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My Grey Linea 1.3 MJD

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by PradeepM, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Saji Babu

    Saji Babu Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Hi @pradeep,

    I got the Linea MJD P White yesterday. Pics and initial review soon. Few questions/doubts :)

    - what are the documents which you got from the dealer upon delivery?
    - What the run-in period (kms) you are following? Things to take care

  2. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Its hard to resist a few temptations and driving the Linea has already made to the top of this list in my case. The car urges you to drive more, the sheer pleasure of cuddling yourself with this beauty coupled with the awesome drive experience irks the greed in you to find out more excuses to hit the roads.

    Early Morning Forest.jpg

    So it was mid April and I was to attend a training for my career enhancement in Bangalore. Flash !!! and without any second thoughts I opted to drive down instead of taking the usual Arial route, two other like minded friends & colleagues jumped in and we were all set. The training was scheduled on 20 & 21 April, what better could it get with a weekend to spare at hand. So it was decided that we would start of Friday afternoon and hit Bandipur spend the weekend admit the wildlife and move onto Bangalore.

    Bandipur T R.JPG

    With a raw plan at hand the journey was set off and no hotel reservations were made as we were unclear on our options and time to be spent at each location enroute. The only thing we had in the mind was Hyderabad > Bandipur > Mysore > Bangalore > Hyderabad.

    Odo reading at the start of the trip.

    Odo Start.jpg

    It was Friday 17-April around 2 PM I pulled my baby out of the parking lot for the long run ahead. I head straight to a fuel station en route and got the tank up in the usual method (auto cutoff), got the air checked and slowly moved around the city to pick my friends up. A little after 4 PM we crossed the city limits and we were crunching miles at a gradual pace. We were in Anantapur by 810 PM and took a 50 min break for dinner and resumed our journey by 9 PM.
    As soon as we crossed the border and entered Karnataka we have started encountering huge speed breakers which have jolted us a few times and tested the breaking ability of the car to a large extent. We managed to reach the outskirts of Bangalore by 11:15 PM and stopped for a tank up again as there was bandh planned on the next day 18th April.

    Odo Blore.jpg

    Following the GPS we took the right from Hebbal and planned to take the bypass route and hit the Mysore highway however we never imagined that at 1130 PM there could be heavy traffic jams. It was around 2 AM when we crossed the Christ college onwards to Mysore after we successfully evaded the traffic madness. Took a 10 min break and started proceeding further. The nightmarish speed hills / mountains continued all along the Mysore road and we were fed up with the frequency we were encountering these humps which killed all the momentum. After the torturous drive we hit Mysore by 430 AM and we took another 10 min break.
    The GPS guided us well and we reached the Bandipur forest gate by 545 AM, 15 min prior to the opening of the gates. There as already a huge line of vehicles waiting for the gates to open. After a snails pace for a kilometer or so we were into the lap of nature and the feeling was out of the world.

    Sunrises always look special when you are in lush greens.


    The dew drops giving the car a relaxing therapy after the long drive.

    Dewdrops and Trees.JPG

    We took the safari organized by the forest department and I should admit we were lucky enough to spot some wildlife, a few pictures below.

    The most common & exciting sight in the forest.

    Lot of Deers.JPG

    We got a glimpse of some Tusker's as well.


    Hello people


    Single Deer.JPG

    In the gracious company.

    Car & Deers2.JPG

    It was around 8 AM by the time we completed our 1 hour safari ride. We were exhausted, totally down on energy levels as it was close to 18 hours that we have been driving and it started showing a toll on our bodies.
    We started looking for some accommodation and found a few however the prices quoted were exorbitant, hence we came downhill and finally bargained a cottage at Vanavihar for Rs 2600 for 24 hours. We took a quick shower had mild breakfast and crashed onto the bed and no one knew what happened in this world for the next 4 hours.

    The cottage we stayed in.


    It was half past two by the time we woke up and walked to the restaurant for lunch. Post lunch we spent some time in leisure and then went to a nearby temple on the hill top.

    Broken Tarmac.JPG

    On the return we entered the forest again and spotted a beautiful peacock and some deers.


    We returned to the hotel by 7 pm and had some early dinner and retired to bed by 9 PM. Had an excellent sleep, we were up by 5 AM the next day and by 6 AM we were ready to roll again.
    The car was covered in a thick blanket of dew by the time I walked upto it in the morning. I anticipated this to happen as we have seen heavy fog the previous morning and hence I made sure I cleaned the car thoroughly with good amounts of water the previous night before hitting the bed. This saved the car from the bad combination of murk+fog and it would have been really hard to get rid of the stains later as we all know.
    Early Morning Mist 1 (1).jpg Early Morning Mist 1 (2).jpg

    The plan was to have breakfast at Mysore and so we went back to the forest got some fresh air circled around for an hour amidst the wildlife and started down hill by 7 AM.


    The thick fog and greens was an awesome sight
    Spotted a T-Jet as well.


    to be contd..
  3. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    The greenery constantly kept us enveloped.


    And we moved on to Mysore, we were given a warm send off by this wonderful creature.

    Singe Deer Posing.JPG

    It would be a while again before the me and the car gets this fresh oxygen.


    @ Mysore and the return journey.

    Mysore Palace3.jpg

    As per the plan we were in Mysore a little before 9 AM and stopped for breakfast.
    Post breakfast we went for some shopping and bought some items made of Sandle and all of us bought some famous Mysore silk for the ladies back home. After filling the boot by emptying out pockets.

    Full Boot.jpg

    You can see the suspension has lowered to a large extent post the full utilization of the 500L boot space.

    Full Boot Suspension.jpg

    We moved on towards the amazing heritage, The Mysore palace and we were awestruck.

    Mysore Palace2.jpg

    I had some social visits in Mysore and by the time I closed them it was around 3:30 PM and we proceed towards Brindavan gardens. The place still looks beautiful however the most famous garden from yester years seems to be out of scope of the swach Bharath mission.

    Brindavan 1.JPG Brindavan2.JPG

    We purposefully skipped the light show and moved on to Bangalore and en route we were hit badly by heavy traffic all through the Mysore Bangalore road (weekend movement), this coupled by the speed mountains only made our journey miserable and we reached Bangalore only around 1030 PM.
    We stopped for a quick bite and proceeded towards our hotel. Took a good long shower and retired for the day so that we are active for the eventful next day.
    The two day training was insightful and the lunch at Eloft ( where the sessions were conducted) was good smile.gif .
    On Tuesday we reembarked the return journey and started around 6 PM. By the time we came near Elanhka it was 830 PM so we stopped for some dinner and started again at 9:15 PM after a refill.

    Odo 3rd refill.jpg

    I took a quick nap while my friend was at the wheel and we switched places around 1230 AM with 8 KM to Anantapur. We were home by 430 AM, both me and the car took a good shower and retired to get some rest.

    Home Water spray.jpg

    Overall the trip has really been amazing and would definitely be a memorable one. Thankfully no events occured and we returned safe.

    The Drive experience.

    > During the onward Journey the car ran for about 19 hours with minimal breaks and it did not show any fatigue.
    > The drive was simply amazing and the Linea gobbled miles with easy.
    > The under thigh support was excellent and we were definitely comfortable all along the long hours spent in the car.
    > However the 18 hour drive (onward) and all of which I was in sitting position did give me a lower back ache post day 1, and thankfully I returned to normalcy by the evening that day.
    > With multiple seat adjustment options it was easy to get a good position and sit comfortably at the wheel.
    > As my car is the dynamic variant I sorely missed the cruise control option.
    > There were times on the return when I was taking curves at some speeds that I do not want to mention here and the car hug the roads like a leech and never did I feel I should lighten my right foot.
    > A Scorpio and a Duster kept me some company from Kurnool, they were hard to keep up with on straight roads but when it came to huge curves the Linea overtook them with so much ease and the car was as comfortable as a fish in the water.
    > The 1.3L showed its short comings when negotiating the higher hairpins on the ghats where the car did break into sweat and had to be slotted into 1st a few times to gain momentum.
    > The engine is a different beast all together post the 2500 rpm and the car behaves absolutely composed no matter what kind of tarmac you throw at it.

    Final Odo reading

    Odo Final.jpg

    The fuel efficiency stayed a tad lower than the 19 kmpl mark on all the three refills due to the speeds, ghats and heavy traffic conditions in Bangalore city.


    Some pics of the car in the beautiful locations.

    Car & Huge Tree.JPG

    You can partially see me at the wheel
    Car and Amazing backgrd.JPG

    Absolutely loving every minute Iam spending with the car smile.gif .

  4. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Hello Saji,

    Honestly there is no pre set run in period for modern cars. However I have personally set 3000km as run in period and did not cross 2500 rpm.
    On the documents part you should receive Form 20, 21 and 22. Insurance copy, audio system reset key, duplicate keys, Original key forbe code so that you can request for a duplicate on need basis. Make sure you collect the copy of original invoice and the warranty booklet duely stamped and signed.

    All the best !!!
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  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Those were some very beautiful pics @PradeepM !! Great to know that as always Fiat behaved well :)
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  6. drknaresh

    drknaresh Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Great write up @PradeepM, beautiful pictures. Please share a bit about your training sessions too.
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  7. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3

    The car was dropped last week for the first service (5000Km / 6months).
    Service Center : Butta Automotive.
    Number of KM on odo : 4780.
    Type of Service : Free.
    In Time : 930 AM
    Out Time : 11:30 AM
    Total Bill : Rs 2541 (As I opted for engine oil and filter change).

    Odo at Service.jpg

    I called the SC a day before and booked the appointment for 930 AM. I was ontime and just managed to park the car in the parking slot. People from Hyderbad would know
    why I specifically mentioned about parking, as Butta has got the worst parking space and most of the times the cars parked outside the service center cause a huge traffic jam leading to uninvited trouble. There was only one SA that day and he was quick enough to clear the queue. No complaints and as per the schedule the service center is expected to check the fluid levels and allignment, however I requested for oil change and filter change and I informed them that I would bear the cost. After a little hesitation they accepted the requested and the car was pulled into the service bay after another 10 min.
    I preffered to stay back along with the car and spent some good time with the GM Nagaraju there. He seemed to be a very good person and we spoke about FIAT and a few
    general things. I watched the car being rolled to the allignment station and I followed it stood there and had a conversation with some mechanics there.

    @ the allignment bay.

    Allignment Bay.jpg

    Post the allignment they changed the engine oil & filter and everything happened under my watchful eye. Post this they wanted to take the car for a wash however I did not see
    the need for the same as I already cleaned it throughly a few days back and hence opted out. The GM was generous and informed me that I can avail the free wash any time I prefer in the future and I definetely felt good.

    Service Bay.jpg

    Not my car but this is a Punto at the service center, I clicked this pictiure to show how well they coeverd the steering wheel and the seat to avoind stains.

    Seats Covered (4).jpg

    Overall I was happy with the service and rated them as 9/10 on the feedback form as we all have room for improvement. The next day I received a call from the CRM and she took the feedback over the call and just before the close of the call she informed me that I can drop the car anytime I prefer for the free wash as I missed the same during the service, a good gesture from them.

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  8. arun_josie

    arun_josie Regolare

    Thanks pradeep for the service update. Good to see your nice experience with FASS. Even I make sure to be with the car during the services.
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  9. PradeepM

    PradeepM Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3

    The 5000 KM mark came up in about 61 days of ownership and what an awesome experience it has been so far.

    The current ODO reading stands close to 5500 KM and the car has clocked around 700 KM post the first service and the engine for sure is revving better now. In some occasions I have maintained the RPM at 2100 in gear 3 & 4 and the turbo kicking in is clearly evident with a small tap on the accelerator.Not even a single squeak anywhere inside the cabin in-spite of the car running on all kinds of tarmac.
    For anyone who is under the misconception that the Linea is bad at fuel efficiency, below stats might help them think different.


    Best & worst fuel efficiency till date.

    Best and Worst.jpg

    Average monthly fuel efficiency.

    Monthly FE.jpg

    Graph showing the FE over a per of time as per refills.

    FE Min & Max.jpg

    Some additional stats.
    ODO graph in this period of ownership.

    Car Odo from day1.jpg

    The average refill cost per Km is approximately Rs 2.7.

    Refill Cost Per KM.jpg

    Price of Diesel in this period of ownership.

    FE Price Over period of time.jpg

    I have already spoken about the pros and cons extensively in the previous posts and hence do not want to repeat the same.
    Iam extremely happy with the car and every time I roll it out of my parking at home it gives me immense satisfaction. As I have been mentioning and also showcased via a chart a few posts before The Fiat Linea is definitely a classic example of an under rated true Value For Money without any compromise on quality and the recent examples of multiple folks traveling thousands of kilometers along with their family for vacations is a true testimonial of what the car is all about.

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  10. nibedk

    nibedk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @PradeepM . Three cheers to ur Linea. How much do I regret not getting the TJET.No complaints against my 90 HP GP though. As soon as I think about FE though I am happy with my decision. Well may be in 3 years time when I can afford my 2nd car it will for sure will be the best abarth in market then. As far as long trips are concerned I completely agree to what you say. Already 5 trips done and no complaints whatsoever ever. Touch wood I hope it stays like that ever.
    On a envious note though your car is giving super mileage boss. Just see my stats the same engine with a lighter body and consistently gives lesser mileage than your. May be it's driving style. Screenshot_2015-05-06-18-56-34.png

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