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My GP Story - 35k Update

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by gods-envy, May 30, 2011.

  1. gods-envy


    It has been close to 20 months since I have had my GP and it has just crossed the 35000 kms mark.
    Following are the points that I would like to mention.

    Performance -
    The 75 horses under the hood has been more or less enough and I seem to have gotten used to it. Would have preferred a Diesel tuning box but the lack of Vit-M has kept me away from it. Let’s see how many more days/months/years it will lure me .

    Ride & Handling -

    Fuel Efficiency -
    My mileage has dropped to 13.5kmpl in peak city conditions. This could be attributed vastly to my driving. I try to put all the 75 horses to work ;)

    Living in Bangalore
    So far my car has attracted the following scratches -
    Apart from the existing scratches, I got a few more on the rear bumper and on the front left fender. Picked up Com Paint and painted them. The finish is not great but at least I do not see the black marks any more. Shall try to get some snaps of the same.

    Final Update
    Treated my Italian girlfriend with 15” 98 pcd alloys from AVA(A special thanks to TFian Vignesh who helped me all through the way). Also got the brake calipers and the brake drums painted to red. Special

    Upcoming Mods
    Abarth Stickers on the doors
    Abarth logos (front and back)

    IMG_20110530_093907 - Copy.jpg

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