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My Italian White Stallion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by zenwalker, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    And 'Philips Nighbreaker'? It should either be Osram Nightbreaker or Philips Xtreme Vision or something.
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  2. Sorry Zen, I have been lazy on showing the upgrades I have done so far

    Ordered Osram NB+ (limited edition gold) from UK amazon, when I ordered it was for 17 pound but now it seems way cheaper. My friend carried it from London and got it today. Here are few pictures. I will share the performance later once installed.


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  3. mayurshah

    mayurshah Amatore

    What is the extra feature In limited edition ?

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  4. Apart from aesthetic (golden cap) I don't think there is any extra feature.
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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto


    Been to Shivgangne hills, Siddgangne Mutta and Gorovanahalli Laksmi temple. I had forgotten to carry my camera, so only could take pics in the morning from mobile (crappy camera) of Shivgangne.

    Gorvanahalli visitors: The road after narasipura is really bad or can call pathetic with heavy dust (road construction going on). While returning back at night, we took this road: Gorvanahalli Temple -> Entrance Arc -> Take right -> Travel 6 kms odd (Go slow and carefully keep looking at every road sign) -> Take right to kolala village -> After kolala, again take right to Tbeguru (Ask any one) -> Reach narasipura (pavgada main road). Since it was dark, could not notice all the village names passed through. But road is like brand new and very comfort to drive with lot of curves Please note that this road is hardly used by any other vehicles except village folks and also less population too.
    So road signs are bad, you have to travel slow during crossroads and deviations carefully.

    Road from Pavgada Main road to Gorvanahalli Arch is really bad too. But its hardly 7 kms, so if you wish to skip messy road after narsipura, you could take back this interior road and reach gorvanahalli - pavgada main road junction.

    Note: Tried to plot this inner route of Gmaps, but nope, not enough information on the maps.

    Some pics..
    IMAG0166.jpg IMAG0167.jpg IMAG0169.jpg IMAG0170.jpg IMAG0171.jpg IMAG0172.jpg IMAG0173.jpg IMAG0174.jpg IMAG0175.jpg

    On the side note, during return journey came via Sujatha theater -> Binny mill -> Chamrajpet route. There is a railway bridge near binny mill, the water was clogged underneath the bridge for like 2 feet height. So i decided to keep the engine rev high and pass through, did see steam coming a bit. But was kept wondering would it cause any damage? Nope water did not enter any doors per say.

    So any steps to be taken care while passing through the water clogged area? If cant be avoided in future ;)

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  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Hello Dears,

    Today been to Kaiwara temple, kailasa giri temple. Its all near to chintamani. The nature side is pretty awesome here, but slowly people have started to f**k it up badly :( The total journey was ~250kms. The journey, drive was really fun. I really enjoyed driving.

    The closing journey (ending moments) was a very disheartening for me i can say :(.. Keep reading..

    DSC04242.jpg DSC04243.jpg DSC04245.jpg DSC04246.JPG DSC04247.jpg DSC04249.jpg DSC04253.jpg DSC04256.jpg DSC04261.jpg DSC04262.jpg DSC04264.jpg DSC04268.jpg DSC04269.jpg DSC04270.jpg DSC04272.jpg DSC04273.jpg DSC04274.jpg DSC04275.jpg DSC04276.jpg DSC04277.JPG DSC04278.JPG DSC04279.jpg DSC04281.jpg DSC04282.jpg DSC04283.jpg DSC04284.jpg DSC04286.jpg DSC04287.JPG

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  7. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    DSC04288.jpg DSC04289.jpg DSC04290.jpg DSC04291.JPG

    Took the brick red route as suggested by stupid Gmaps. The black circle region is very inside to all the villages and hence road is pretty bad till H-Cross (it sure will take 2 more years to fix the road here). After that its OK OK. So while coming back, we deviated towards hospete via Kolar - Chikkabalapur highway as shown via Green arrow. To reach devanahalli, you do not need to reach vijayapura. There is a bypass route just after hospete (marked purple circle) to reach devanahalli and the road is really good.
    Screenshot - 09092013 - 10:42:07 PM.jpg

    With all the smile on my face, the joy of full day driving, the memories of the mother nature in my mind floating around.. That moment did not last till the day end or for the next day. It was a stupid act of me. Absolutely dumb, idiotic and horribly wrong act of me. :A I cant curse myself more. It was around 8ish, i was taking left turn near yediur area (Inside city and just 3 kms away from home). For a split second, my vision got blurred or blinded, i knew some thing was there, i felt it, but could not see it. Instead of taking a sharp turn, i took a bit of a long turn. That is where i scrapped onto the divider wall. The sound was a bit loud enough to make passing by vehicles turn and see. The lower part of front bumper scraped. Thank god it was not a major hit, but the sound it made i though for a moment front bumper is gone for a toss, thanks to FIAT build quality. :clap
    DSC04293.JPG DSC04294.jpg


    In the above pic, there is a slight miss-alignment, should i be concerned? Also any self DYI fix for the scratch??

    Thanks for reading.
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  8. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Regarding your damage, touch up can be attempted but since it's a metallic shade finish and shade might not match.

    With regards to the misalignment, no, there ain't any. Bumper alignment is normal. There are 2 torx screws holding the bumper tight there.
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Not sure if com paint stocks your color but if they have it, that's all you need. Without clear coat there will be visible difference but nothing so striking don't worry.
    But I would say keep this mark as a reminder and drive safely from now on.
    Look at that mark everytime you want to do something stupid and then you will not.
    This is why even I've left a dent untreated on the front wheel arch

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  10. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    I do not have confidence on Com Paint for metallic shades one bit. Bossa Nova White, absolutely matches perfect.
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