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Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by srikaratluri, May 23, 2011.

  1. guys most of you know me here.
    I am Srikar.
    I was thinking about an ownership thread. but now finally it has got its wraps off..
    This thread is all yours my dear brothers and sisters from TFI.
    Now without much ado let me get back to my thread.

    21/2 years ago:
    Punto was to be launched...
    My grandfather wanted a hatchback which was easy for him to get in and out..
    then the punto was launched. Thanks to Rajesh Uncle(Malik Cars) got to test drive the car the day before the launch.
    My grand father found it difficult to get in and come out. so the car was dropped.
    he later bought an Indica Vista. Thats another story.
    The Fire in me started for a punto..
    when ever i saw a punto on the road I was like this car had to be in your home how.

    fast forward January 2011
    I wanted a hatch back for my daily trips to my college(3kms from my room)
    and also weekend trips back to Hyderabad(180kms to and fro) plus city driving
    I had corolla 1.8 auto then. thanks to the rising fuel bills and my limited pocket money i wanted to get a new hatch, which had to be a premium hatch and also be safe..
    there are at least 10 dears on this highway daily.(now undergoing widening from 2lane to 4 lane.
    there is no divider in between on this road.(2lanes only one for each direction)

    the search started.
    Punto was never on my list.(my dad did not want a fiat)
    the options i had were

    Ritz was discarded from the list due to its great design by who evr styled it.
    My grand father was like i will give you money go and buy a bigger bike.
    Swift was off the list as there are many here.Almost every 5th car is a swift.
    Micra was cancelled due to its girlish cues(my dad was like take this car I will get you pete's) and also nice mods done.
    i20 was the first car off the list thanks to an enemy of mine owning it.
    Fabia was out since it was very common in my college.(18 Fabias in my college parking lot of 70 odd cars.
    Polo that was the car i wanted.(VW and German quality and safety.)
    I wanted a petrol 1.6 since i had a 1.6gtx earlier.(sold off forcibly due to various problems arising almost every alternate day)I never cried that much ever im my life.

    my dad was like take a diesel. polo had 3 pot diesel. very famous for their high nvh levels.
    i was like polo petrol.
    my dad then in a friendly talk one evening said why not test drive punto.
    I took my college friend's punto and had a long drive (100 kms on it) and was satisfied. My dad wanted to change my mind from punto(read reviews from XXXX-XXX loudly) and also a friend of my dad has a punto(2k9) model.
    he was like lots of rattles, and cramped foot well-foot rest obstructing clutch,etc.
    I was decided to get a punto.
    that was a decision i made much against the will of my family.
    I had another attachment to FIAT.(I learnt driving on a FIAT) plus the palio
    I was fixed on to Punto.
    1) great styling.
    2) not so bad performance
    3) Its a FIAT(sentiment)
    told my dad my decision after a few days of nice sleepless discussion with my friends(and a few members here)
    remember me(polo or punto was the topic i first posted and then a long list of pm's with paddleshifter about the foot rest)(thanks PaddleShifter for helping me out and answering my queries patiently) that i needed punto dynamic.
    Budget was no constraint.

    My dad got a brochure of polo, fabia, and micra. but not fiat punto
    he asked me to tell the features of punto.answered all his queries...
    he said ok.
    then was the colour.
    I wanted medium grey/light grey.
    he was on red.
    finally fixed white.(my mother wanted a white car)

    booking was done by my dad at Malik Cars(himayat nagar).
    I wanted delivery on FEB 18th/19th as my exams would be over on 17th and we had a TFI meet on 20th Feb.
    I came home on 17th as i wanted to go shopping for some bling things for my dynamic.
    but then my dad came home and told me go to Malik Cars and do your PDI(carried that PDI list from this forum) and did the PDI for 2 hours along with my driver..
    those people there were watching me as if I was mad. going round the car so many times. checking every thing was perfect or not.
    then when i saw the tailgate there was emotion written only then i saw the wheels and it was an emotion pack.I shouted at those guys working there and then called my dad.
    then to my surprise he said that he already did all that PDI and stuff and had actually booked this emotion pack and did not tell me(Thanks dad)
    took the keys(all the paperwork was over before i reached there. had to sign a few papers and thats all...

    took the keys stared the car...
    slotted in to first. released the clutch....
    guess what... i released the clutch a bit too fast and the engine stalled...
    restarted the car..
    talked to the SA there.Dharamender Singh.
    he was cool and was patient all the time...nice SA i would say.
    gave him a small gift(Parker as someone suggested somewhere here)
    and off i came down. a few more people were waiting. gave them some money.. made them happy..
    came home...
    then a small puja was done at my home.(my grand mother did it and I consider this auspicious than at a temple where those guys recide those things half heartedly..
    that was the end of the day..
    now all my search for those bling stuff came to a halt...
    there was nothing much to be done on this car. it had everything in it.
    I had a few things that were to be done first..
    Mats, dark tint and tyres.
    tyres were changed the next day at ashoka wheels(minister road)
    got a nice deal for the exchange.
    paid 900 extra for each tyre.Got yoko DB series(V550)
    I got apollo accelere tyres(Thanks Kiran for brushing my memory)
    changed all the 5 tyres.
    paid him 4500 for the tyres and balancing and came out.
    now went and gave the car at SN car decors King kothi and went to have lunch.
    this guy has a list of accessories for various cars across the range.
    3m medium black film was selected and got it done.
    also the mats were done here..
    Dont know how much these things costed.(my dad paid for this)

    thats for today.
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  2. Hi Srikar, nice report.
    Thanks to your dad who obliged to your demands of becoming a FIAT'ian.
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  3. had it not been a punto it would have been a liter class bike bnzjon sir...
  4. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    :cool:The tyres you exchanged were Apollo Srikar.
  5. thanks Kiran.
    now i remember.My bad..I have a very short memory..I got 4200 for each tyre and the new ones costed me 4900 each..
  6. kailashnj

    kailashnj Amatore

    Congrats on your new car - welcome to the punter club srikarat. By the way, Himayat Nagar brings back my old memories, I used to live there when dad was transferred to HYD, Aurnoday Apts, 404 Flat, that was my address then. I love that place to the T, my fav place to live even now. Someday maybe back in the same flat.
  7. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    By the way Srikar, what happened to the plan of meeting and having a night out at your room? Still on the cards? Would love to do it when am back in the city.
  8. thanks kailashnj
    whenever you want you can drive down here for fun. its masti unlimited here...
  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    Thats defintely on the cards
  10. this is the second part of the review..

    after the matting and film and tyres were completed i was in a holiday mood.
    attended the meet with my punto that sunday and the rest was fun. you all know it.
    then went back to my room..
    was having fun with the car..
    then something i feared the most happened..
    in the hospital a small child came onto the road suddenly had a swerve to the right and the car behind hit the bumper rear right.it was at a very slow speed. bumper came out from its clips and a few black patches thats all.
    the next day went to icecream shop with a friend very late in the night and sis not see a stone and clipped it.
    a few scratches on the front left side. very less were visible probably due to the lower part(flat part) taking more impact. but nothing broke and every thing was in place.

    was thinking to get these things fixed after a couple of weeks and while parking in the lot went very slow and clipped the small wall in front about 8inches high. then there was a scratch on the front part of the bumper with the lower part of the bumper coming out..
    I then started waiting patiently for more damages so that all things could be fixed at once..

    on A WEDNESDAY was stunting with friends in the car, then the thing happened. i braked hard where i could not overtake thinking the lorry wala might give me some side but he didnt..
    the front bumper was intact in place but due to the tyre rubbing the bumper the corner became black lost its paint and then the fender got bent a little.. thinking this much was enough to get the car fixed. sent it to the regular mechanic who does the work in a near by shed.all the things were done. but the panel gaps between the fender and bumper is a little prominent.

    that things set me back by 4500 which i found was worth every penny..
    after that thing was fixed I ran over a granite stone and that thing bent.(now straightened out thanks to cyberdoctorind)
    the front left tyre it was. now it is the rear left..

    every thing is normal in my car.
    except that i have driven it very less(29xx kms in 31/2 months)
    now giving it for service tomorrow..

    my pocket money has come down drastically after i bought this car and expenses have increased...
    this is being a big dent on all the savings i had made earlier..

    mods on the cards
    speakers upgrade...(i have a sony 1500watt woofer and some amp already at home.
    need buy 4 speakers only)
    and some stickers..
    hud display
    leds in the car like viny sir has done..
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