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My GP 1.3 mjd BNW

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Rajith, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Rajith


    Friends, at last, I was able to take delivery of the vehicle. I was not allowed to see the vehicle after PDI and I was told that I could see it after registration. As the vehicle needs to be registered in Kancheepuram, I insisted that I want to see the vehicle before it goes for registration and also I will accompany it with the driver. I do not want the vehicle to be driven beyond 2k rpm, as the stretch after poonamallee to Kamcheepuram on Chennai Bangalore Highway will be bit free for them to floor the pedal. Finally on 12th Dec I was asked to come to Concorde, Velachery office and I could see the vehicle for the first time. It was in a tidy condition and could see the PDI OK label affixed on the windshield. The ODO was 26kms and 'H' next to that. The vehicle was parked in their yard next to Ambattur.

    Left for registration at 10.30 am and told their driver not to go beyond 2k rpm and he maintained that most of the time. Reached Kancheepuram and could see the MVI sitting in a open ground for inspection of vehicles. Completed registration and reached Ambattur office by evening. ODO was 162 kms. The drive was smooth and I felt myself proud to own it. Left the vehicle there for polishing and accessories. Preferred to go for FIAT OEM accessories as I'm not a person with great tech knowledge on accessories.
    Vehicle cost : 6.12 L (all incl)
    Offer: Ins 19+Cash 5+CorpDisc 5 : 29 k
    Net : 5.83 L

    OEM FIAT seat cover (art leather black with red beading) : 8500/- 1 yr warranty
    OEM Punto Active CL part#59116844 : 8500/- 3 yr warranty
    Sony Bluetooth Audio HU model#MEXBT3950U : 10000/- 2 yr warranty
    Sony Speakers Front door model#XSGTF16272 : 2000/- 1 yr warranty
    Sony Speakers Reat parcel tray model#XSGTF69372 : 3000/- 1 yr warranty
    Rear Parcel tray (wood covered with art leather) : 1100/- got this made locally
    Antenna : 450/-
    Door Sil : 375/-
    Fitment Charges : 350/-
    OEM Mud flap+Floor mat+Body cover+sun control film - Free

    Tyres are JK Tornado 185/70/R14

    Reached showroom on 14th Dec 10.30 am and had to wait till 2.30 pm for their formalities to complete. I had already told SA that I do not prefer to have V shaped ribbon on the bonnet, no flower garland, no lemon under 4 wheels and to deliver it as it is in clean condition. SA handed over the key at 3.15 pm to my father and I drove to nearby fuel bunk. Filled 30 lts and drove home. The joy to ride this was out of bounds.

    Yesterday went for a drive of around 100 kms mostly in city and could drive around 40-50 kmph. Now the ODO is 269. DSC00596.jpg DSC00594.jpg DSCN0250.jpg DSCN0243.jpg DSCN0248.jpg DSCN0249.jpg DSCN0253.jpg DSCN0254.jpg DSCN0255.jpg After reaching home when I checked the mileage, I was surprised to see as 15.8 kmpl. The first and last one km road (near my house) is dug up for corporation water pipe connection and hence had to be very very slow and cautious, looking out for under body scratching. Need to plan for a long drive to enjoy the car's full thrust.
  2. shams

    shams Esperto

    Congrats Rajith!! have you upgraded the tyres? stock ones on active are 165/80/R14. how much did the tyre upgrade cost
  3. Rajith


    Thanks Shams. Sorry, it was a typo error on tyres specs. Retained the stock tyres.
  4. Welcome to the Elite club Ranjith .. My Hearty wishes .. Have a great , long and safe ride with your beauty .

  5. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    Congrats Rajith. Welcome to TFI. Well I had been to Chennai on Saturday. Spotted many puntos there. I think Chennai is also home for puntos as Bangalore is..
    And get your Door handles and Mirrors painted. Black doesn't blend so well with BNW.
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2011
  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Rajith congrats and nice pictures of the Grande, A cool color for the Hot car..
  7. Congrats buddy on your new acquisition, how is your new car behaving? were their any changes with the pickup and performance compared to the OLD one?
  8. Rajith


    Srida, sure i would be there for the TFI meet.

    Ajit, Tony, thanks for the compliments.

    Gopscreative, thanks for the wishes. I would prefer to mantain the car as it is for some more time.

    Magnanimousdude, this is my first diesel car. Previous ones were Alto LXI and Ford Ikon.

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