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My First Fiat Beauty - Grande Punto Sports Exotica Red - Comes Home

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by chandu525, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    I would have appreciated if KA govt really wanted to promote bi-cycle genuinely, but most of the hard earned money we pay as tax will ultimately end up in the hands of corrupt politicians,

    By the way I got the final deal from the dealer, He begged sorry from me for misquoting the price of the vehicle, Finally after negotiations the OTR price is 8.7 lacs dent of another 9k from my pocket for which he agreed to give Car cover as freebie (worth 1.5K) , Now considering the price I am paying this question always haunts in my mind " does punto 90HP worth" this price or Was it better to keep my sparky instead of going for this pricey hatch, for which I am still debating the answer!
  2. Its hard to answer the question you have asked,logically the sparky would have been better,and if the money you will be spending on buying punto is invested somewhere ,it will give you better returns blah blah!!!
    But how many of us think like dat?the heart always wins over mind(logic)

    btw,the deal is ok,but get few more freebies like parking sensor,or reverse camera(they will not accept to this initially,so when you speak to them speak as if some other dealer is offering you a sweeter deal but you want to stay with them only..)
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  3. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Thanks Arnab, As you said heart wins over the mind, Also Since I am buying this as company lease vehicle, It will save a good amount of income tax for me and I have spend less on fuel, these are the only factors to justify my decision, The dealer has agreed to provide parking sensor and Car cover as the major freebie, apart from mudflaps, floor mats, perfume and idol, I negotiated hard to provide the reverse parking camera but he said the unit costs around 17K! hence denied it, BTW the car has already delivered to the stock yard, will be going for a PDI tomorrow,Hopefully no more surprises
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  4. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Hey Chandu, Congrats for booking the Punto. Please don't have second thoughts about buying the car, Its just one life to live and live it to the fullest :)

    Punto Sport and that too Exotica red, what else could be hot? You will have a big grin on your face everytime you take her out for a roll.

    Waiting for Pics...
  5. even I was offered the same freebies,but i insisted that i will book the car only if they provide me with car reverse camera(it costs 7k approx in the showroom,its xenos make),and i got the reverse parking sensors fitted from my pocket minus the labor charges..You can try this,coz the sensors they provide are chinese make,go for the camera,and say i dont need perfume and idol(they are not of very good quality)
  6. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore


    As I said earlier we have come to a final deal in the goodies part, he won't agree to provide reverse parking camera, Also I am not fond of getting reverse parking camera, instead he said he will give a good discount on anti Rust Coating, Car delivery date is confirmed on September 7th , Going to do a PDI tomorrow , Excited to see my new Beauty !! in grand Red
  7. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Help Needed urgent - Please advice


    I am creating a new thread to get as many comments as possible,

    I did the Pre delivery Inspection of my car today,

    I checked the VIN Number the car is manufactured in May 2012, I had booked in August, I spoke to AAdya motors Manager like Since Fiat is charging me according to the revised prices of Punto They should give me a car which is atleast 2 months old than that of Booking month .i.e June or July Since they are giving the May 2012 model I asked them to give me some discount or charge me the ex-shoroom price that was prevailing dring may, Is it wise to ask showroom guys like this? The Fiat guy told me they cannot do much about it they will give the car which they received after they placed an order on 24th Aug and asked me to write an email to FIat for the same,


    I need your advice in following things

    1. Is it fine to take the car manufactured in May 2012 for the booking done in August 24th?

    2. Did any of you guys faced this while you booked your car

    3. Please give me the email of Fiat Customer care?

    Please advice
  8. chandu525

    chandu525 Amatore

    Did the Pre delivery inspection today, here is the experience

    1.Went to aadya motors by 12.30, 45 mins late than the time I told him , the fiat SA was waiting for me

    Went to the Stock Yard saw two Red puntos standing next to each other , one car was looking shiny and the other was little muddy, I wondered which one is mine even before
    I got down from my Two wheeler, later went near the car , I saw the shining punto was not mine because it was an emotion variant and the one which was muddy was mine
    I soon rushed to the car clearing off the muddy surface in my bare hands, these cars were parked tightly , I could not easily go to look at the sides of the car, I was just taking some pictures
    of it, peeping inside the window, after about 20 mins the SA got the keys of the car, I asked him to take the car out from the squeezed area, But you know for us it is the car but for them
    it is one of the car, He was rash, he opened the door sat inside the driver seat started the car and in the process he did not see how much space behind was available to him
    he just engaged the gear pressing clutch since there surface was slightly slant towards the car parked behind he just banged my new car to BNW punto parked behind, I shouted at him
    he got scared , suddenly came out of the car asking me to take the car out, I sat inside firmly engaged the handbrake, engaged first gear and reved the car hard to make sure car wont go backwards
    by any chance, took the car out, from parking lot to the road , stopped the car came out to check the rear bumper, nothing major happened but still the bumper surface which brushed the Punto which was behind
    lost paint, it was around 1 inch,I scolded the Fiat SA, he said sorry and promised me that the day I take the deliver I wont see that surface which lost its paint, I was tensed for a while
    after I calmed down, I checked all other car details as mentioned the PDI checklist

    everything looked fine , I just drove the vehicle for about 200 meters, everything was fine, i was absolutely amazed by the noise inside the cabin, It was pleasant for a diesel car
    the AC started chilling instantly, FM, wiper, rear wiper, boot, Engine compartment everything was OK, Another surprise was Spare wheel is not Alloy :(

    But I there was another shocker for me, i checked the VIN number of the car the last three digits were ELZ, This implies that the car was manufactured in May2012
    So now this car is 4 months old, I had done the booking in the August month, is it fair to expect a car manufactured in May 2012 being allotted to me,

    I spoke to the AAdya motors Fiat manager He said they have no control over it they has raised the booking order on 24th August on the day I booked the vehicle and they have received
    the May2012 manufactured vehicle from TATA motors, I told him FIAT revised the ExShowroom prices from May-june 2012 so since they are giving me car which was maufactured in May
    they should charge me the ex showroom prices prevailing in May, Or Asked him to give me some discount since I am accepting 4 months old vehicle, he asked to write an email to fiat executives
    or customer care for the same , I am planning to take this up with fiat bargaining for some discount,

    Guys I wanted to know is it fair to accept the car Manufactured in My for the Booking done in August?

    Do you know what is the email ID of fiat 2012-09-01-003.jpg 2012-09-01-004.jpg 2012-09-01-005.jpg 2012-09-01-006.jpg 2012-09-01-009.jpg 2012-09-01-010.jpg 2012-09-01-011.jpg 2012-09-01-012.jpg 2012-09-01-013.jpg 2012-09-01-014.jpg 2012-09-01-015.jpg 2012-09-01-016.jpg 2012-09-01-021.jpg 2012-09-01-022.jpg 2012-09-01-023.jpg I should take this matter,

    Attached are the dusty,muddy picture of my beauty
  9. sungoa2010


    You can visit Fiat India website and report the problem there. My car was 6 moths old when I bought it. My advice will be do not bother for 3 month. If the car is perfect after PDI just grab it. This 3 months gap is not going to do any harm to the car. More important is how you use the vehicle after delivery. If I am in your position my first priority will be the condition of the car in PDI. 3-4 months old car will be OK for me.
  10. PaddleShifter

    PaddleShifter Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hi Chandu, taking a May manufactured car in August is not an issue. It's fine.

    Back in 2010 when I went to a dealership and booked a car, they promised a punto 1.4 car with BS 4 emission norms so it had to be a maximum of 3 months old (manufactured in or after April 2010 onwards). But when i went there to do PDI, they started pushing a 5 months old car (and hence BS 3) saying petrol cars have lesser demand in this region. More than the issue of 5 months, the issue was that the car being manufactured in Feb 2010 was a BS3 car. I only wanted a BS4 car as BS4 norms were already in place since 1st april 2010.

    Buying a May 2012 car is ok as per my opinion. Just do a PDI. :)

    Also I wont advise contacting Fiat guys for this problem.
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