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My Grey Linea 1.3 MJD

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by PradeepM, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Saji Babu

    Saji Babu Amatore

    Linea 1.3
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  2. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Last week I experienced a bumpy ride in my car. This happened on some of the roads I took earlier where it behaved well. The car was kind of dancing at low speeds (< 10kmph) on very bad patches and when I negotiated some speed breakers, this concerned me a lot and a quick check with some fellow owners confirmed that some of the folks experienced this behavior in their cars as well in the past. They advised me to get the left suspension pad and other things around checked.

    Surprisingly after 2 days, the car started behaving normal and I have taken it to the same stretches where it acted strange earlier and found no issues this time. It is behaving well now and I don't see any concerns (not sure how it auto corrected though). I did get the air pressure checked it seems to be fine as well. I maintain 34 PSI for front and 33 PSI for rear wheels. I will continue to monitor closely to get the assurance I need.

    Traffic this week (starting 14 March) in Hyderabad somehow was very bad in comparison to the previous weeks (not sure on the reason). My work timings are from 930 AM to 630 PM, which is not helping me much either. Iam desperately waiting for the clocks to change back by the end of this month and my work time would switch to something better (830 AM to 530 PM) and I should be able to beat the peak traffic. Even now I make sure that I reach office by 845 AM and I avoid the morning peak hour rush to a good extant, but as I cant leave before 630 PM, Iam forced to crawl for about 80% of the distance to my home on my return.

    A quick update on FE.

    I got the refill done yesterday as Iam planning a drive on the weekend to Medak. Its more about the drive than the destination as its been too long that the car has got to stretch on open roads smile.gif .




    I spent sometime last week in giving the car a good wax session, the time and effort spent seemed worthy (the below poor quality shot from my phone camera is not showing the actual way it looks), the car looks amazing than what we see in the picture here.


  3. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Saturday 19 March 2016.

    Destination : Medak.
    No of KM's driven : 240 KM (two way)
    Route information : Miyapur Medchal route. From Medchal we continued on NH7 to Ramayampet Road, took the exit on the left after Ramayampet road onto Jukkal - Kallakal Rd/Medak-Yellareddy Rd to reach Pocharam wild life sanctuary.
    Road Condition : Excellent
    Toll Paid : Rs 105 (two way) at the Medchal toll gate.

    Important Note: Do not take the Chegunta-Medak route as the road is in shambles due to ongoing expansion work.

    Route Map below.


    As planned we started at 7AM and stopped for breakfast a little after the Medchal toll gate around 8AM.

    Railway crossing just before hitting NH7 after Gandimysamma Jn.

    Railway corssing just before hitting NH7.jpg
    Gandimysamma to Medchal.jpg

    @ Breakfast with two other friends who accompanied.


    Resumed the journey at 845AM on the blissful roads and continued on NH7.


    Linea rear.jpg

    We followed the GPS directions and exited the toll road on NH7 after Ramayampet. The road from here on was amazing too with some very good curves, no potholes, very minimal traffic, very occasional speed breakers and a railway crossing.

    Signboard as soon as we exited the NH7

    NH7 Exit 17km.jpg
    Road to Pocharam.jpg
    Railway corssing cars.jpg

    Google maps asked us to take a right a little before the housing board colony, however when we took the turn we realized that the road is under construction, so dumped the idea and after chat with the locals we continued on the Medak Yellareddy Rd towards housing board colony. We came across a big Right T junction and as directed we took the right turn and the wild life sanctuary is around 7km from here. Good roads continued till the sanctuary.

    Road under construction which Google maps missed.


    The sanctuary is more of a Deer breading area. One needs to pay a nominal fee per person and the car to enter the area. A guide would accompany you (no additional charges).

    Entry Fee details : Per car - Rs 100/-, Per person Rs 20/-.

    S Boards.jpg
    S Hut.jpg

    A little one kept in safety

    Deer in fence.jpg

    The stretch inside is around 4.5km and almost all the cars can easily handle the stretch in dry conditions, however I strongly advice to be decisive based on your car during monsoons.

    The drive way for the cars

    S Path.jpg

    We spotted some deers, wild boars and peacocks during our drive inside the sanctuary (Most of the pics where clicked by a friend with his DSLR, and I will share the same when he sends me a copy of the same).

    Inside the sanctuary

    S Deer Inside.jpg

    S inside cars.jpg

    Around 11:15 AM we were at the exit gate and decided to skip the Dam as it was dry anyways.
    We decided to skip the fort as well, so that we can cover the fort along with the dam in our next drive hopefully post Monsoon.

    S cars.jpg

    We headed straight to the famous Medak Cathedral, this is just about 2 km towards Medak from the T junction we took earlier.
    While the architecture was amazing, you will be further amazed with the excellent stain glass paintings and the interior.
    The peacefulness when you sit inside the church is something that you are sure to carry along with you for a long time.

    CHURCH Main.jpg

    Around 1230PM we started our drive back to Hyderabad and we decided to take the Medak-Chegunta road and this turned out to be a very bad decision. The roads were in a very bad state and the entire stretch is undergoing expansion. I would strongly advice you to take the same route that we took during the onward journey.

    We stopped for lunch at Hamsa Family dhaba, just after hitting the NH7 after the chegunta exit. This place is located a few hundred meters on the left side of NH7 towards Hyderabad.
    The place has an AC restaurant and the food was ok, price was reasonable as we paid Rs 1100/- for 7 people.
    I stuck to 70kmph on the return post lunch as I just wanted to cruise and enjoy the lovely roads and the machine. We reached home around 4PM, took a good shower and settled in front of the box for the IND-PAK match for the rest of the evening.

    I maintained good speeds during the onward drive and was zipping all along. The car gobbled the lustrous curves at triple digit speeds (as if it was starving) which are in decent numbers after the NH7 exit (Ramayampet) towards Pocharam sanctuary. The earlier mentioned suspension issue (in my previous post) seems to have vanished completely as I got to chance to observe the behavior of the car very closely when we took the Medak - Chegunta road (bad stretch), the car behaved very well and suspension was very composed.
    So the first highway drive of 2016 is logged by the car and I will keep looking out for the opportunities to pursue my romance with the machine.


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  4. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The earlier reported unsettled ride in the car was back again in the past 2 weeks and the car was bouncing more than expected at slow speeds when negotiating speed breakers.There was a small thud sound as well very occasionally from the front suspension. Alteration of PSI in the tyres helped to a certain extant (earlier Front 36, Rear 33, now Front 34, Rear 33) but the ride definitely was not as pleasant as before. I wanted to have this addressed in my next visit to FASC.

    FIAT Summer Service Camp

    Received a text message on Saturday (09-April) followed by a call regarding the camp from AV Motors. The camp as usual was expected to cover the basic checks, with an addition of AC disinfectant service this time.


    I called AV Motors at 9AM today (April 13) and booked a slot for 1030 AM. I reached the place by 1010 AM and the job card was quickly prepared. Apart from the camp, I wanted to get the suspension duly checked due to the unsettled ride I had in some instances. I also also reported the door accunator issue (occasional miss in auto lock at 20kmph). I tagged along with Venkat a senior technician for a through test drive and he did confirm that the car is not absorbing uneven roads as expected. In the next 10 min the car was taken to the service bay and the work on the suspension began.

    Job card

    Job Card.jpg

    At the bay

    At the bay.jpg

    Both the front and suspensions have been removed completely and stripped down. They have performed some procedure on the springs by applying pressure (I assume this is to reduce any uneven gaps in the coil springs). At the end of the springs they have attached two soft plastic extensions as seen in the pics below. The elastic pads & bushes inside were aligned into position and checked for any issues (none noticed). The suspension was put back in place and secured properly.

    Suspension Full.jpg
    Suspension Apart and Rings.jpg Rings.jpg Ring in Place.jpg
    All the work was carried in the personal supervision of the Sr technician and I felt good about it. Also the mechanic who was assigned to my car is well known to me and I too was around him which he did not mind (I don't poke my nose in the work being done, and I stand around just out of curiosity and to see how things are done).

    Work being done & Suprevised.jpg

    The regular checks as part of service camp were performed. Air & AC filters cleaned, consumables checked and replenished as needed. The battery health was also checked and no concerns here. The tyre's were checked for any uneven wear and tear, thankfully nothing noticed and the stock tyre's are confirmed to be in good shape.

    Refill 1.jpg Refill 2.jpg

    Battery showing apt voltage

    Batter Health.jpg

    The AC disinfectant was properly sprayed into the condenser after removing some plastic panels near the pedal well, post the spray session the doors were left open and the AC was run for the next 10 min for complete circulation. While I know that many service centers charge at least Rs 800/- for this treatment, it is a good gesture from FIAT to offer it for free.

    Some pictures of work being done

    AC Spray Work.jpg AC WURTH.jpg
    So after close to 2 hours, it was time again to take a test drive to check the behavior of the suspension. We took some bad roads around service center and the moment we deliberately hit the first pot hole I had a smile on my face, the pleasantness returned in the ride and my peace of mind restored. I drove around for another 5 min tossed it in pot holes and on speed breakers and returned with satisfaction. The door accunator behaved fine in both the instances of test drive and FASC said that they would make an entry in the system and check this again during my next visit and replace if needed. I opted out of the body wash as I recently got my car washed, and the SA informed me that I can use this free wash any time when I prefer at a later point of time.

    The bill was prepared, and it was Rs 0.00/- :). I drove out at 1240 PM. Overall good experience with FASC thumbs%20up.gif .


    View attachment Clapping.gif
  5. kinetic

    kinetic Amatore

    Retro / Classic FIAT
    Thanks Pradeep for the nice review of a fantastic car. You've maintained the car very nicely and your efforts are reflected in the beauty that your car is. Glad to know that you purchased the car in cash because this year I'm going to do the same. Just one question; did you show up the car purchase in the IT records? I wish to buy outright cash and not to document the car in my IT file.
    Also what sort of deals to expect from the dealer when buying cash compared to loan? Does cash purchase help extracting better deals compared to loan or is that other way round.
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  6. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Thank You Kinetic,
    Well, I am an average IT (information technology) Joe and have a standard income. My income tax and earnings are captured in regular Form 16 prepared by the organization I work for. I am not sure how to show up the car or not to show up the car in my expense as I did not find any field in the tool where we make declarations. Also all transactions need a valid PAN number now a days and so I assume this would be tracked at some level where they can apply a filter I suppose. My sole intention on the transaction is different (to save the interest component on a depreciating purchase). On the benefits part, I personally did not come across any additional benefits as such, I already got a sweet deal . And yes I love my car, and I try to have it in top shape all the time. All the best for your shortlisting, do keep us posted on your decision on which car you bought down the line.

  7. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hyderabad - Shirdi - Pune - Hyderabad.

    Start date & Time : 29 April 2016, 3:15 AM.
    Return date & Time : 01 May 2016, 08:00 PM.

    So I had a day off on Friday (April 29) and we planned a trip to Shirdi & Pune (to meet some cousins). We used Oyo App to make a reservation and got a pleasant deal for a night (including breakfast) for 3 adults & 1 kid. Our planned start time was 3 AM, however we re slightly delayed. From the previous year experience we decided to take the Hyderabad - Nizamabad - Bodhan - Aundah - Jalna - Aurangabad - Shirdi )which was better when we traveled last year) than the regular Sholapur - Ahmednagar - Shirdi route. But when I set the GPS on my phone, it showed me the route via Nirmal and I thought lets give it a try and proceeded.

    Hyderabad to Shirdi.jpg

    With the road conditions improved between Zaheerabad and Sholapur (update below), may be this is a better way to take to save time and distance as well. The below route should be avoiding the pathetic road conditions between Temburni and Ahmednagar, however I do not have any first hand information on the road condition between Daund & Ahmednagar.

    Sholapur Ahmednagar.jpg

    On the way to Aundah

    On the way to aundah.jpg

    We reached Shirdi around 3 PM, checked into the hotel, took a good shower and around 4 PM we were in the Darshan queue. After a good meal at Prasadalaya, we retired to bed by 830 PM. Next day we were up by 430 AM another good and peaceful Darshan, came back had some good breakfast and we started our journey to Pune.

    Shirdi to Pune.jpg

    Stopped for some good sugarcane juice en-route and bought Anar (pomegranate) which was being sold along the highway at throw away prices.

    Ahmednagar bypass

    Ahmednagar Bypass.jpg
    Pn Way to Pune.jpg

    Short break to relish some fresh sugar case juice.

    Pune Road.jpg Sugarcane Juice.jpg

    We reached Pune by lunch time, spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with cousins. Retired to bed late night.
    The next day we just had some coffee in the morning, and proceeded to have very early lunch at 1030 AM, this is to avoid breaks on our journey. The primary reason being the road expansion work between Zaheerabad and Sholapur and I wanted to reach Sangareddy before 7PM to avoid the mahem of the volvo's and other buses that start in the evening from Hyderabad. Lunch & snacks were packed for the 6 year old on board with us and we started at 11 AM sharp. After negotiating some nagging traffic until Urli Kanchan, the roads opened up and my father did some high speeds to cover some lost time. Just before reaching Sholapur, we stopped for a bio break and a 5 min stretch and knowing what is ahead, I took over the steering wheel to avoid stress and pressure for my father (Its not that he cant drive, but why when not needed).

    Pune to Hyderabad Route.jpg Sholapur to Hyderabad Route.jpg

    I received good updates on this route (Sholapur - Hyderabad) from another friend on HVK forum (Joshua), I wanted to try my luck this time (with the bad experience still lingering on my mind from last year). The roads were way better and in some stretches excellent where the speeds can be maintained without stressing the car to cover the distance.

    New roads laid

    New Roads.jpg

    Somewhere between Omerga to Humnbad

    Omerga to Humnabad.jpg

    Karnataka border

    Border Karnataka.jpg

    Another successful trip on the beloved Linea was completed and with every trip my respect for the car increases. The suspension, comfort and the noise insulation give you peace no matter what tarmac is under those wheels thumbs%20up.gif .
    The stock good year tires behaved well yet again, however on two occasions where I had to break real hard to avoid bouncing off unmarked speed breakers the tires squealed which did not happen till date, so I assume with close to half of the life done, some age factor is slowly catching up on them.

    Home and 20K.jpg

    End of the trip my lovely car crossed the 20K mark smile.gif . Time for a wheel rotation, alignment and rotation session. Will head to FASC sometime this week to have that complete as per my schedule.


    PS : Special thanks to my dear wife, who took pictures & patiently made a note of the details on road conditions, distance and fuel pump status which helped me complete the trackers posted above.
  8. lakshminandan

    lakshminandan Amatore

    North Lakhimpur
    Linea 1.3
    My Linea also behaves similarly. Sometimes on a same bad stretch of road it would ride plush whereas someday it would be very bumpy and jerky. And also FE goes down when the ride is bumpy. Glad to know that your problem is solved. Can you tell me whether the soft elastic extension that was inserted is a standard FIAT spare or just a jugaad?I had already changed the elastic pads at both the front suspension. Ride was improved but again deteriorated after about 3k kms along with khat-khat sound from front left suspension. I have to address this in my upcoming 3rd servicing.
  9. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hello Lakshminandan,
    These rings were available as the spare parts. I hope your issue too gets addressed at the earliest :).

  10. anilwithu

    anilwithu Novizio

    Linea 1.3
    All, My linea completed 1lk kms .. But immediate it is asking to replace the parts ..
    last month - radiator fan - 13500 /-(Kale model)
    oil cooler - 4000/-
    and now AC cooling coil -5000 + ..

    pathetic in 3 weeks all these things done .. its horrible that its irritating me nowadays

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