glitches in Loan processing (State Bank of Mysore) it got delayed by one more week. Bank executive used to ask for one or another documents everyday and it was very difficult for me to send it as their FAX was not working and they didn’t had an email to send a scanned copy, Mr.Ragavendra (from URS KAR finance dept) helped me a lot to close this at the earliest and finally signed the agreement on 1st of Jan 2011 and asked to dealer to deliver the car on 7th Jan 2011 and came back to Bangalore. I got a call from Mr.Ragavendra on 3rd Dec 2011 evening saying that they forgot to get my signature on Loan insurance papers and it was couriered the same evening. Got the courier on 5th Jan and decided to take leave for 3 days and left to Mysore with the papers. After handing over the papers, I was asked me to get original voter ID card for registration purpose but the original was in Bangalore, I had to call my wife and ask her to get the original the next day. Then the delivery date came and I had asked for a PDI the next morning. But the car was not at the showroom for PDI, went to their body shop where my dream girl was waiting for a wash, did a PDI and informed SE to send it for a TR (as I wanted a number which should add up to 5) but it was too late as RTO will close the TR @ 1 PM. So deiced to take the delivery on 10th Jan. I finally took the keys on Monday 10th Jan 2011 evening with permanent registration.

    Conclusion on Dealer Experience: Although they are courteous and helpful they need to improve their internal communications (they work like as if they are working in a government office). Also I cannot blame the dealer for delay in bank loan process, other than that it was a pleasant experience.

  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice experience overall.
    Share some pictures. I want to see rear spoiler on red Punto.

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