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My Linea T-Jet

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by sid_10000, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Door Visor pic attached. Cost me 1100 bucks for set of 4 visors for each door....

  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    One question door visors used for what purpose???
  3. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    To limit sun light entering the cabin in summer and to let the windows open a teeny weeny bit to let the air in when its raining outside ...
    & it looks good too :)
  4. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    2nd set of ice done....
    Final ICE setup for the car....

    Front Comps : Infinity Ref CS 6530
    Rear Coax : Rockford Fosgate R152
    Amps : JBL GT5 S644 [4 channel Amp]
    Subwoofer : RockFord Fosgate R1S142
    Bass FX Box for Sub Woofer
    Rockford Fosgate RCA - Signal converter
    Wiring : E2

    Next are illuminated sill plates and cabin lights (orange)
  5. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    Hi Guys,

    Just came back from a road trip... Route taken,
    Pune - Goa - Mangalore - Coorg - Mysore - Bangalore - Davangere - Pune

    Total Distance covered : 2355 KMs.
    Total time driving: 44 Hours.
    Average Mileage: 14.3 KMPL

    Final Readings:

    And i achieved this mileage on my JET on NH4...
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  6. 19kmpl on the Jet is just awesome. What was your average speed for that?
  7. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    My average speed was 95 - 100 KMPH...
    For the entire stretch of Bangalore to Pune the average mileage was 17.5.

    Max I got was 19.2 (which I wasnt able to click)
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  8. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    A few words before I go into the real issue that is bothering me. I hate people who come up to me and say "I told you so", "You should have taken my advice".. I absolutely hate them.

    While I am writing this I am chanting "I have a FIAT, its VFM and better than competition" to be referred as "Chant" in the article ahead.

    Now flashback. Oct 2010 and I m smiling after looking at the TJET ad in TOI and I call Pundit auto 1st thing as soon as they open up that morning. I asked them "Bookings are open??", the sales guys is amazed at the tenacity of a customer who wants to book without a test ride and just with a brand name.

    I pay the booking amount and I excitedly imform my friends who ask me various questions like (Why FIAT? ASS is bad No?? Do they have service center?? Are they good?? Have you heard that Gupta ji's neighbor' pet dog's sencond hand owner's FIAT always had part issues.. he spent more on parts than the price of carrrr???) and assorted "tch tch". Some even ask if I dont have enough money for "Hunda Ceety" and "Pholkswagon Polo with a boot"... [Chant]

    I proudly tell them about the features, the ride quality, the looks, Italian genes etc etc [Chant]
    A friend comes up and says he could have bought a SX4 in that price and I would still have a lakh of INR as spare change [Chant] [Chant] [Chant]

    I proudly pay about a million INR for an italian beauty I am still proud of. List of issues I faced...
    1. Scraped the exit on dealer's [Chant]
    2. Fuel pipe of some kind opened up on 1st ride home, and emptied the entire tank ful of precious "Iraq ka paani" on road (on a diwali night with fireworks all round). M lucky to be alive. [Chant] [Chant] [Chant] [Chant]
    3. Scraped every speedbreaker from dealer's to home... I said low GC improves the RQ and its just the tyre protector that's scraping :D [Chant]
    4. FE of 10-11 max (down to 9 in traffic). Dont get me wrong but I love the ride more than anything. But the FE kills it.
    5. The Gear shift is damn rubbery and a pain. got it checked many times but no avail. Rode a Ceety / Sweeft / Duskter / eCoSport and gear shift is Buttery smooth and needs less of an herculean effort.....

    But to lathicharge the long story short...
    Me was really happy to see good looking cars standing in a FIAT showroom so the KHUJLI started to replace my 4 year old JET with Aventurreeeeaaeaeaeeaa or may be a Eevho...

    I go there talk to the people ask prices... 8.2 for Aveeentureaea Petrol top end and 7.2 for a Eevho 1.4 Petrol. My dimag ka ghanti (bell of the MIND) sounds with these prices. They do know there are cheaper hatches selling out there... dont they?? But I remain unfazed....
    I ask them details.. Same old 1.4L engine. Same old steering, no steering reach, no electronic seat adjust, no cubby holes for a paani ka bottle, same rubbery gearshift....

    My Kuecchan is : Punto eeVho main naya kya hai? Let me answer : GC / exterior (which is great), split seats, audio player, ambient lighting on dash. BAS :)

    Aveeenturreaaaa (naya kya hai) : MiniSUV looks, spare tyre on back than in tummy, rails on top, orange color, more GC (wheel well is of a size of 1BHK in Mumbai)
    issues : rattle in doors, the boot will never open in a standard middle class parking. Boot release mechanism had rattle in the show car which was a few KMs old. hate to imagine what happens to it in a year or in 2. Also when u drive someone else opens the boot, how will u explain... how?? kaise? how? [Chant] may be?

    Despite not many changes I m impressed with both, i get down to money... I ask them... [Chant]
    Me : Dudes from FIAT I have a 2010 very excellently maintained <40K run TJET
    Me : I wanna exchange with eeVho or Aveenturreeaaaa, what is pricing, do tell
    Dudes : Saar, the excelshit on the paper tells price no
    Me : yeah, giv me proper price no (me playing the mandwali card)
    Dudes : Saar you will get good amount on TJET.
    Me : Idea de do, what price.... Dont have car here, what u suggest, look at the RC card, no accident, perfectly maintained... giv an idea no...
    Dudes : Sarrr... after careful consideration We can offer 1L for your TJET in exchange :D
    Me : LOL.... ROFL.... LOL.... LMAO... ha ha ha .... tears in my front faced optical vision god given instument... LOL....
    Me : OK man... bbye...
    Dudes : Saar we can give more no.....
    Me : Double of what u offered?
    Dudes : Saar, may be.... twinkle in eyes (similar to eureeka forbhes salesman when u tell them u will buy their vaccume cleaner)
    Me : Let me go home, hug my car and weep.... :D
    Dudes : Sir aap to gussa ho gaye...
    Me : Are nahi re pagale... TJET se pyar ho gaya... [Chant]

    ME left.....

    So the final and long awaited kuecchan is.....
    A ride that cost me 1Million INR is being evaluated at 10% of original price for a new overpriced offering from them? Why should I go for them again. And should I wonder if they go back to their old and familiar 100 cars a month numbers in a few months after aventurreeaaaaa and eeVho furor dies? Resale matters... If I got 35-40% of my value back I would have been happy, 10% is a hreatbreaker.

    P.S. I love my JET [Chant]
    P.P.S Have always loved the ride between successive speedbreakers... [Chant]
    P.P.P.S Still in love with FIAT brand but not with their products anymore... [Chant]

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