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My Italian Sweetheart

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by cliftonreddy, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. cliftonreddy


    Hi Everyone,
    First of all accept my apologies for not announcing the arrival of my Linea MJD around 3 months ago. I wanted to do full justice while writing a review of this magnificient car. So, here we go.
    Dealer: Galaxy Motors - Mulund.

    Frustration Points:
    1. Dents: The new car had a dent on one of its door. Got this replaced but noticed another dent on the replaced door. The dealer got it painted. Noticed the paint drippings that dried on the car..took the car anyways from the showroom..
    3 days later..
    The dealer got the door painted again..This was the nightmare...Both my door colors did not match. Damn damn damn frustrated at this juncture..The dealer got a brand new tuscan wine door and made me glad. Had to get almost all the top management involved in this issue. Lost my temper, threatened them with what had happened to Nummer Eins if they did not do a good job.
    The car also had a deep scratch on the rear bumper. The dealer did a good paint job over here.

    10 days later...
    2. Wheel Alignment/Balancing: The car was drifting a lot towards the left. To test this, i drove the car on the express way and would hold the steering very very lightly and the car always used to drift towards the left. Showed this to the dealer. He very happily fixed the issue for me, but at the same time created another issue...guess what?? see pt 3

    3. The AC stopped working. The gas leaked out completely. While I was all happy to take the car home from the workshop, I noticed that the AC was not functioning..took the car back in the reverse gear from where i drove and handed it back to the service guys. The AC technician was damn good..very methodical, patient and did a very neat job..

    2 months later...

    4. The front fog lamps and the reverse parking sensor stopped working..may be the monsoons had to be blamed for this..but I went back to Fiat because it would be a little difficult arguing with the Rain Gods.. ;-) The fixed it and delivered the car at my office.

    5. The driver seat automatically goes down after a couple of days of adjusting the height. The dealer fixed this issue as well.


    I'm very happy with the performance..Its still early days to comment on the mileage, but I get around 14 KMPL. I drive between Chembur to Airoli everyday..its around 40 kms up-down. Drove around 2600 kms in 3 months
    I still feel that the air that comes from the front AC vents are not equally distributed and i even feel a slight difference in the temperature between both the vents.
    The service guys are very receptive at Galaxy.
    I think although I faced these issues at the dealer, I was happy the way they resolved it. Got a free single coat of teflon because of the scratches and dent that they caused accidentally. Would like to thank the following persons at Galaxy Motors: 1. Jyoti Marathe 2. Amol Surve 3. Ashish Pagare 4. Pradeep Puthran 5. Dnyanesh 6. Ashwini Chawan and 7. Rajesh Jayaswal.
  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Clifton congratulation for Linea. Please share some photos with us :)
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2011
  3. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Congratulations on your car! But sorry hear all the bad incidents which happened with you. Please do share some photos with us!

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