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My new Fiat Grande Punto 90HP Bossa Nova White

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by redbull, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. redbull


    Some quick pics of interiors:
  2. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I agree with you on the voice part.
    It is important that you let her speak and finish the whole sentence. If possible, wait for 1-2 seconds after she finishes before you say the command.
    You can get help anytime. Just press the windows button and say "Help".

    Thanks Arun. :)
  3. tundra


    Congrats redbull on your GP 90HP BNW... Looks beautiful and elegant in White...
    Guys, I booked a GP 90HP Bossa Nova White last month. Checked the vehicle in yard today and little surprised with VIN No which ends with XXXXXXGNZ (which is Jul 10). Dealer says all GP 90HP sold till date across the country was manufactured in Jul 10, and new cars will be out only when the existing stock is sold out.... Has anyone bought GP 90HP with manufacture date after Jul 10. Is it recommended to go ahead with 6 months old car, or wait for some more time till new one is rolled out?? advice please!!!
  4. darkshooter

    darkshooter Amatore

    Navi Mumbai
    ^ Give your dealership a piece of mind and tell them that you want newer manufactured model or cancel the booking. It seems your dealership taking you for a ride.
  5. arulvr

    arulvr Amatore

    Congrats Mate on your possession. BNW Punto is always a treat to watch. Have a great time.

    Wasn't there a year-end discount to your deal? I remember getting sms from dealers on 50k discount of Punto as YE offer..
  6. redbull


    Yes my car is a GNZ (July 2010). For me it was 4 months old when it came to stockyard (November). I could not do PDI immediately because I was too busy with other things. On PDI day, as soon as I saw the VIN I asked the Fiat Sales Lead why I got 4 months old car. He simply showed me his inventory list and there was another 90 HP with "GNZ" VIN. He said this is what he got from FIAT and if I am not satisfied I can talk to FIAT. Then I checked the VIN of the 90 HP test drive car and it was "FNZ" (June 2010). I did a PDI with the team bhp list and I could not find anything wrong with the car. I was even told by someone on this forum that if there is a "H" on odometer, then the reading is genuine. I did not have substantial reason to doubt the dealer. Before booking, the dealer was ready to give 90 HP from his ready stock, but he did not have Bossa Nova white which he said would take 15 days. I checked with 2 other dealers in Bangalore and they confirmed that Bossa Nova white 90 HP has waiting time of 15 days that time. The dealer did not hesitate even once for PDI before registration.

    Since I did not find anything wrong with the car, I accepted it. Besides, may be I could have got a later manufactured car if I had created some hassle, and then go through all the pain of waiting again and follow up - the related headache and bad mood. When the car was in good condition, I thought whether it was worth the trouble to get a newer car - and what if FIAT again sent a August manufactured car, only one month newer, would it be really worth it.
  7. redbull


    This is what I got

    1. Insurance - Rs.12,288/- (Future Generali) + Ext Warrant and Road Side Assist - Rs.5,000/- for Rs.3000/- which is Rs.14,288/- discount (I think TATA insurance is around 17,600/- so other dealer may have this discount component more).
    2. Cash Discount - Rs.10,000/-
    3. Exchange Bonus - Rs.15,000/-
    4. Corporate Discount - Rs.6,000/- (Corp discount can be as high as Rs.12,000/- depending on which company employees buy more FIAT cars).
    So my total discount was - Rs.45,288/-

    Because of the bank loan processing delay, the final payment was done in December, so I reminded the dealer that they should give me December offer - they agreed. Only difference was Cash discount increased from Rs.5,000/- to Rs.10,000/- and Exchange bonus increased from Rs.10,000/- to Rs.15,000/-. Incidentally, I did not know of this change in offer. The Concorde dealership sales guy called me up in as early as November end to inform me of the increase in December discount. He did not know I had already booked car with Prerana (because Prerana used car section was giving me an exchange offer which I could not refuse).
  8. redbull


    1. This car is not to be driven without reading the user manual. Last night I took it out on the highway without knowing how to switch to high beam. I kept on pushing the lever away but it would not go (though gently so as not to break it). And I could not put on speed because of the dipper. Came back, parked the car. Tried all buttons with some kind of light sign - no use. And then tried to make some sense of the markings on the light control stalk. So it showed two arrows. I guess I had to pull further towards me than for just high beam flashing and voila the high beam switched on.Went back in and read the manual and found that you have to pull it two stops inwards.
    2. The first day, the first gear seemed useless. A large gap between 1st and 2nd gears. Now it makes some sense - may be I am getting used to it. Second gear also seems a bit short. It shoots upto 2500 rpm in no time. Third gear is ideal.
    3. Media player is playing my USB with high quality VBR encoded mp3s but randomly. Is there any setting to disable random play?
    4. Music system is Bosch. The sound is definitely much better than what I heard in the test drive vehicle. No plan to change anything now. Sound is adequate.
    5. Ride quality is a bit on the stiff side. But hey, no problem, I have already owned a Santro and an i10. :mrgreen:
  9. redtux


    1. Agreed. Unless you have experienced another european car the controls are very different.
    2. The 1st & 2nd gear should get better with more running. I feel my 2nd gear has become much better. Donno whether its real or I'm getting used.
    3. No idea. Check the user manual.
    4. Bosch!!! Hmm... Earlier it was Blaupunkt. Was the TD vehicle having Blaupunkt?
    5. Ha ha.. :)
  10. Blaupunkt was a brand owned by Bosch.They sold it to someone else about year and half back.It's the same music system as far as i know.

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