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My Italian Stallion - Ownership and Service Experience (5000km)

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by shankiyan, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. shankiyan


    Dear All,

    I am writing this personal feedback on my ownership of Fiat Grande Punto purchased from RDC FIAT- Chennai 4 months back. (May 2013)

    Purchase Experience:
    1. I was given a warm welcome and explained about the car in detail form its interiors to exteriors, its technology aspects right from Bumper to bumper, Thanks to Mr. Arul Samuel for enlightening me on that.
    2. Later on the Finance aspect, Mr. Manoharan had given me the break up and advice on how can i go about with the purchase of the car and how the processing would take place.
    3. The Hospitality and Care by the entire team @ CIT Nagar was warm and I felt very comfortable and Confident to choose the car i Love most amidst the Indian cars currently.
    4. I had requested for a performance test drive on the Highways and Samuel sir willingly bought the test drive car to my Home @ Medavakkam and we did a test drive till Guduvanchery. Samuel sir infact taght me how this car should be driven and how it outclasses the rest on the road.
    5. The car was delivered to me on time as advised upon full payment, PDI was done properly and i did not find any glitch in the Car given to me.

    Ownership Experience:
    1. The front Dash board glove box developed a small problem and would unlock and upon by itself in the first 1 week of driving itself. But this was resolved soon at the Dealership.
    2. Had taken the car for couple of long drives, fully loaded and thoroughly enjoyed the drives. No Handling issues. The Car outperformed every other car in its class. Totally worth the money!
    3. Post 3000kms, the front speakers developed a jarring sound and the doors felt a little vibrating. Also some squeaking noises inside the cabin.

    First Service Experience (5000km):
    1. Got the first service done today from RDC workshop at Ambattur.
    2. Reached there at 9.30am, mine was the 2nd car for the day and was greeted with a smile by Mr. Thamizh Selvan and Mr. Anwar. They made a note of all my complaints on the Job Sheet and went for a Test-Check drive.
    3. It took 2hrs for them to resolve and hand over the car to me, while i took a look at the workshop in and out and discussing about fiat ownership with fellow customers in the customer lounge. It was just one universal opinion "FIAT is a super car, but Service Sucks big time... hope they resolve it now atleast.."

    A quick summary of my issues and resolutions below:
    1. Front Left Door, full vibration while closing and the speaker in it is vibrating even at 1pt volume level. Infact both Both the front doors close like mahindra Van.
    Resolution: Tightened the loose joints, lubricated and now the doors feel firm. "Thud" sound is back.
    2. Suspensions (all four) squeaking noise.
    Resolution: Squeaks where due to back seats which where not holding firm to the firm. They are now fixed and cabin is at pin drop silence.
    3. Left Turn Indicator Lever wont auto cut off after the turn.
    Resolution: Correction made and auto cut-off is proper.
    4. Lock button wont work in the remote.
    Resolution: Dont know what they did, but unlock button works proper now. But i was assured of replacement under warranty if it malfunctions in the future.
    5. Key Knob Jams sometime (4 times as of now) and the key wont turn to start upon inserting. (steering locks as well)
    Resolution: In the event of Steering Locks up, the key has to be inserted into the socket and upon turning the steering wheel the Key moves to ignition position. No issue here, but I dint know the logic of the mechanism.

    Overall: Very happy with the service and the facility there. Got the vehicle inspected post service by Mr. Rajesh and all of them willingly shared their personal contact numbers and advised me to call them in case of any emergency breakdown or service faults.

    I feel Very Happy and Confident to Own a FIAT today and will recommend my colleagues and Friends to go for a FIAT without any Hesitation :)

    Keep up the good work and Win more smiles!
    All the very Best to FIAT India and TEAM RDC Fiat- Chennai!

    E. Yogashankiyan
    Ph: 8939600756
    Grande Punto 1.3MJD

    Below are some Pictures of my Stallion from the recent drive to Bandipur / Masinagudi / Ooty

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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Heartiest gcongratulations on owning a Punto. The colour Tuscan wine looks absolutely fantastic. The pics have come superb.

    Any resolutions for the jarring speakers? What was the take of the workshop on this? Did it cost anything for the first service? What about the 3K kms check as mentioned in the manual? Did you get it done too?

    Happy mile crunching & drive safely.
  3. RajiniHasan

    RajiniHasan Timido

    Congrats dude... Photos are awesome and car looks very beautiful in these locations.. Happy revving..
  4. shams

    shams Esperto

    welcome to TFI and although those pictures are a treat to the eyes but i must say that you are not supposed to stop the car at some of those places in the forest area :)

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