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My Italian Beast Grande Punto 90 HP Sports

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Parimal, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    60k Servicing At Pandit, Pune

    Done with 60 k kms servicing from Pandit Auto, Pune
    the Car Odo was 61500 kms,
    Not much issues to report,
    Problems reported
    1> Humming noice from Engine compartment, one have to listen very carefully, it was pointed out by Amit Nikam,
    2> Rattling from dash.
    3> Parcel tray rattling.

    The process at Pandit is very good Immediately greeted by Mr.Javed noted down the issues, and he gave me the estimate for the service.
    The car was at Pandit for 2 days for the servicing.
    The quality of workmanship is excellent,
    Washing and Cleaning is also excellent.
    got the delivery next day at 3 PM.

    The over all Service bill came to 21 k , its bit on higher side as during the 60 k service its recommenced to change all the belts and Timing chain, also all the fluids gets changed during this service, fiat should split the timing chain and rubber belts in 60k and 75 k service respectively.

    Even after 60k kms the car is amazing, AC is as good as new, even engine feels is very good hardly any change in power/pickup and Mileage, must say multijet rocks.
    Even the clutch plates are good may be for another 15/20 k kms, that will be next major expense,

    Uploading the bill for the reference.

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  2. naruf1

    naruf1 Amatore

    Namma Bengaluru
    Was reading the previous ownership threads, hope the windshield issue is fixed.
    Apart from that, even I believe 21 K is bit higher.
  3. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    Service Update :
    After the 60k Service, somewhere around 65k kms did the EGR Cleaning at Balaji Thane,
    EGR Cleaning : Front bumber removed, cleaned All the pipes from the Inter cooler to EGR Valve,cleaned EGR valve also and Input manifold, also cleaned the MAP sensor as advised by Amit Nikam,
    Cost: Rs.3k
    The input manifold was too much clogged and the car was much better after the cleaning, mileage increased by 2 kms per lit, as it was fallen after 40/45 k kms, the car was feeling much responsive but after cleaning it takes 100/200 kms to know or feel the effects.

    Upgraded the head lights to Osram 90/100 bulbs with Finolex Relay, the quality of Relay is good as it has Individual Circuits for Left and Right bulbs, there is a considerable increase in light after the upgrade.
    Cost around Rs1800.00 Including Fitting.

    75 k kms Service
    At Odo 75706 kms Date 10th Dec 2014
    FASS: Balaji Auto, Thane
    Issues: Humming sound from engine bay, Glow plug warning, rest the car was butter smooth, and was constantly giving mileage of 20km/lit on highway runs.

    To check the Humming sound, mechanic removed the power steering belt and slightly tapped the accelerator, as the belt was removed the power steering pump stopped working, so he concluded that the noise is of power steering pump, have asked to ordered the same as it was not in stock.

    Other than that no other complaints, so done with routine servicing
    Total Bill came to Rs.7188.00
    Also got the glow plug changed under extended warranty.
    No noticeable change after servicing.

    I dont do the wheel balancing and alignment at FASS, so opted out of that.
    The car is still on original battery, hope it will last for atleast 6 more months.

    So after 75 k kms the car is as good as new, hardly any rattles, engine is awesome, so as the clutch gear shifts are good.

    Will write in new post about the Change of windshield and denting painting of the rear right door, along with the ICE upgrade did in the Feb month.
  4. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    Before the 75k kms service did a long trip :
    Dombivli - Belgaum -PanaJi Via Chorla Ghat
    Panaji Amboli - Shankeshwar Pune
    Pune Ambejogai vai Beed Google maps route- Marathwada has horrible roads, pathetic is the word and with 5 persons on board its pain to drive, while coming back from Ambejogai took different route Ambejogai -kej - Manjarkheda - Patoda - Jamkhed - ahmadnagar - Pune , much better road then the Beed route.
    Then from Pune back to Dombivli
    Total Kms for this trip 2485
    Milage as per MID 19.7 km/lit MID is accurate
    Fuel: BPCL
    Speed on Four lane roads 90 to 110 km/hr, speed on 2 lane roads 80/90 km/hr, many traffic jams, bad roads, idling, AC on 80 % of the time. But parents were happy with the comfort, and me even after 70 k kms still brings smile on the face, the best car.








  5. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    Odo reads now 99650 Kms have not updated this thread for a long time. Car is closer to the magical 1,00,000 Kms mark. Finally got leh'ed in Punto.
    Around 81k kms replaced front brake pads at Balaji Auto. Cost Rs3300 for pads and Rs 450 for Labor.
    Boot struts replaced in March 2015 at Pandit under warranty. Fiat's extended warranty rocks.
    90K Service :
    I did my 90k Service Early at around 86500 kms as i was going to Ladak on 30th May 2015.
    The cost of the service was around 11800.
    Place: Pandit Auto
    extra work did during the service was
    1> Replacing the long pending power steering pump under the warranty.
    2> The Turbo hose was leaking near front left fog lamp, that was replaced.
    Other than that it was just a Routine service.
    Took one 1Lt Coolant and 3 Fuse as spares if required during the trip.

    The trip was fantastic and trouble free except the power steering oil was leaking from the O ring which was fixed in Srinagar, that O ring bolt need to be tighten which was done at Local tata Dealer as Fiat dont have a dealership in this area.

    While coming back from Ladak region, Got my cars under body checked and got the Air Filter and Cabin filter cleaned at Fiat Jammu Service Center. Car was ready in an rr excellent work bill was 299 Rs.

    After the trip i had to replace my tyres as they already did 51k kms on them they had life about 4/5k kms morr, but on my return journey near Shahapur, Maharashtra, front Left tires hit big pot hole resulting in bulge on both the tyres.
    After replacing the tyre, the person who does Alignment said that he is not able to adjust the setting as the nut has jammed, dont know the reason, we tried at Local shop but he also could not do it. So next day went to Balaji thane to loose then adjustment nut, but it was badly jammed and he said he need to remove the Tie rod and Ball joint and may require to replace it but parts were not available with them. So called Pandit Auto for the availability of the parts, parts were available so went there on 9th July 2015.
    Replaced both Tie roads and Inner ball joints, also replaced Suspension Elastic pads, the Bill was 10900.00 As always excellent service by Padit.

    Now will do the service at around 1 L kms .
    1> GLow Plug Warning.
    2> Front Right Fog not working.
    3> Rear Brake Liners need to check .
    4> Blue and Me has stopped working since last 3 days.
    5> Also there something is wrong with the door lock sensors, during rains its get unlocked automaticlly and sometimes does lock/unlock for 4/5 times on its own, but as soon as the its sunny outside the locks behaves normally. Hope this problem will get reproduced at Service center.
    We get the service done next week and will update the thread after that.
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  6. Deepak

    Deepak Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3 90 HP
    Great going mate. clock the magical 1L marking soon.
    BTW which tyres have you upgraded to? please share the dimension.
  7. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    Thanks. The new tyres are the same as old ones Michelin Primacy 3ST 195/60 x 15.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 26, 2015, Original Post Date: Sep 26, 2015 ---
    Posting few Pictures from my Ladak Drive.

    Mugal Road, DSC_8138.JPG
    DSC_8143.JPG DSC_8138.JPG






    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 26, 2015 ---
    Posting few Pictures from my Ladak Drive.

    Mugal Road, DSC_8138.JPG
    DSC_8143.JPG DSC_8138.JPG DSC_9195.JPG DSC_9179.JPG DSC_8977.JPG DSC_8919.JPG DSC_8576.JPG DSC_8155.JPG DSC_8138.JPG
  8. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    One of the famous and lucky punto which travels every corner of the country.
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  9. Pradeepms

    Pradeepms Amatore

    Mysore, Karanataka
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Super @Parimal good going....
    Very nice pics....
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  10. Parimal

    Parimal Novizio

    Finally the magic Figure, After 3 Years 3 Months And 21 Days..;)



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