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My Italian Beauty is on her way

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Sambikap, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Thanks, Vijays777!!!
  2. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Got Swizz Military keychain from FNY(Fashion and you)... here are the pics


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  3. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    thats Kool keychain.But wont it crape the key bay area? Or any kind of knocking while driving or taking lanes which causes keychain to knock against steering rack?
  4. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    No, one of my friend was using this for a while and he suggested me about this keychain - i am using this since a week and dont see any such problems :)
  5. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    After completing the run-in period, I've took my Linea to Yearcaud last weekend.

    Overall, it was a nice realxing drive. Covered about 530 KMS from Bangalore, average mileage is 19.6 :) - I was maintaining the speed between 80 to 100 (do not want to cross 100 before the first service). I shall share the pics very soon

    Satisfied with the performance she had given me throught the trip!
  6. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Here are some pics.... the mileage indicatior is come down from 19.6 to 18.9 after driving 30+kms in city :uh










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  7. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    :lol What is that tuscan wine Millipede doing in between????
  8. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    oh yeah :)
  9. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    First Service experience....

    Hi All - It’s been a long time I've posted my comments! :-| But, I check the site very frequently and read the reviews!

    2 weeks back my Linea completed 5000+ KMS, so it was time to get her serviced.

    Last week, on Monday I called Aadya Motors to book for servicing and I got my schedule on Wednesday 9:15AM....which was pretty good for me (as I was on a vacation, dropping and picking-up my car wouldn’t be an problem)
    I left home little early thinking the traffic will be heavy and it might take about 45 minus to reach the showroom. Surprising, the traffic was less on that day and I reached the showroom by 8:30!!! :confused1

    Nothing much to do, so I was looking the cars parked in the showroom and just faffing around for a while.

    I met the SA around 9:30, while he was attending other car and I had to wait for 15 more minutes! :???:

    Post 15 mins, he attended my car and I explained him my problems as listed below

    1) Bit of front door rattling
    2) Wiper pipe leak
    3) Sun Curtain not retracting immediately
    4) Rear AC Vent cover was loosen
    5) Front Speaker vibration
    6) Unstable driver seat height adjustment (I usually raise the seat height before driving, but the seat height goes back to its previous position after 1 or 2 drives)
    7) Uneven Low beam

    The car was ready by 6:00PM but due to other commitment, I couldn’t get my car on the same day - hence I collected it on the very next day.

    On the time of delivery, SA explained me about the service done but couldn’t fix the Sun curtain and AC vent issues due to non availability of the parts! :confused:

    And, he said it will be available in 10 days and he will give a call once they are ready!

    No charge was included! The seat hight part was replaced via warranty (as per the bill shown, it was costing 6000)

    I took my car and drove to Mysore over the weekend realizing the following issues are still persisting

    1) Wiper pipe leak (it was working fine for first 2 days, and I am not sure what happend - water started to leak again from the wiper tank)
    2) Sun Curtain not retracting immediately (this was anyway agreed to be fixed in 10 day)
    3) Rear AC Vent cover was loosen (this was anyway agreed to be fixed in 10 day)
    4) Front Speaker vibration (I was told the vibration will not be until the volume touches 30, but I am getting when the volume crosses 12)
    5) Uneven Low beam (still the right low beam is uneven)
    6) Seat height (I've kept the maximum height before start of the journey but the height was reduced by a inch post journey - not sure, if this normal - Can someone please provide your thoughts?)

    With disappointment, I called the SA this Monday and he said they will fix it - but I wanted to go once the sun curtain and ac vent parts are ready, so they all can fix together!

    I am hoping this time my issues will be fixed!!! I was always worried about the after sales service! Looks like its not yet improved!

    Otherwise, my Linea is doing really great and I am really proud owner of a FIAT car! I am loving every bit of smooth, refined, stable....etc..my journey with her!
    I am now getting 18kmpl in HW with 90% AC on, my speed varies from 100 to 120....in City it varies between 16 to 17 with full AC! which is pretty decent!

    Good job FIAT!

    Dealers - please improve your quality of servicing!

  10. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    I am still awaiting call from the showroom to fix my Sun curtain and AC vent - its almost 16 days and havent got a call from them. Looks like I would need to call and check for the status! :confused:

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