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My Italian White Stallion

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by zenwalker, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    using covers is the most innocent and naive way of ruining the paint ;-)
    I learnt it the hard way as well and that's when i wished someone had told me about it.
    Of course i've used it only 10times in 3.5 years but that was enough to cause issues . After that I've never used it . sometimes i would have waxed it and it will be gleaming but fine dust would settle on the body when it was kept outside even for 10-15 mins . I just bite my teeth and let it be
  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Thats some relief. Mine is 3 week old now and still can feel the gear shift to be a bit rough. Hopefully the smoothening happens before than expected.

    Punto owners - Has anyone tried System D fuel additives in their cars? New or old? I used to be a frequent user of System G which is used for petrol and had been using it for my earlier Fiesta. There was a noticable change in the car performance. Will it do the same for diesel car as well? Any experiences?
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    My experience says that one has to weigh the pros and cons with and without using the car cover, and then, take a decision. In case of my Linea, the free car cover, which I had opted in lieu of sun film at the time of my buying, remained unused for about 3 years. Now, my Linea is parked fully covered whenever she visits Chennai where fully covered parking not available as it is open at the front and the rear. But, in Bangalore, I don't cover her at all as she enjoys the comfort of fully covered garage. Again, before putting on the cover, I use the duster to dust off all the dust and then, cover her. Similarly, before removing the cover, I repeat the process in the reverse, i.e., first dust off and then, remove. I am still learning the process of putting on and removing the car cover. I take the assistance of my wife to hold the cover, to fold it and in order to avoid the car cover touching the ground, and thereby, collecting dust. I cannot imagine the situation without car cover in Chennai: my Linea collects tons of dust within days due to wind tunnel effect. Add to that, loads of bird-droppings thanks to the birds, who have made a neem tree in our home as their homes! Car cover is the saviour for my Linea in Chennai. :)
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  4. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    This is FIAT OE cover. You can order for it at your nearest dealership.
    The dealership will say there is no such thing as Tyvek white cover for Punto. Still, I insisted them to check with FIAT after seeing it at the Accessories page of the old website. Costs 2K+

    I totally agree with @theBlack and Ravi sir's suggestion. According to me, unless you have your car parked directly under sun or under trees, you really won't need a cover.
    Since my car has a covered parking always, I don't use it mostly. The photo I have posted was taken on a day when I cleaned and waxed the car. I didn't want anyone/anything to disturb the curing time of the wax and so covered it.

    If you have to use a cover, make sure you do the following:
    * let the car engine cool down
    * dust off the exteriors and glasses with Jopasu kind of duster
    * clean any bird droppings
    * make sure the cover is dust free by waving it vigorously (make sure you do this at a place away from the parked car)
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  5. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    From the screenshot it looks like i also go the same make. Coz the package of the cover had FIAT sticker on it. Its price listed was 1k+

    Here is my situation regarding covering up of the car:

    During night (8 PM - 6AM) it stands in front of the house (as per the pics posted earlier) and no where near by or on top (branches spanning) tree exists. But during the day time, we park it under tree nearby.
    Today evening i observed bird crap on the car tho not alot. So i have suggested my paps to put the car cover during day time but have thought not to put during the night. What say?
    Also i am yet to read HOW TO CLEAN/WASH car thread in detail, but just a summary to remove the crap off car without scratching/damaging paint in way please? :)
  6. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Nope you've got it wrong . Its not when you put the car cover that will result in scratches , its how you put it that matters.

    Like many here have already suggested if your really particular about covers then please clean both the surfaces "EVERY TIME" you put the cover and take it off.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    You are going through what i call NCS (new car syndrome).
    Chill and enjoy what you can do with inside the car and dont think too much about such things. Just wet a cloth pour lots of water on the area and slowing scoop it out rather than wiping it vigorously.
    That should do it

    PS :: Man you should be updating your ownership report with things like "I reached 160kmph VOHOOO", "I took the NICE road curve at 110 and the car was rock solid."
    What is this dude!!
    Get the wheels rolling my friend get it rolling :car
  7. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    I'm not sure what you tried to convey. But, Page#2 in Owner's Manual, under "Must be Read!" heading, it says "Diesel Engines: only refuel with normal diesel (avoid premium diesel) conforming with cetane number 51 minimum."... so better stick to it.
  8. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    @vayfiat yes, the normal diesel complies with the FIAT standards.
    If you go for extra mile or Turbojet diesel which has additives, its not recommended.

    AFAIK, Shell diesel is normal diesel with no additives and can be safely used on our FIATs.

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  9. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Buddy do not want to cross 80 for first 2K ODO. Later ill shall update. But ya i should be atleast doing 80 so far :d
    Frankly i am not getting much time 2 spend with my beauty. Only evening times after work got other home works and fully tired. So no mood!
  10. shams

    shams Esperto

    since you are new to driving, this is good. concentrate more on basics and drive slowly for couple of months atleast. this way you will get to know your car better!
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