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My Mjet (Multijet) The Beauty and the beast

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Vishi, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    The need for bigger car was always on the cards as my son was born on feb 2014 and we had planned multiple trips. Having driven Punto 90HP for more than 3.5 years covering 40k KMS, I understand the pure love an enthusiast has on FIAT cars and I am no different here. Now time came to select which car can we upgrade to. Petrol vs Diesel discussion started. The price is difference between petrol and diesel is just Rs.12 here in Bangalore but then my running will be high as in 2015 alone I need to travel approximately 17K kms long drives and 1200kms per month in city. Hence decided on Diesel. SUV was ruled out due to financial reasons

    We then decided lets go for sedan itself as we wanted more comfort and safety during long drives.

    Cars Considered

    Did the TD for all these cars

    Maruti CIAZ: A lot of excitement was created in the market during its launch as it has all the items checked.

    • Space inside the car was good.
    • NVH was well maintained.
    • Absorbs pot holes even in low speeds.
    • Rear leg room is very good.
    • Not an enthusiastic car. Steering is light and does not have life to it even as speed increases
    • Suspension was too soft, good in city conditions but not on highways.
    • Rear seat under thigh support is pathetic.
    • Chassis Material is too light. For reference just try lifting CIAZ bonnet and then Linea bonnet, you will know what I am talking about :)
    • AC when kept even at the lowest temp did not cool the cabin enough.

    Honda City: This car is in the number one sedan list today in India.

    • Feels premium inside the cabin.
    • Driver seating position is good and you will get adjusted immediately.
    • Lots of storage space for your daily needs
    • Rear space in terms of both leg room and under thigh support was good.
    • Cruise control option even for SV variant
    • Extremely peppy engine. Zero Turbo lag. Good for city drive.
    • Top end model price touches close to XUV 500 W6 model
    • Edgy design of the car makes it look bad.
    • Waiting period of 2 months
    • NVH was too high even in low rpm. This will be definitely tiring in long drives.
    • It was bouncy when running in 100kms speed

    Skoda Rapid DSG: This car was one of the very close contenders as I want to go with Automatic.

    • DSG gear box is a gem.
    • Ride quality is good
    • Interiors are great with right fit and finish
    • OEM Speakers were rich in bass. I was taken by surprise
    • Price. DSG is 1 lakh more than manual
    • Tyre upgrade will void warranty as told by SE which I felt disappointed as I did not want to drive with 185/60
    • I was under the impression that European cars will have the same built as FIAT but I was wrong. The doors were light and did not get that thud feeling as FIAT
    • Heard lot of bad inputs even from my friends on the Service

    FIAT Linea MJD

    We took multiple test drives of Old Linea and we were impressed. I don’t want to list down the pros and cons of Linea as this forum is filled with data :)

    Let me just put down the points on why we decided Linea
    • Looks looks & looks. My wife just loves the Old Linea for its stance and road presence. Whenever she sees Linea on the road she is like “Look its Linea”. She did not like any of the above sedans in looks. So all these TD were just for my satisfaction internally I knew it’s going to be Linea :)
    • Trouble free car. In my ownership of Punto never did the car rattle or give me any issues during long drive or in city
    • Breaks. FIAT cars have some wonderful breaks which I have not experienced in the above listed cars. Trust me I have had some close encounters and hadn't it been Punto I am not sure how it would have turned out to be
    • Discounts. I got 2 lakh discount which is like getting sedan in hatchback price.
    • Hydraulic Power Steering. I don’t think any other car can give the pleasure as much as FIAT in highways.
    • Service and Spares are cheap compared to competitors.
    • Standard Warranty and Extended Warranty are better and replacements will be free of cost as promised
    One fine Sunday I got an email from FIAT saying there are offers up to 2 Lakhs on Linea. This got my attention and immediately went to KHT FIAT and enquired about it. They then told me that the 2 lakh offer was on Old Linea and the New Linea had 1.5 lakhs. We thought this is the best time to go for it. Only MJD Tuscan wine emotion is available with them in the stockyard which was Jan 2014 manufactured. We were fine with the color. Booked the car and I was told I can do the PDI the next day itself. Did the PDI and confirmed the car.

    Reasons for choosing Old Linea
    • Somehow the space between the clutch and dead pedal is too narrow in the new Linea and hence my foot used to rub the dead pedal each time I press the clutch. I have taken multiple test drives of both new and Old Linea and I am sure on this. I have been driving my Punto close to 3.5 years now and have never felt this issue. Even my friend who owns Punto confirmed me the same. This is one of the major reasons as I will driving the car in Bangalore traffic for 1200KMS per month.
    • I will be going with my company lease policy and hence for me the difference in the discount price is about 1lakh between Old and new Linea.
    • Both me and my wife liked the classic looks of Old Linea
    • I felt AC to be better cooling in Old Linea
    • I know beige interior is difficult to maintain but in my entire 10 years of owning cars I never had a car with complete beige interiors hence the Old Linea had complete beige which I liked
    • I have heard a lot of issues about the gear lever vibration during 3rd gear in the new Linea and I have also seen the issue during my test drive on the new Linea. This is seen only on the MJD and not on Tjet. Reference links

    The one feature which will be sorely missed in Old Linea is the cruise control. Hope fiat one day will give this as an additional option for the older cars.

    Free accessories from the dealer
    • Door mats
    • Boot mat
    • Linea cushions
    • FIAT Genuine Reverse parking sensors
    • Molded mud flaps
    • Battery was changed.
    • All lubricants like engine oil, brake oil, coolant was changed
    Modifications done
    • Indian number plate
    • Michelin Primacy 3ST tyre upgrade.
    • 3M Sun films CR70 in front and RE 70 in all sides and back
    Planned mods
    • Illuminated door sills
    • Wolf Remap may be after 10K KMS
    • IVRMS with light
    • ICE Upgrade
    • 3M Under body coating
    • Spare Alloy wheel

    Dealer experience
    KHT FIAT Whitefield sales persons Mr. Rakesh and Sales Manager Mr. Irshad were very proactive in getting things done. They had all the information about the car and were helpful in the entire process. The car was well cleaned for PDI and as promised all the accessories were given promptly during the delivery except for the boot mat which they have given a rubber one. They said they have ordered the Tjet boot mat. I booked the car on Dec and mentioned to them to register on Jan for which they agreed. All the issues faced during PDI was solved.

    I know there will be questions from people again like

    “Why did you buy FIAT car again. You already had one right. You should have gone for different brand?”
    “You should have gone for SUV/LUV. Why sedan”
    “Do you even have an idea about the resale FIAT cars have and over that you have chosen older Linea ”

    But beyond all these FIAT cars have soul in them and one cannot be far from soul.

    My Mjet getting ready for the delivery. Took the delivery of the car on 14th Jan 2015

    Linea Delivery (3).JPG Linea Delivery (4).JPG Linea Delivery (17).JPG Linea Delivery (18).JPG Linea Delivery (19).JPG

    20150115_164529.jpg Velankanni_2015  (2).JPG Velankanni_2015  (4).JPG

    Issues faced so far

    • Khar Khar sound when engaged in 3rd gear
    • There is a drag in the car in 3rd gear when crossing 40kms speed and in 5th gear when crossing 80kms speed. Its like the engine has lost power for few milliseconds and then its resumed. The issue is seen 8 out of 10 times.
    • Steering vibration during idle. When AC is switched on the vibration is more. But as the RPM increased the vibration is just vanished.
    Tyre Change at Madhus
    Tyre change was sort of a compulsory as the car was for 12 months in the stock yard and I am sure the threads would have been affected. I did not wanted to take risk in it. After delivery of the car went straight to Madhus for the tyre chage. Got 5K per tyre for the Good Year NCT5. Changed all the 4 tyres. Costed me 20K. The tyres were OCT 2014 manufactured.

    20150114_151446.jpg 20150114_151915.jpg 20150114_151929.jpg 20150114_152422.jpg
    20150114_153436.jpg 20150114_155732.jpg

    Did a recent trip to Velankanni. ODO reads 1500Kms as of now in 14 days of ownership :)
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  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations @Vishi !!

    That's a looker!! Mjd is an complete all rounder and Beautiful pics to say the least! Those ageless looks are to die for,
    Though I too have one , still envy you for this beauty.:locktopic:

    Are all the issues sorted out? how is the battery .
    If vehicle was kept out in yard, did you looked for any rust or so?

    Congrats again.. Great choice :cool:
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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest congratulations on bringing home the Italian beauty. The car looks so gorgeous in that TW colour. You got the car at a VFM price. Kindly add a few interior pics too esp of the parking sensor display, is it on the IVRM??

    One query - Why was the battery replaced? Hope you must have confirmed the new battery validity.

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
  4. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks a lot @pabhishek. Yes every time I see the car I will be wowed with the looks. I started going to my car parking area more often just to have a look and come back :p
    I did show the issues to Service center guys. For the steering vibration issue they tightened the engine mount screws again but still the vibration is seen. The SE told that since the engine is new this is fine. Once it covers more kms then it will not happen.
    For the sound from the gear he said from 2013 on wards there is new gear cable that has been added. He did adjust the cable and now the sound is less but not gone. I did look out for rust and other details during PDI and the vehicle was fine.

    Thanks @ghodlur. At first I and my wife were more inclined towards White but its sad that FIAT discontinued Bossa Nova White and pearl white somehow looks creamish to me. Now we are very happy with the TW color. The actual battery that came along with the car was Dec 2013 manufactured and hence I told them to replace it with newer one for which they agreed to it and changed it promptly.

    I would I like to thank the entire TFI family for providing all the help and guidance to me in choosing my M-Jet. I have learned a lot from this forum. Will try my max to contribute to other people as well.
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  5. jayadev.m4u

    jayadev.m4u Amatore

    Congratulations vishi for choosing the old linea. It looks awesome. I guess now everyone else will say "Look! That's a awesome looking Linea"
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  6. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Congrats Vishi!!! Happy motoring with the Italian beauty.
    And some really good discounts you have got.

    I think mine was a similar purchase as yours as my car was idle at the dealership for an year. Even like you I planned to change the tyres to 3ST immediately after the delivery but it was out of stock and hence couldn't replace. What is your feedback on 3ST? I may be changing my tyres soon.

    Regarding the power loss issue, even I faced the same and it got resolved after few runs of 3500RPM for 30Secs or more in each gear. I have updated the same here,

    Congrats again and Happy mile munching!!!
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  7. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Thanks @jayadev.m4u. Yes I have seen people stare at my Mjet multiple times :)

    Thanks a lot @arun_josie. I have gone through your thread and as well spoken to you about my purchase which gave me confidence in buying even though its been in stockyard for an year.

    3ST are excellent tyres IMO. I had it on my Punto and have driven on them for about 10K kms. The ride comfort what I got after changing it are miles ahead when compared to the stock apollo accellere. Thats the reason I went ahead with the same for my linea as well and I am not disappointed. The tyres are quite, increases your ride comfort, gives you excellent grip in wet and dry conditions. Till now I have driven around 2.8K in my linea with these tyres and I am very happy with it. The only cons is the price. Its 10K per tyre.

    Regarding power loss did you show the issue to FASS and got it resolved? In my case the power loss is always seen when running in 3rd and 5th gear. Recently I did a Blr-Tirunelveli trip and even that time I have noticed this issue. Will this cause some damage to the engine?
  8. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Thanks for your feedback on 3ST!

    Regarding the power loss issue, before the incident which I have mentioned here, I used to get the same very intermittently mostly on the 2nd gear at 2000RPM. But during the wayanad drive it became worse. And then the 3500 RPM thing helped to resolve this issue.

    Later I reported the same to FASS, and they checked for leakages in turbo hose. But every thing was fine. Issue is not occurring for any more, its already 7K Kms since that incident.

    I don't think this is anything to do with engine. But better to report this to FASS at the earliest.
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  9. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations Vishi. I joined the club a little later than you. Wish you many happy miles ahead :).
  10. Vishi

    Vishi Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Updating the thread after a very long time. The car clocked 24k kms till now. Health and Work has been up and down for me and hence could not post much here. Things are settling good.

    Following mods have been added till date
    • 3M CR 70 in the front wind screen
    • 3M RE 70 for the rest of the windows
    • 3M Nomad mats only for driver and passenger side
    • Under body coating 5 yrs warranty
    • Replaced stock tyres with Michelin Primacy 3ST
    The biggest mod was WOLF Remap. This was done when the car had clocked 7k KMS.

    This one change has brought a new life to the car. No more sluggish feeling under 2k rpm. Turbo lag has significantly reduced and driving in city has become easier with lesser gear shifts. Highway driving is where the remap really shines and brings grin in your face.
    Let me give an example here. Imagine you are in 120kmph and you had to break because of some reason and the speed decreases to say 70 or 80kmph. Now before remap getting back to the 120kmph was not so fast and one needs to downshift. After the remap its just a piece of cake. Press the pedal and she goes whoossshhh... without downshifting. I love the way the car pulls all the way to 120 to 140kmph in just mere few seconds. This is where I felt the remap is worth it considering our Indian road situations where one needs to apply break more. Remap will definitely not increase your top speed but it will ensure you get to the top speed in very minimal time.
    Another advantage is that your legs will feel less strained as now just a tap of the pedal the car urges to move fast. I have done 3 or 4 trips post remap and now I feel like doing more and more trips.
    There is one place where I felt the lag is still present is when I go on hill stations. No matter what, climbing the hill station still needs multiple gear shifts and its tiring to the core

    Will I recommend it: Definitely yes

    Its going to be 3 years complete this coming Jan 2018, the paint in the whole car has rough finish due to the hard water. Decided to take the power shine from 3M. It took complete 3.5 hours.

    IMG_20171105_143650.png IMG_20171105_143633.png IMG_20171105_150717.png IMG_20171105_142257.png IMG_20171105_150722.png IMG_20171105_142244.png

    4th service will be planned next month. This time I wanted to try true sai salem. Weekend will be going for a 750kms to and fro trip.

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