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My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions swept

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by manasmadaan, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. hello all

    Will start with a little background on my car buying decision

    I owned a maruti wagon r Lxi duo since Feb 2008. had no problems with it, was a hassle free expirience but somehow always longed for a diesel due to my daily travel of about 50-60 kms.

    April 2010: Had a huge pay raise, so decided that it was time to fulfill my dream and thus started search and test drives of various cars.

    Hyundai i 20: Absolutely loved the looks of this car plus the rich premium interiors

    from my side , this was the car i wanted to buy but had a few negatives:

    1. A/C performance not adequate

    2. ride quality not satisfying

    Slightly cramped rear, dead steering

    So placed it at the back of my mind for consideration

    Ford Figo: Was a good car in all aspects - Good ride, food space, boot, handling

    Negatives, Boring looks, Rear power windows absent, expensive ford mantainence so rejected by my better half

    Swift VDi/ Ritz diesel/dezire: Rejected outright due to outdated looks, lack of rear and boot space

    Till now, the winner was I 20, but there were to be lots of twists and turns :wink:
  2. Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    Well, to start with, the budget was between 6-6.5 lakhs max. but as is well known, it always gets stretched a bit and in my case, it got stretched too much.

    Was passing in front of tata showroom and saw a manza parked there. looked good, spacious but wasnt too keen on a tata product but my wife asked to atleast see it. Saw the car and she totally loved it, the space , features and the price, 7.07 lakhs for top variant in amritsar. looked like THE deal for me.

    Also there as a linea in the showroom, saw it from a distance, asked the price, 8.72 lakhs. REJECTED

    So booked manza aura + with advance of Rs 10000, silver colour.

    The car was to be delivered within 25 days and so started the wait

    Till that time , i was hooked onto various car discussion forums on the net, carwale being 1 of them

    So to fill in the time, searched lot of cars andh here is where i got floored by linea
  3. Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    To continue the story, saw a bossa nova white linea at a function parking and i was like woooooooow, this is beautiful. That was when i decided to test drive it.
    Went to Hind motors Chandigarh, the staff was cordial and informative. A sales executive answered all my questions (Its a different matter that i knew about various features more than him :lol:

    Took a test drive and absolutely loved it. The interiors looked good, and if disregard the initial slight turbolag, it felt a very good car, infact a level above

    Booked the car then and there. Was told, the delivery ll be withhin a week.
    Completed the loan formalities during that period and finally took the delivery on 29 Aug 10
  4. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    Welcome Manas and congrats on getting your beauty. ::T
    Do post some pics?
    Do you live in Chandigarh tricity?
  5. Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    Thanks for the welcome. I live close to chandigarh in rajpura. am working there in a medical college.
  6. Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    3000 Kms update

    My car has completed 3000 kms today and is due for 1st service tomorrow
    Following are my observations till now

    The good: ::D
    1. Stunningly beautiful
    2. Solid built Quality
    3. interiors are refreshing
    4.Ample space
    5. Humongous Boot
    6. Lots of Gizmos: esp Blue n me s adorable. absolutely love it
    7. Fabulous steering: piece of art it is
    8. brilliant ride and handling: does corners wit ease, stable at speeds upto150
    9. Fuel economy: 19.5 km/l with a mix of highway and city drive with 100 % AC on
    10. Steering mounted controla are a delight to use

    The Bad

    1. No Bottle holders
    2. Dead pedal oddly placed
    3.Few panel gaps here and there
    4. My central locking had a problem within 1st week of buying. The driver side door would not respond to central lock and thus i had to manually open and close it. Was rectified under warranty

    To summarise, I am extremely happy with my decision to buy it. No niggling issues, no rattles or squeaks as such. those who condemn it should just drive it for a week and i m sure their view ll change as well. :dance
  7. Further review f my Linea MJD with the accessories

    hello again, I am back with rest of the review, accessories and service details.

    Took my beloved linea for a ride to shimla. Must say it was more of an adventure trip with bad, water logged roads, traffic jams , landslides and what not??
    But as long as we were inside the car, absolutely no probs. It behaved wonderfully well, soaked up all the potholes with ease. ::T

    The underbody did scrapped a few uneven humps and my heart always used to stop beating whenever that happened. But inspected the underbody and all was ok there. Good underbody protection it has got :wow

    Overall mileage i got during the wholw trip was 15.9 km/l
    Its wonderful considering that most of the time we were in a start stop traffic. this can be considered from the fact that it took 8 hrs for us to reach chndigarh from shimla instead of the usual 4-5 hrs :A


    1. Seat covers- art leather along with armrest (front n back) and door hand rest covers: Rs 4800
    2. Garware sun film arctic cool: Rs 3500
    3. Floor mats L Fabric and transparent) Rs 1000

    Accessories planned

    Reverse sensors and parking camera
  8. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    Welcome Manas to TFI,happy motoring
  9. Ist service details

    Got 1st service done yesterday from hind motors mohali with odometer reading 2980 kms in 1 month 29 days. Impressions:

    1. Very cordial staff
    2. Had taken an appointment for 9 Am, reached there at 9.45 but even then i was attended to immediately
    3. The glove box panel gap was corrected
    4. Wheel allign ment done
    5.Car properly washed and cleaned
    6. They even did touchup of minor scratches at the back though i had not asked for it
    7. Everything was completed in 3 hrs
    8. They close at 6.30 and i was a bit busy so could not come earlier to collect the car. Called them up ta 6.10 that i ll be reaching in 30-40 min so can they wait a bit and they were only happy do so

    All in all a very happy and satisfied FIAT customer till now. No ownership hassles, no niggles, no rattles, no plastic parts falling off and a BIG THUMBSUP to HIND MOTORS MOHALI for the ASS ::T
  10. Re: My Love ffair with Fiat Linea MJD emotion pk: emotions s

    Thanks Bala :)

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