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My Italian Beauty is on her way

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Sambikap, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    Wow! Wow! Now that seems bad! The engine has a run-in period of 1000kms, during which you have to drive slowly and steadily..Please wait for the run-in period to get over and then take your car to the hill stations. Actually in climbs, the engine stresses more than normal. So will recommend you to drive in city for the first 1000Kms..
  2. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Thanks Jishnu! that was helpful! I am not going to take her to hillstation for now!!
    I had doubted when my friend was mentioning about this, so i wanted to check with team fiat before i do that! :)
  3. jishnu

    jishnu Superiore

    You are always welcome :)
  4. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Yipee.... i got my car delivered today!!! Happy to see her in my parking lot with gorgeous look! Will post some pics shortly.

  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    congrats on getting the car home Sam!! first pictures are eagerly awaited.
  6. jayakrishnakola

    jayakrishnakola Regolare


  7. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Overall experience in buying Linea was satisfactory....
    When I decided to change my car (I was driving Alto since 2005), I had lots of options, while my requirement was a) Sedan or SUV b) Cost, not more than 10Lks c) Reliable and VFM d) Diesel version… having following cars in my mind I started testing them since Jan of this year (I don’t want to take a quick decision and buy a car – hence it took a while for me to decide a new baby which includes finance factor as well)
    a) Scorpio
    b) Xylo
    c) Safari
    d) Manza
    e) Honda City
    f) New Hyundai Verna
    g) New Ford Fiesta
    h) Chevrolet Optra Magnum
    i) Linea

    My experience with Alto was really great – I should admit myself saying only good things with Alto. In 5 years of driving, I haven’t faced any major issues with the car. I have been to Ramesahwaram, Kanyakumari, Murudeswara, Vellore, Trichy, Madurai……etc and atleast once in a month to Mandya (inlaws place) – all these journeys was pleasant. Hats off to Maruti Alto.

    Alrite, now let me say something about the selection process…

    Scorpio: I still love this beast…. My cousin has this one, and I drove when I thought to change my car. I felt like a king sitting almost in a bus ;) However, interior was not all that great and the quality of plastic were poor. I didn’t feel very comfortable as a passenger in this beast. But, performance wise – this is a good one. Mileage is somewhere about 13kmpl and maintenance is little higher. More than anything else, my wife did not like this one – hence rejected at the first place!!!!

    Xylo: As we’ve rejected Scorpio, we thought of Xylo….went for a test drive. Performance was ok, interior was spacious and good. Again, plastic was not all that great. And, we didn’t like the exterior look – hence rejected

    Honda City: My manager has this one – we pretty much like this car. But rejected, because they don’t have a diesel version.

    Safari: Test drove this beast and pretty much satisfied with its looks (both interior and exterior). We’ve rejected this one due to a) Parking issues in my apartment b) over my budget (as I don’t want to buy a basic one) c) Low on mileage but high in maintenance
    End of the day its an SUV so mileage and maintenance shouldn’t be an factor!! But I may not be able to afford in the long run

    Optra Magnum: Couldn’t test drive this version. Pretty powerful engine, but it’s an old boring interior. Just dropped because we were skeptical about the servicing (which is a major factor)

    New Verna: Test drove during May, the performance was really good. I drove 1.6 SX and the engine was damn smooth – didn’t felt that I was driving a diesel version. My wife and mom was sitting behind and they really felt uncomfortable. I was really surprised when they mentioned about this – so, I wanted to sit behind. And, I too felt the same! Rejected immediately.

    New fiesta: was waiting for a test drive…. Price list….review…waiting waiting waiting…and thought that I may grow a year older and 2012 is very near ;) … jokes apart… but I don’t want to wait anymore.

    Finally, I just had 2 options a) Manza b) Linea

    Manza: I test drove this car – very spacious, comfortable, VFM… decent pick-up / performance. Thought to book this one, but one thing which made us to re-think is the quality of plastic! But we don’t want to reject this one…. Linea was just beside this car and my experience is below….

    Linea: Initially, we had rejected this baby because of poor ground clearance and under powered (few people claims on MJD). I test drove during May, but something was bothering me – couldn’t decide between Manza and Linea. Read few review via internet and Linea won the game! Came back to the showroom in the month of June and took a test drive again!!! This time, I really felt Linea is a perfect car that I need to own – though the ground clearance is one drawback of this car I want to igoner this one and just that I need to change my driving style :)
    I didn’t feel this is and underpowered, but yes it do not accelerate instantly! And, I am not going to participate in any rally ;).
    Booked her on 6th of June and the sales person said it will be delivered with in 15days. But I wanted her in the moth of July and we had specific dates (due to finance and astrology factors)

    Aadya Motors, Bangalore – this showroom is a new kid in the city. I was bit hesitant when I thought to visit this for the test drive. First, I test drove Safari and the sales executive was Praveen who was very energetic! Wow, I am in the right showroom.
    Later when I thought of Linea, I was directed to Fiat sales team and the sales executive Majo Francis who is very professional and exactly knows his job! We were very much impressed the way he explained us about Linea, I would say this person is one of the factors for us to select Linea!! I got the delivery on the promised date and time… so far so good with this showroom and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to buy either Fiat or Tata. Good job guys!
  8. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Here are some pics...








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  9. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    Thanks, shams
  10. Sambikap

    Sambikap Amatore

    thank you!!

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