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My GP 1.3 MJD 75HP BNW Dynamic, First Ownership Review

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by ratish, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. ratish

    ratish Novizio

    Thanks for suggesting this option. Seems it worked out with customer care. Called up the customer care number yesterday evening at 5 pm and gave the details. By noon today got a call from dealer saying the absolute kit has arrived. It was like a magic. Did not waste a second, drove to dealer and collected the kit. Will go for fitting tomorrow after a wash to my punto.
  2. mightymaveryk

    mightymaveryk Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I done with first service


    Probably you need to get more mileage as you mentioned 50% city and 50% highway and not bumper-to-bumper traffic. The full tank to full tank for 80% city and 20% highway in bumper-to-bumper traffic I get 16.2 overall (The average came 17.9; Highway 20.12; I am a very bad driver to use clutch a lot that originally wastes the diesel - It opens the valves to consume more diesel when the drive is on clutch and bad mileage but even then the mileage I found good.). I felt the reverse gear bit slick. I used to park in my office to face out and sometimes it needs heavy force to lock the gear otherwise I get a mild sound after I release the clutch. The service people didn't do even after the complain (Hope Fiat brings its own good service center).

    The second gear, really needs extra effort on clutch; my issue is sometimes in bumper-to-bumper traffic, my car goes silently off and extra effort on clutch was needed to keep the engine clocking in second gear.
  3. ratish

    ratish Novizio

    Fitting absolute pack

    Did fit the following parts from absolute pack myself.

    1. Absolute Badging
    2. Door sill plates
    3. Floor mats

    Since the contour mud flaps will have to be screwed in, will leave it to service center for this.
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  4. ratish

    ratish Novizio

    My GP covered 6000 KM
    Got my punto serviced @ 5000 KM from Mohandas Motors. It was a general checkup which took just an hour in which they checked the battery, oil levels, fittings, suspension and brake. Did not go for water service and wheel alignment, balancing and rotation. This I did from outside.
    Some slight rattling were there pre-service which could be reported but felt that i can live with it as they were not annoying nor much audible as it happened to be on my swift. Since there would be long interval for next service which is at 15,000 KM, the technician suggested to bring the car for another general checkup @ 10,000 KM to check the brakes especially.
  5. varunrtr

    varunrtr Esperto

    KL-01/ TO
    Grande Punto 1.3
    did you get the gold coin yet? :D
    Check brakes at 10k..? for what?
  6. ratish

    ratish Novizio

    No. Called the SA Ratheesh@kulathunkal, the day before giving my car for service. He promised to get me gold coin when i give the car for service. But then thought not to compromising the service with the offer and decided to give my punto to Mohandas.

    Regarding brakes, the mechanic just suggested to bring the car for a general checkup at 10K interval in case i feel so.
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  7. sujaiks


    Congrats Rathish. I had also purchased MJD Active on 7th Jan. I too join Rathish in sharing the good words to the forum. While saying that, I have a problem in front (left) power windows. It gets stuck up in the beading at times. Another problem I face is the airy sound from the right side door @ just 40 km speed. I went for a quick service for attending to these problems at the service centre at Salem. The problem continues still after their service. So a bit disappointed at this point of time.

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