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My Grande Punto MJD ...a Beauty and a Beast

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by JJPunter, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. JJPunter


    @teky..thank you..a friend who has a fiat car recommended this forum....i will definately join the meet if im in chennai...

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    Thanks srida..
    Im ok with the noise, clutch and audio controls...but the 2nd gear pickup is a little disappointing..
    but u gave me good news that the pickup will increase...very pleased to hear that...

    'Now they have to listen to what I play and change.'....u had me laughing there :)

    if im in chennai i will join the meet for sure..

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    Thanks ramjin...

    im pretty sure its not the mudflaps..it is the engine guard(hopefully not anything else). Got the car raised and checked below the car and found scratches on the guard..this happens on really bad uneven roads...
    got underbody anti rust coating done to avoid rusting due to scratches...

    The pics are from Yelagiri, Pondichery and the way to Coorg...

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    Thanks tony..yes yr rite about the head turning...only wish Fiat would turn their sales around!!

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    thanks Bala, Romsi, Cuty red, Pirhir and Shams..:)

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