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My Linea Visits God's Own Country

Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by J Ravi, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Awaiting for it!!!
  2. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice pictures.
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Thanks, Tony and Ravi [I have sent a PM to you, Ravi] for the compliments.

    Now, continuing with the travelogue, after my Linea got tankful of petrol at IOCL Civil Supplies pump, it was our turn next to do so. So, we turned to the next gate, where Bharat Tourist Home [BTH] is located. BTH is a pure vegetarian hotel since 1964, which has lodging facility too. It is a famous landmark of Kochi. For more information on BTH, please visit http://www.bharathotel.com/. BTH has ample car parking facility. We had our dinner there. We savoured Kerala delicacy Puttu Kadala. We also enjoyed the tidbits on food printed on the menu card. Here are some:
    We returned to our den for well-earned sleep so as to withstand the hectic next day.

    More to come.
  4. Hi Ravi, am glued on to this thread for now. Keep writing..
  5. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Hello Ravi Sir, I'm sure...you had gr8 drive and quality time spent. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your Travelogue. I really enjoyed the pictures taken at Dimbum ghats.
  6. royj

    royj Esperto

    Superb travelogue as we have come to expect from you :clap
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  7. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto


    Thanks, bnzjon, Grandeur and royj, for nice words.

    Now, we are almost at the final part of this travelogue.

    Easter Sunday was celebrated on 24 April 2011. We were ready early in the morning after sumptuous breakfast and left the hotel by 8:30 am for Kayamkulam [about 100+ km from Ernakulam] located south on NH 47 to attend a marriage of my daughter's friend's sister. The 4-lane road existed only for a small distance from Kochi, and then, NH 47 became a 2-lane road. But, traffic was more than expected. I took 2 hours to reach the marriage venue. I saw more Lineas/Puntos/Palios on NH 47 on this stretch.

    We reached the marriage venue by 10:30 am - one hour ahead of muhurtham. The marriage proceedings started by 11:30 am and completed by 12 noon! We liked the way the proceedings were conducted by the parents of bride and bridegroom and close relatives of both the families. There were no Purohit or Pujari. In fact, we were forewarned that if we turn up late, we would miss the marriage proceedings! When we enquired as to whether we could visit on the previous day for reception or vara puja, we were told that there would be no reception or puja performed on the previous day. Great.:up

    Later, we enjoyed the marriage feast with vast spread of delicacies. The sweet Adapradhaman was simply superb.

    We left the marriage venue at 1:30 pm. As proposed by fellow-TFI Member deepu [Sunny], I drove on this route: Kayamkulam-Mavelikkara-Chengannur-Kozhencherry-Ranni-Kanjirappally[NH220]-Mundakkayam-Kumily-Theni-Dindukkal-Trichy-Bangalore with the aid of my MMI navigator. The road from Mavelikkara to Kumily, comprising SH and NH 220, meandered through hills, many towns, rivers, tea estates, etc. We stopped for a while on NH 220 for a photo session and Vazhiyoram eatery [sponsored by Kerala Tourism] for evening tea at Mundakkayam. Vazhiyoram was not as great as I expected it to be. Here are some photographs clicked on the picuresque ghat road:
    More to come.
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  8. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Amazing pictures! And detailed descriptions too. Thanks for sharing.
    Tempts me to take the route!
  9. clash81

    clash81 Regolare

    Great write up!
  10. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Vital Statistics

    Thank you, fiatlover, for compliments. I deliberately avoided driving on the usual NH 7/47 route [Bangalore-Salem-Coimbatore-Kochi] both during the up and down journeys just to enjoy the scenic beauty of the picturesque route meandering through numerous towns, rivers, tea estates, dense forests, etc.
    Thanks, clash81, for kind words.

    From Mundakkayam, we went non-stop to Trichy where my Linea had its tankful at TVS BP pump, and then, we followed suit at Sangeetha's near Central Bus Stand with fluffy idlies, soft chapathies & parathas that were washed down with hot coffee, all at 11:30 pm! By the time we left Trichy for Bangalore, it was few minutes past midnight.

    Heavy downpour that started when we crossed Musiri, continued lashing my Linea all along until we reached Salem.

    We reached our home, sweet home, safely by 6:30 am after driving for 17 hours with one fuel break at Kozhencherry, one tea break at Mundakkayam and fuel/food break at Trichy.

    Here are some vital statistics of the trip.

    1. Kayamkulam-Mavelikkara-Chengannur-Kozhencherry-Ranni-Kanjirappally-Mundakkayam-Kumily-Theni-Dindukkal-Trichy-Bangalore:
    ReturnTripDist.jpg ReturnTripFE.jpg
    ReturnTripAvSpeed.jpg ReturnTripJourneyTime.jpg
    2. Whole trip Bangalore-Kochi-Kayamkulam-Trichy-Bangalore:
    FullTripDistance.jpg FullTripFE.jpg
    FullTripAvSpeed.jpg FullTripJourneyTime.jpg
    Travelogue concluded.
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