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My First Fiat Beauty - Grande Punto Sports Exotica Red - Comes Home

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by chandu525, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. even I was in the same situation as yours and same prob with vitamin M,was not too confident with apollos.But after advices from seniors decided to keep it,and I must say till now it packs all the punches that a tyre needs to run on Indian roads.I am saying this from my experince of running this tyres for 3 days@2300 kms on various wet and dry and no roads.maybe its too less a period to come to any conclusion,but hope it stays that way.
  2. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Thanks for all the support!, I did not speak to fiat on the same, I have asked SA to do the registration since the PDI was fine, Waiting to get my hands on Punto Sport , delivery date has been scheduled on 7th September, Hope everything goes smooth!
  3. even i got jk tornado 165,r14..i feel very bad about this,i was in such a hurry that i didnt get any chance to check this out..now i am pondering over what to do about it.
  4. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    What is this cheap stuff from Fiat!, Now I am feeling I should not have gone with so Called Brand FIAT!, If I had invested another 30K or so I could have got Honda City!, I know I should not be making this statement, But look How fiat is cheating us, First they increased prices like hell, Price was revised 4 times, Crappy fiat Staff treated my car like a luggage van when I went for PDI, They gave 4 months old vehicle, Now they cheated on tire, All these things are like testing your patience to limits, Inspite of this we should love FIAT and their cars!, This attitude of FIAT shows why they had their lowest sales during last month, FIAT captured 6th place in TOP loosers list in sales (August 2012 : Indian Car Sales Figures & Analysis - Team-BHP) , To be honest the only thing that keeps me inspiring is my love towards Punto not towards FIAT
  5. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and have a Great Time with 90 Horses...
  6. We are on the same boat mate,i guess most fiatians are...the love for fiat,and their beauty is what makes us forget whatever bad things keep on happening by owning a fiat..
    Atleast if they are not providing the fifth alloy,i can understand,but what is with this cheap,different sized tyre?how much can they save with this..we are paying more than 8lakhs for this car,if they wanted we would have happily paid a couple of thousands more just to get some peace of mind(read I am talking about same brand tyres here)....
  7. TheDrifter

    TheDrifter Amatore

    Fiat is not alone in giving smaller size spare tyres, its the same with Chevrolet, check this link out. I see its been widely discussed about the small size of spare wheel across different forums, and no one has exact reason why the manufacturers do this, some say its conserve space in boot, but I strongly disagree because the punctured wheel has to go in place of spare, so logically its invalid. Need to find out whats the case with other manufacturers in India before we start blaming FIAT.
  8. even volkswagon use this method.But I cant agree that they do it to save space.Earlier all Punto 90 HP owners got same make and size tyres(read 15 inchers).This only has to do with the cost cutting policy.

    This is like private airlines do not provide food on-board,but you have to purchase it(only if you are hungry),similarly these car makers take unsuspecting customers for a ride by manipulating things like these,and justifying it by all these silly reasons.:punch:hit:chair:
  9. Hey got the delivery of your car??post some pics...enjoy your new ride...
  10. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore


    Got the delivery of my car on Friday (7th Sep) , Here is the experience

    Previous day of my delivery the FIAT SA called me and said the delivery of the car may get delayed because RTO called them and said Form 29 is not complete
    , I was bit tensed because the delivery date was scheduled on this Friday and I had planned my plans for that weekend and I had to wait till 14th september for next auspicious day , Then FIAT SA immediately rushed to electronic city to give the updated form to RTO, He helped me a lot , finally the delivery date was set as scheduled , I didn't sleep for last two day before delivery dreaming about car!, I took WFH on Friday, But never even logged on to VPN to work, Whole day I was going through all possible reviews of Punto 90 HP, I had to extend my parking gate to fit this beatuy inside my home parking lot, She is much more Heavier,Bigger than my sparky which was easily resting in my parking lot, Luckily the Grill guy also came on Friday, i was happy that I could get her in to rest in peace during nightly

    Finally the SA guy called me at 4 PM and said vehicle is ready we started home by 5PM reached showroom by 5.30 , I did not see the place they generally where they stack the cars for delivery, i was looking everywhere to see my virgin beauty, I take a stroll around the showroom left side she was parked in front, I was delighted to see her, I stared her for about 5-10 mins in all angles!, Finally my wifey felt jealous about it and pulled me back:)

    The FIAT delivery Manager told me about the price calculation!, Different booklets, Extended warranty accessory list, I was not interested to listen to him, about 6.30 initial pooja was done , All of us sat inside cranked her, Engine came to life , absolutely no noise inside the cabin
    There was a hell traffic jam on the way to home, filled around 42 Ltrs of diesel, But still the Fule indicator was showing 80% ful, it was indicating about half of the first division,It took me 1.5 Hrs to cover just 6KMS, Typical bangalore traffic, Then went lord Ganesha temple to do pooja and get his blessings, Then
    Drove to Adyar Anand Bhavan to pack some sweets, Had light dinner came home by 10PM, Went to Bed by reading the Fiat Booklet, Could not sleep, then Hopped on to the car agian by 11PM
    paired my N8 with Blue n Me, Paring went perfect, Could able to call my DAD in just one command, called up DAD by aorund 11.15PM and slept in the car listening to music, finally went to Bed around

    Next day drove all around bangalore covered around 60KMS in city traffic, Then headed to Hometown during night, It was my first Highway night driving in Punto, Highway driving is
    ecstatic!, I was cruising in 2K-2.5K RPM on highway, just the press of accelerator was all sufficient to drive in 90-100 KM, something which I never experienced in my sparky

    1. Drove about 150 KMS till today in all sorts of road, I must say this the best decision of my life in terms of buying something, The vehicle so so smooth,
    2. Turbo lag is evident till 1.5 RPM
    3. But Maneuvering in city traffic is as easy i used to do in sparky
    4. I don't have to tell about the positives of this car , everything has been discussed in length and breadth

    Now comes the niggle part

    1. Gear hard is bit notchy, first gear doesn't engage properly, At least I wont get the confirmation that Car is is First gear, Now Got used to it
    2. My wife who drove about few KMS complains about long clutch

    Now comes the Biggest issues

    1. I just covered around 80KMS but It was shocking to see the Avg Consumption which is just 6.5 KM/l, I could not believe this, But this got improved as I drove around
    highway it marginally increased to 11 KM/l, but now I have driven around 180Km but Avg Consumption is just around 11.5 KM/l

    Please advice why it is like this, I have never revved more than 4K RPM, even in case of extreme acceleration, Then why is this low Fuel economy figures

    2. Around 10PM yesterday night I locked my car using remote, But to my dismay, Car refuses to lock itself, It blinks twice and unlocks itself, quickly surfed a thread where
    a linea Guy posed a similar problem "Door Locking - First Time wrong" thread, reset the battery as suggested but no avail, sadly had to leave the car unlocked whole night
    Please advice what is the problem, There is one TATA service center in my home town which is off today (Sunday), Please provide me if any of you have quick solution to this

    This is very bad design from FIAT, In any case of remote locking failure the car should get locked when I lock using the key, unfortunately this is not happening

    Apart from these major niggles, I am pretty much satisfied with the car, Planned a long drive around 550KMS from Bangalore next weekend, will create a new thread for the same

    I have to get my Number plate, Car Cover and Door locking issue fixed tomorrow, hopefully everything goes smooth

    Will upload pics soon
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