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My hunting for diesel hatchback and ownership experience

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by soorajsoman, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. thats insane FE !!! What was the duration and kms done during the drive you got that FE ?
  2. nskumar


    hi sooraj..gorgeous punto in black.very few from coimbatore on TFI..we should increase the members..we shall organise a TFI meet in our own coimbatore..hope naren sir joins us
  3. Thanks everyone for giving the compliment on my blacky.

    Nskumar sir,

    NsKumar sir,sure we shall have a meet and keep in touch with you once i get your personal mobile number and thanks for your compliment on my blacky.Yours Punto also looks so hot in the display picture,and am also a great fan of the vocal white color Punto.


    My car normally gives me 18-19kmpl in city drive and 24-25 kmpl.And the duration which i got the highest mileage was after i got my car second service done at 15000kms and during my Coimbatore-Ernakulam trip which i got 27.4kmpl :dance .This is the highest i could squeeze from her so far.My driving style is i don't rev the engine above 2000rpm while picking up the speed,except while overtaking,and normally i cruise at 80-90kmph speed at highways only if i get a open road and never cross these limits.If maintain this speed i can get these average very easily and if i do any spirited driving the average will be dropped to 18-19kmpl.And the very important thing i follow is.I do clean my airfilter regularly at every 1000kms though it is not recommended and also i do check the tyre pressure every week even though i have filled nitrogen gas in my tyres.And every time when i plan to take her for a long trip i do a small checkups like all fluid levels and increase my tyre pressure by 2psi and i regularly use only normal diesel from IOC outlets.I never change my brand of fuel which i use.Because i have done several researches by tanking up my car by changing several brands like HP,BP,Essar,Reliance and IBP outlets.But i could not achieve more KMPL from my car what i could get normally from IOC fuels.So nowadays i prefer only IOC outlets ::T and every time when i tankup my car i look for bigger and reputed outlets if i am out of my hometown which i believe they provide unadulterated and correct quantity of fuel to me for what i pay.This is my driving styles and very small things i do follow regularly to keep my fuel bills down and make my blacky crunch more miles without draining my pocket. ::D
  4. NAREN64



    Good review & Super Pictures of your Balcky(exspecially the one in the rain) loved it. Happy & Safe driving.

    NS Kumar - Will arrive in aweeks time, we will fix up for a meet.
  5. Naren sir
    Sure we can have a meet sir.Give me a call or mail me once you get back to the town.

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