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Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by srikaratluri, May 23, 2011.

  1. today went for the first free service..
    had a couple of problems with the car..
    thinking that the first service is for 3000kms or 3 months(whichever is earlier)
    booked an appointment for service today..
    went and found that the service for all cars from january 2011 is for 5k kms or 6 months.
    still went ahead with the service since i might take the carand go back to my place and not get the car to hyderabad in the near future..
    the issues i had were:
    sound from the front suspension.
    the driver side lever was loose.
    the rear wiper arm was broken.

    the first sound was due to engine shield getting a little bump and became loose.. they had removed the front wheel and the shock to fix this up.
    then was the lever; a loop sort of thing which fixes the lever in place had come out from its place. they fixed up pretty soon.then the wiper w3as not in stock and that had to arrive by 1 in the afternoon.
    the promised delivery time was 3. the wiper arm arrived at 3 and they fixed it and then sent for washing. the car came into my hands at 4.30..
    the spoiler was not painted by then. so could not get it fixed today. this weekend will get that thing fixed.

    then had a small work and on the4 way returning home, i was at a standstill at a signal. there was a truck beside me..
    that fellow went a little ahead of that line on the road. police asked him to move back. that a******le while coming back touched my left orvm and left a big blue line on the cover. then the stalk broke. then the a pillar ( on the door frame) the black sticker came out and a white patch is now visible...
    the orvm is still in place and is able to be closed and opened nomally but a squeaking sound started...
    the rest of the car is fine for now...
    please advise what to do.. will post the pics of the damage tomorrow morning

    invoice i got:

  2. please suggest something what to do to the damaged part??
    these are the pics





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