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My Mini FERRARI.. :-)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by nand_nand, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi All,

    I have been reading so many ownership reviews about the Italian marvel. So today I thought I should write my 6 months experience on my FERRARI.. :D

    P.S -> If my review is boring, you can jump to the last section as I have some decent pictures of my love.. :)

    Finally the day has come and I got approval from my parents to buy a decent hatch back.. I started googling, reading reviews, petrol or diesel, features available, service, parts etc.. I was so much attracted towards Polo - as people say owning a German car is always best. After doing all research I decided to TD few vehicles which I shortlisted. Ok here are my reviews.

    As I was more attracted towards this car, I thought I will start with VW. I went to VW showroom.. I saw a red polo kept on the showroom - I sat on the car. The first sight I felt it is pure German.. I requested them for a TD and I test drove Polo TDI as I decided to go for a diesel hatch back. I drove for 2-3kms and was not happy with the car as I did not find enough pickup and the turbo lag is more.. I liked the build quality and esp VW horn.. :D After returning the SA started explaining about the different variants and I enquired about the price - I was shocked and decided to drop right away.. After hearing the price I thought I should drop my car plan.. :-(

    After TD'ing Polo I dropped the decision of buying a German car.. So now I have few choices left so decided to TD Micra.. showroom looks very good and enquired for Micra test drive.. When I sat on the car I felt whether I am sitting on a toy car :-( (sorry this is my review and not to hurt any Micra owners).. SA explained me the features, but I was not at all happy and never enquired about the price..

    Went to skoda showroom while returning home.. but I waited for more than a hour and there was no response from anyone.. So I walked away from the showroom.. I read reviews that Skoda service is one of the worst so I dropped right away..

    After 1 week of TD three cars.. Now I have very limited options left.. My team mates requested me that swift is one of the best car for City driving and it gives very good mileage also service is very good.. So it was weekend and my hunt started..

    Went to showroom and saw Swift - but to be frank I never liked swift but I was force as I have very limited options.. I did a TD - I heard that swift DDIS concept is based on FIAT MultiJet.. As there was no ZDI available I did on the available VDI variant.. I was impressed with the gear shifting and smooth steering.. On a empty road I left the steering and the car was gng at 60kmph. I was surprised that the car was moving towards one side.. SA told me that it is because of wheel alignment.. I agreed and when I returned he said a new ZDI test drive vehicle is available would you like to test drive.. I did but I did not observe any difference still the car was moving on one direction.. he said "Sir this steering is electronic steering so it will be like that".. I totally disagreed with this statement.. After coming back the SA told sir if you place the order now you will get after 7 months or more as there was a strike in Haryana factory.. 7 months????????? I was like WTH?? Left the showroom..

    Four cars and everything is dropped.. Now my options started shrinking.. :-(

    I liked the car interiors were good.. and all funky features which Hyundai offered.. Pick up was good, interiors offered for the middle range model were decent.. but ground clearance was very bad.. I was driving at 5-10km on a speed breaker and I heard grrrrrrk noise - the under chassis was touching the bumpers always.. I was surprised and asked him what wil happen if the car is fully loaded there was no answer.. So dropped..

    Ford Figo:
    I did not do test drive.. so I am not sure about it.. but heard it is a decent car for less price.. but Ford maintenance seems to be expensive..

    Now I have almost decided my car plan is dropped as no car is fitting my budget.. :-(
    Everyday while returning from office I use to pass by TATA-FIAT showroom in outer ring road (Aadya Motors). After seeing the showroom I consoled myself "Ok.. Do not worry.. the car plans are still alive".. waited for the weekend..

    FIAT 1.3 MJD:

    It's weekend and I visited the showroom.. I went to the reception and asked I would like to test drive Punto.. I was asked to wait for sometime and the SA spoke to me and explained me the options that are available in Punto.. I saw Exotic red and a white Emotion in the showroom and now I decided ok 60% is confirmed.. :)

    I was offered test drive on Emotion.. When I sat on the car I have decided almost 90%.. :) I cranked and started for test drive in ORR.. I touched 100kmph as the road was free and I told the SA I would like to test the brakes.. He said you can do Sir.. I moved a bit towards the left and brake very hard.. Uff the brake response was amazing and the car was idle in no time.. Now I decided to do few more testing.. I took a very steep turn at 70kmph and the car simply turned in the way I wanted which I never observed in any other car.. with the same speed I ran into a big hole to test the suspension and I felt a very little jerk.. Again touched 100kmph and braked heavily before a bumper.. I drove over the bumper at 20kmph and the car landed very smoothly.. The SA told me that the 2012 Punto has a much improved gound clearance of 185mm... Now I am done with my testing.. Just before returning to the showroom I decided to do one more testing by driving the car in some bad road.. I drove over on almost all the pot holes and the car was simply flying.. I parked the car and called my parents and said "The Italian marvel will soon come to our home".. :) Went back home and took my father for TD and he was very much impressed about the car.. The next day I went and paid booking amount of 15k..


    I booked my car on first week of June -2012 and the SA promised me that I will get the car by 20th of June and I requested for 16th June.. I decided to go for Minimal grey as there was strict advise from my parents not to book black or white.. So decided to go for silver.. The day I booked my car I was waiting!!! waiting!! waiting!!!.. Following up with SA every week.. Next day I went to office and I told my team mates that I have booked FIAT PUNTO.. The response was "You will regret in the future.. :-(".. I never listened to them..
    I followed up with SA regarding my car arrival from Pune and the registration.. Finally the day has come - 16th June saturday.. I called up the SA at 9:00AM.. he said your car will be ready by 1:00PM.. I went to showroom by 9:30AM to complete the documentation stuffs.. There were few Linea and Punto delivered before me.. I was waiting.. waiting.. waiting.. the SA said they are washing your car.. Finally the car arrived and it was parked in the delivery area.. I would say "I cried after seeing my Punto".. :) as this was my first car.. A small pooja was done before taking the car out of the showroom.. Finally all the formalities are done and the car key was handed over to my father..

    Before taking the car I checked for few accessories which I asked like seat cover, under chassis coating and steering grip.. seat cover was done but I found steering grip was not present.. When I asked the incharge for this he said "Saar.. I forgot and today that guy was on leave".. I did not shout at him but took my car for delivery...

    After service:

    So now comes the bad part about the service which I got from Aadya Motors.. :-( To be frank the first 350kms I drove was between Home to the service center and vice versa.. After parking my car at home from the showroom I was inspecting my car - reading manuals etc.. Suddenly I observed a scratch on my bumper.. :-( I called the SA and informed about this.. He said come tomorrow we shall see.. I took my car on a weekday and my steering grip was done - though I am not happy with the steering grip.. I asked them about the scratch and the response was "Sir you have taken the car for delivery.. we inspect the car
    before delivery and look for scratches".. Till now the scratch is still present..

    The under chassis coating which I requested them was not done properly and it was not dried.. I paid 3.8K for this and I was so much frustrated about this.. They say it will take 1 weeks to dry.. Ok I waited.. 1 week later I saw the coating was not at all dried and I was able to see the coating on the ground.. :-( again took my car to the showroom.. they told me we will do the coating again.. coating done.. 2 weeks later the coating was not dried.. The response given by them "Saar bangalore climate is cold so it will take time to dry".. They never bothered to listen to my problem.. Moreover I had put my car cover and I saw few coating on my car body.. :-( I decided to take a day off from office and solve all the issues.. No one in body
    shop was ready to clean the coating on my car and I cleaned my car with thinner.. :-( I went back to the showroom and blasted everyone who are involved on this as I don't know what else to do.. I escalated this issue to FIAT as well as the authority of Tata Motors and spoke to the GM of Aadya motors.. On a weekend again I went and parked my car and requested them to do proper coating.. Now they say "Saar.. before the coating was not properly mixed with diesel.. thats why it did not dry".. :-( After 1 day I got a call that now the coating is done properly by a specialist.. The told the old coating has been removed and now the coating was done properly.. Later after 1 week I saw the coating was half dried but after that I never bothered to saw as I never took my parents out after getting my car because of these problems.. :-(

    I decided to take my car for long drive with my family.. Filled up diesel and checked the air pressure on all four tyres which looks ok.. and I asked them to check on the spare tyre as well.. When the guy filled air I noticed the pressure reading is not going beyond 0.. I thought some problem with the machine.. later the guy called me he told "Saaaar... Puncture aagidhe" (sorry for my bad kannada).. I was shocked.. came back home took the spare wheel outside and I saw a huge hole on the side of the tyre.. A brand new JK Tyre has a big hole.. Again I started calling the showroom person regarding this.. He said bring the tyre we will see.. They took my tyre and they said we will send this to JK tyre and claim warranty.. Two days later I got call that they are planning to put puncture on the spare wheel.. I left all my office work aside and went back to
    showroom again.. they say JK tyre rejected the claim and we will put puncture.. I complained to FIAT right away and raised a complaint.. FIAT people have told the showroom people to replace my spare tyre.. but showroom people never bothered to call me.. I went to showroom after 4 days.. I told the SA I would like to talk to the GM.. I spoke to GM and told about all the problems.. Finally after so much of struggle they agreed to replace my tyre.. I am not sure whether it was a new tyre but it looked new.. :-(


    My 6 months experience in driving my MJD was simply amazing.. I did so many long drives and once I drove 420kms non-stop to see how my car is performing and I would say I was amazed about the performance which my Punto delivered..
    I visited

    Chennai ( 3 times)
    Tuticorin (my home town)
    Goa (recent trip during christmas)

    The more I drive the more I love her.. :) I have completed 7k kms till now with first free service completed.. I changed the engine oil (selenia - oil change done in front of me) and oil filter recently as I don't want to wait till 15k which I felt will be bad for the engine.. After oil change my MultiJet has become MultiAir.. :)








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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Nice rare color on the Punto, we have the same at home. Shows a wet look always, hides dirt and scratches.

    Good pictures btw, drive safe.

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  3. sunswape

    sunswape Regolare

    +1 to wat DRIV3R said, it is indeed a rare color but its the best to maintain. Hides dust and scratches very well, but if kept clean, it looks brilliant. Thats a nice review and as per your problems are concerned, i think they were all little ones. What matters is the car and its engine. That should be fine, rest will be fine :) Plz do post some more pics of your car, we all are always in a lookout for more pics :)
    Happy puntoing there !!!!!!
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
  4. Very nice and crisp review along with good pics.enjoy your ride to the fullest..
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  5. nand_nand

    nand_nand Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Ya.. it is indeed a rare color as I hardly see minimal grey punto on the road.. Yes it clearly hides the scratches.. In my review I had mentioned the showroom people delivered my car with a scratch on my bumper.. the above picture shows no scratches on my bumper.. :)

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    @sunswape: Yes I do clean all the weekend with Sonax car shampoo and eagle nano wax polish.. It will take maximum of 2 to 2.5 hours to clean.. :) and few people in my flat told me I am wasting so much time in cleaning my car all the weekend.. and my reply was " I wasted one minute in talking to u".. :D I will go crazy when someone talks about my bike or my car.. I consider my car as my second girl friend.. :-D

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    Few upgrades on my car...

    1) Punto Door sil plates for all the doors..
    2) had problem with my horn recently.. went to TASC they tuned my existing horn and I added one more Hella low tone along with the existing high tone and now she is more happy honking.. :car

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