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My Fox Trot Azure FIAT Grande Punto…..or should I say I have been Punto’d

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by nidhi, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. I have been following 15 k interval and MJD doesn't feel Noisy or rough. except until my second service. So changed the engine oil at 13000 kms although SA was reluctant to do that. there is lot of dust in Bangalore,where in i can't drive two wheeler without spectacles.

    So when your car runs for say 25000 kms, although it's 10000 kms from oil change still it will feel smooth and refined.

    7.5 K will be good but most of the Synthetic engines oils can go upto 20000 kms, but FIAT conservatively put it as 15000 kms.

    Also it's how you use the car mandates the engine oil change, if it is subjected to lot of start stop or B2B traffic I would recommend changing at my be 10000 kms. because Diesel engines are run max 3500 RPM but petrol engines can go to 6-8000 RPM with higher temperatures than diesel.so petrol cars would need more frequent change IMHO.

    You should be able to listen to the pulse of the car, when it asks for engine oil change.I am sure we all as we love FIAT.
    Fuel filer can be changed at 15 K,just go for Oil filer and Oil.I used to get 20K kms with Mobil 1 in my earlier car, i am eager to try it this time.
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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12

    I agree to TRON. Even I missed to change Engine oil of my Punto at 7000kms as suggested by most of the TFI members. I did top up at 5000km, 10000km and Engine changed at 15000km.

    So Nidhi I am with Tron that to change engine oil at 7-8k on odo to make MJD even more smooth.

    Nidhi youpainted ORVMs and Door Handles thats great. :) you car looks amazing with Black Grill. I am tempted to exchange my Silver Grill with Black and will be doing that in next month.

    Any mods planned? What about FOG Lamps?

    Congratulations again :)
  3. Nidhi,

    Congratulations on your new car, please check the long term ownership threads , i am sure you will find lot of information that can help you to keep the car running better.
    Hope you would update the your ownership thread as well.I told my wife that a girl with lot of passion has joined TFI she did not believe it.
    Both my wife and Sis-in-law are averse to falling in love with their cars, they seldom come to TASS for any issues with car, i always get to do that.
    But now i can tell them that they are in-different to to the world out there.
    P:S: my wife helps me in car wash though:)
  4. nidhi


    New Delhi
    Thank you all for the good wishes and advice...i am bit confused about the oil change thing now that whether I should follow the owners manual or follow the 7000 kms as recommended by fellow members...no mods as of now...the dealer was supposed to put the garware sun films but due to puacity of time and the gloomy weather in Delhi he couldnt..now I feel that the glasses are already tinted and there is no point in getting it done...should i go in gor the fog lamps..if yes any idea how much they cost..

    I am also thiking of getting the oil changed at the first servicing itself...is that advisable
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  5. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    @ Nidhi : Fog lamps add to the visibility while driving in the fog, may be it would add to your convenience cause you stay in Delhi and it is quite foggy around this time. There are few members from Delhi who got Fog lamps fitted, not sure if they are OEM or after market. Have heard stories about the dealers/SA quoting that the warranty will be void if the electrical system is tampered, which according to many of our members is not true.

    Regarding Oil change, you need not change the oil for the first service. They donot do anything in the first service except for topping up of fluids and resloving any issues you find in the intial run-in period of 5k kms. Anyways there are lot of speculations and concerns raised by many of our members regarding oil change for every 7.5k or 10k kms. I have changed my engine oil in my second service only at 15k kms. I have not faced any issue while running with the Engine oil for 15k kms. So its upto you, how you would like to maintain your engine. Personally, I would go with what the company has advised. There should be a reason for them to do so.
  6. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

    Nidhi welcome on board. You need not worry too much on the oil change factor now as there are miles to go . When you get spare time just go through the earlier threads. I am sure you will learn lot of useful things. One thing that I would like to highlite is the engine oil which we are currently using on Punto is Selenia which is a semi-synthetic oil. As a good practice you can change it in 7500-10000 kms interval. It is also more dependent on the environment & the way you drive. If you are using a fully synthetic oil, the oil change interval can be increased. My punto's oil change was done at 13,500 kms as my 1yr service was due then. I personally didn't feel any difference in the engine notes even though it ran 13,500 kms . So please go through the earlier threads on oil change interval & you can come to a conclusion of your own.
    Till then enjoy your ride & drive safe. No worries. :car
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  7. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    your are like those Hollywood actress in the movies.. who have a passion for cars..not just that.. but knows more to it than just driving it around..
    Ur the 1st female i know who have genuine interest and knowledge of what they drive..

    Enjoy your Ride...
    Drive safe..

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  8. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Get in touch with Dilip_dmk a TFI member from Delhi, he has 1.2 Active and he added Fog lamps to his ride. I think cost will be near about 5k.

    You dont need to change oil in first service as 1st servicing is due at 5k on odo, in that servicing you need to check the lubricants level and top up if something is required. After servicing enjoy the car ride and then at 7k-8k change the engine oil, if you want butter smooth ride. I missed it so I will suggest go for it.

    If you decide to change oil in service center they SC will charge you labor charges near about Rs. 1500 and engine oil will cost you near about Rs 2000. I will recommend you to buy Selenia Engine Oil from SC and replace engine oil at local garage which is cost effective.

    If you want to include oil changes intervals in your cars history then get it done at TASS or else Local Garage.
  9. gopscreative

    gopscreative Amatore

    First of all Congrats on buying a Punto.You are the first female I have seen buying a Punto and passionate about FIAT. I wish your bonding with this sexy Italian Beauty grows stronger.(By the way a girl is usually jealous of another girl if she is considered to be more sexy than her:mrgreen:)
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  10. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Regarding the Fog Lamps: I got them fitted in my ride Bought the fog lamps and fog lamp covers from Him motors. The fog costs 1757 and cover costs 153 so the total makes it to 1910*2=3820. You can get them fitted anywhere, the dealer was asking 800 for fitment, i got them fitted at my frnd's place for 300 with switch and wiring. The switch is placed at the same place where emotion model has it and it is working fine till date. The fogs have nothing to do with existing wiring and they are directly connected to battery and thus i have to switch it off and on manually, it does not has any connection to ignition or headlight and does not void warranty.

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