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My Italian Girl - Tjet Plus

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by vijays777, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Thanks to ansal,teky,ravi,karan,adutt,kub class,Ravi,Bnzjon,tjet driver.

    @teky Yes i have a big pic on my wall of that.
    @Karan what ever the angle its a head turner.
    @Klub clas I used to take mirror folded but really now only i have noticed that :)
    @Bnzjon missed u on the ride man ..Satya told the story .catch u on road :(
    @tjetdriver Linea The Heman and She-ra the Punto
  2. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi guys

    Had an talk with Italy Fiat customer care :wow .The call was abt 32 Mins

    Right from start
    1.They ask abt ur car whather used for taxi or personnel :anyone
    2.They start to say each parts and we need to stop if u have problem.
    3.Like quality,Exterior , interior,brakes,lights,oil,engine or electrical brake down, etcc
    4.as of the call after fiat meet
    a.I pointed Out the bonnet issue we all agreed
    b.Satya's power window issue.
    c.Seat squikes,shocks sound from back.

    5.Up to last min he didnt ask abt sales and service.
    after he started asked abt it i said all the problems faced he all noted down and said
    all thes have been noted down and recorded and future fiat may call you on any matter i said 'YES'
    6.He verified the identity and said bye.

    i have pointed some main pts .he was asking seperately that due to this issue did ur car was able to drive or did
    it go to the garage what reply did u get or was it serviced.I said the true story :dance

    So Fiat is doing some stategy to improvise :up
  3. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi Guys ,

    After Long calling and mailing Got the fiat Wine but ,South african Wine bottle,Some how i am keeping it for show piece.Then to my surprise
    Fiat quality team visiting all customers from pune.He called me thrice to fix appointment ,place and time :clap so here it goes,

    First answer i am a TFI,he noted on the main page.Then where brought - VST
    I said all my issues i faced with dealer during sales - he noted in the feed back section.
    Seperate questions for each part in the car was asked, i said and he wrote down was
    Seat squeaks,
    akward sound from back,
    Uneven panel gaps,
    For its length of car outside inside is cramped,
    Speakers are worst which customers check as first priority in car HU is ok,
    Engine is good and said a TFI have achieved 207 km/hr - he got surprised noted down this also and said in lona wale we didnt achieve this and dunno this - this is for sathya :cool
    Mirors gng down slowly,
    My final owner ship rate -6/10 and said main reason noted under was - worst sales satisfaction.
    My final feed back If advertisement,highlighting car advantages and sales satisfaction is high ur car is gng to sale much or u will lose much.
    Also said if you guys launch small car sure u can come up or a big tough for FIAT. :A
    I asked in OMR - IT Highway there are big hoarding of TATA Manza where is FIAT He got stunned
    In this he said not only quality team,all teams are in full fledge now for visiting customers.
    Un expected he gave head rest free I said Right from start you could have done these things he accepted .attach pics

    I have missed some will update next thread.

    One surprise - Confirmed News - Fiat Linea MultiJet 1.6 coming year end :clapping


  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Sounds great , any official word on it?
  5. I am yet to get the wine bottle. I got my TJet on 4/feb.

    Regarding the hoarding, i saw a HUGE Indica Vista banner coming upon Chennai bypass near the PH intersection. I too thought of the same, why not a FIAT hoarding ?
  6. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    @bnzjon i too didn't get wine bottle afer a mail to management on this i got the wine :)

    Yes its official from FIAT person 1.6 is comming.
  7. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet

    Fiat introduced a new color to its Tjet family Bronzo Scura,Saw in road today , Hmm its ok good ,its like dark chocolate brown.

    also flamingo red,minimal grey is back in Tjet

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
  8. ajit_nair_77


    Hi Vijay,

    Congratulations and fantastic pictures of TJET+
    I was intrigued by one of the posts, that of squeaks coming from the seats. Were you able to get it sorted out ?
  9. linealover

    linealover Regolare

    hi vijays777

    how is life with her?
  10. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi Linea lover ,
    All's well budy right mirror gor broked :(

    Updates o my car

    Focal Poly glass component spkr - front 13 K
    Jbl - coaxial back - 4K
    Focal amp first was very good sound suddenly not working :( have to remove and now with out amp.cannot spend more

    Installed in Nandanam - motoroids - arun

    installation was neat and perfect bt timing OMG full day sitting bcoz only one guy to work on .

    Gng to put some JBL 4 chl or RF 4 ch with sub final touch .

    New setup sounds good nice bass is there with existing setup also clear little more boom will do for me thats it as of now

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