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My love my 90hp bnw punto!!!! short review and pics

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by matthewjoy, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Background
    From 2010 end onward we were planing to buy one more vehicle to our family.other vehicles that we have is ambassador(1977 model still in good conduction) and suzuki baleno (2006 model she is powerful).
    I was considering only 3 cars - Punto, Polo and the i20.It was quite close between the Punto, Poloi and i20...but i dint had much difficulty to find my kind of vehicle....
    the main things i was looking for is high speed driveablity and the stability.... polo and punto both handles speeds well.. both looks good and hot.. considering the engine polo is 1.2l 3 cylinder in other hand punto is 1.3l 4 cylinder 90 hp much better engine
    so i decided to go for punto 90hp

    Statistics and Dates

    Booked on jul 29th
    Took Delivery on 3rd aug
    On road price:- 761500
    free accessory : floor mat, sun film 3m ,parking sensor

    What I like:

    • Stunning design. I wanted a hot looking car which stands apart from the crowd.
    • superb ride quality & mature road behavior,Suspension setup ideal for Indian roads
    • Solid build quality
    • Low Running cost of a diesel
    • Love the power steering with proper feedback... and i love fiat steering...
    • Blue & Me

    Should have done better:

    • Wish it had more power
    • should have done much better gear ratio.
    • Less space for bottle holders to keep small items and bottles
    • Service experience hasn’t been great so far

    Fuel Efficiency:
    normal driving

    • city- In bumper to bumper traffic I managed to get around 12-14 (AC always on) and on highways(normal driving)
    • highway - i manage to get around 17- 18(normal driving)

    Aggressive driving
    • city- 8-10
    • highway - 13-15

    very smooth driving

    •highways- i manage to get 19-21

    overall: A real value for money machine.i am in love wit my gorgeous punto... i feel like i am in safe hands each time i drive my punto...

    Things i have done on my 90 hp punto
    there nothing much to modified in 90hp
    •3m under body coating
    •Abarth tale badge and front grill badge
    •Abarth whell center cap
    •Abarth air duct cap and sleeve
    •front grill painted black

    things i like to change
    • speakers
    • tuning box
    • performance air filter
    •waiting for abarth head light and evo tail light

    here r the few pics Pu9040001 (52).jpg
  2. Abarth front grill badge

    Pu9040001 (30).jpg

    Pu9040001 (29).jpg

    Pu9040001 (22).jpg
  3. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Congratz on your mighty 90.

    Good pics and crisp report, @matthewjoy. i like the subtle mods you did to the car.

    Abarth air duct cap and sleeve - can you explain and if possible post some pics?

    From where did you procure the Abarth badges?
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2011
  4. thnaks... anoop.... i got the abarth badge from uk... sure i wil post more pis. i think u can get abarth badge from ebayuk
  5. pics of air duct cap and sleeves and the allow central cap

    Pu9040001 (20)abarth em.jpg

    Pu9040001 (16).jpg

    Pu9040001 (26).jpg

    Pu9040001 (17).jpg
  6. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Oh Ok.. now I understood the sleeve and duct cap.
    The more I see the IND plates, I feel like I should have got made one. I was too lazy to get one made and it is too late now...
  7. hi anoop if u want i can send u the link for getting badge(but the problem is fright charge is too high) ...... once i been charged by mobile court for small number plate... i changed to standard one... ind number plats look standard and good..
  8. Hiye Matthew ... Congrats for owning the mighty monster ...
    You got a very good deal , I shud say ...
    And about the badge .. I bet 95 % of people on road will be wondering which brand this is ... :) But yeah it is good to make people guess .. :)
  9. that's true..... cuty red. many wonder which car is this... many asked me which car is this... even to be frank i enjoy when doubt.....!!!!!!!!!!
  10. abarth tail badge

    Pu9040001 (12).jpg

    Pu9040001 (4).jpg

    Pu9040001 (27).jpg

    Pu9040001 (5).jpg

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