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My first Car - Fiat Grande Punto 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Hurricane, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    My First Car

    I must first apologize for the delay in posting my ownership review. Office work kept me busy for these past two weeks and I couldn't get a chance to finish writing what I started.

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I am really happy to be a part of this forum :)
    (My introduction thread)

    Anyway coming back to my ownership thread, i'ts a bit long story folks and here's how it unfolds.

    The Dilemma
    Unlike others, my car purchase started with a dilemma: New or used ?

    I always believed that there's a pride of ownership and peace of mind in being a vehicle's FIRST owner.On the other hand, buying a used vehicle means getting More car for your money. It has its risks though, which could cost you more over the life of the vehicle. The fact is, you are buying a vehicle that someone else has owned and driven. We just don't know how well it's been driven or how well it's been cared for. A used vehicle will require maintenance and possibly expensive repairs far sooner than a new one. These were my concerns.

    My initial thought was to buy a SUV and so I started looking at various options in the market. At that time Duster fever was just catching up and there I was eagerly waiting for its launch. I just wanted to see if it's worth the hype and if it fits my budget. Although duster in my opinion was good, somehow I felt it was missing something in terms of interiors and features. With respect to its price, it was a let down. Renault got a bit greedy here. The drive quality was great though. I just wanted something fully loaded and something that would go easy on my pocket. YES, Cash definitely is the KING here.

    So, here I was back to square one thinking what to do next..
    a) Should I stretch my budget and go for an SUV. But it would burn a big hole in my wallet.
    b) Should I just settle down for a Hatch for now. But I wanted a monster..

    Twist in the tale
    Suddenly one day, I received a call from my dear friend saying that his colleague is leaving for US and wont be coming back for the next two to three years or so. He said that his friend was thinking of selling off his Fiat Punto 90 HP. He told me the car is only 1-1/2 year old and is in excellent condition and asked if I was interested in buying it.

    Just like me, my friend (Shiva) is a car enthusiast and when he says that the condition of the car is in excellent condition, he means it..If its about cars or anything else, I always rely on his advice. Moreover I was told that for nearly 6 months he was not in India and it was rarely used by his family during his absence.

    When it comes to cars in the Hatch segment, without a doubt, FIAT Punto is the car that has striking good looks. I always loved that car and admired its beauty ever since it was launched. I went through a lot of other reviews at Team-BHP forum, AutoCar and Overdrive magazines.

    How lucky I was, I thought! But USED ? Hmm...but it's only 1-1/2 year old..I started thinking... Like I said, I am not too fond of used vehicles, but since its only 1-1/2 year old and since it's in an excellent condition, I decided to have a look at the vehicle.

    With a BIG smile on my face, I told him, well, if you think that the car is excellent condition, lets go and have a look at it. I called up this guy and told him that I was interested in buying his car. We then set up a meet nearby to my place. Me and my friend inspected the vehicle and except for minor scratches in the front right bumper and the loss of right fender, we felt everything is in good condition. After getting the inspection done and checking the engine for unusual noise etc, We checked the interiors. We felt that it's as good as NEW barring the front bumper scratches and the fender.

    We then took the car for a spin and just to get a second opinion we also showed it to our trusty mechanic hoping that he may discover problems unknown to us. Sometimes a second opinion can be helpful too. He inspected the vehicle and ultimately gave us the green signal.

    About the vehicle
    The vehicle was manufactured in 2010, 6th June, and he bought it on Dec 28th and got it registered on Jan 28th 2011. Till Aug 2012, the vehicle has done 22,000 Kms. (Third free service is still pending.) He also changed the front two tyres to Bridgestone as he hated GoodYear ones
    The color is one of my favorite too... Exotica red.

    One final check that I did was that I took a note of the registration details and looked up the RTA site just to confirm that there are NO cases registered on this vehicle. Once everything is clear up to my satisfaction, we then discussed the financials and then settled for an amount. Since the car had few scratches here and there, without me negotiating much, he reduced the initial offered price. Now at that price, I just didn't want to let go of this offer at all costs. I kept constant touch with him and finalized the deal for 5,10,000 /-.

    Since he already took the loan from HDFC bank, I got the loan approved from the same, pre-closed his loan and paid the rest of the amount in cash and took the keys from him.

    Yoo Hoooooo MY FIRST CAR
    Yoohooo !!! I just bought my FIRST Car and that too a FIAT. My association with FIAT began way back from the Padmini days. My dad used to own a Premier Padmini and I learned driving in that vehicle. Too bad, we sold it off but I always had a special respect for FIAT vehicles.

    There is a saying that one can't forget the curves of their very first. I don't think I will either! ;)

    The feeling of a first car is yet to sink in and words alone cant express this feeling.

    Do I really need to mention how beautiful this car looks? Let the pictures do the talking
    • A Striking pose
    • From the back
    • From the Front
    • The only defect


    • Many people felt USB socket being in the dashboard is a big downside. I don't usually remove it frequently and to me, it's in a good position.
    • Back seat design & cushioning are excellent. 60:40 split & full flat folding is nice
    • AC vent beneath the front seats. Awesome !
    • The wonderful steering
    • Climate Control and Audio system (AC is effective and the speakers are mediocre)
    • Controls on the door handle (The ability to control OVRM mirrors is a useful. Wish auto up feature is available to other window too.)

    • Leg room in the back when the seat is completely pushed to the front

    What I LIKE

    1) The TURBO KICK in this Car. Boy o Boy, once you get used to it, trust me, its very addictive. :clap
    2) "The famous thud" when you close the doors. Makes me smile every time.
    3) Blue&Me is AWESOME. My phone got connected in an instant. It so easy attending calls & even making calls is super fun. SUPERB !!
    4) Voice recognition system is excellent and It recognizes our Indian accent very well. All settings can be accessed just by giving voice commands.
    5) The engine is an awesome performer above 2200 rpm.
    6) I am floored by the car's driving dynamics, Superb handling.
    7) Excellent for Highways..
    8) Liked the tag line "No wonder you are behind me ! I am the most powerful hatchback" . This car surely does justice to that line.

    What I dislike

    1) When playing songs through USB, the co-passenger can't change the tracks. Initially, I thought there is some problem with it. Until I checked the online forums, I realized that's the way it is. I can only change them via the steering mounted controls. Moreover accessing folders in USB each time is a pain.

    2) Stock speakers are not up to the mark. I am thinking of upgrading them probably in a month or two.

    Show off
    I showed this car to my uncle. He drove the vehicle for a while and in the end he was like.. Whoa ! is this really Fiat ? I then showed off a bit with "Blue and Me" and "voice recognition" features. He was awestruck. :up

    Just shift right to match the revs and look at how she tackles the highway...gives me goosebumps just even talking about it !!

    Punto's brilliant dynamics with its perfectly matched gearbox keeps the car balanced and grounded at speeds on roads where some of the other cars will give you the feeling that you might get launched into another dimension. TOUCHWOOD, I am glad I bought this wonderful car. Not everyday, would your car make you smile with its looks and performance. After all, it's a decision made from the HEART and my MIND had to listen to it. Most of you who has gone down this road will definitely understand what I meant. :)

    Lastly a big thanks to everyone in this wonderful forum for reading this very long post ! I somehow kept writing on and on.

    I will keep updating this thread at regular intervals.

    Thanks again!





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  2. Lovely review Hurricane.Now,I can spot your Car at Hyderabad roads.

    BTW,how did you get Team BHP stickers.I want those stickers badly for my Cars.

    Please,post this ASAP.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2012
  3. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore


    Thanks for your comments. Just wave when you spot me :D

    You can purchase Team BHP stickers from the below URL
    Store - Team-BHP
  4. Yes,I tried several times for this stickers.But,it is saying that transaction failed.Then,what I should do for this?

    And,I want to approve my Team BHP membership.How I should approve my membership?

    Please,I want to do it ASAP.
  5. Congrats @hurricane...your car looks awesome...get the scratches removed she is as good as new...Btw you got the pending third service done???
  6. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    Thanks a lot Arnab. I am first planning on getting 3M Job done sometime in October and then a third service in November.

    ---------- Post added at 06:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:17 PM ----------

    I think their interface accepts only credit cards and not debit cards. Try it again.

    On approving your membership, its upto the MODS at T-Bhp. You have to register first :cool:

    Thanks a lot Arnab. I am first planning on getting 3M Job done sometime in October and then a third service in November.
  7. I had already registered on March 2012 and it said that,"Rejected".What I should do now?I registered one more time yesterday and will see if my membership approves or not.If my membership approves,I will be triple happy.If my membership doesn't approve,I will leave it off.

    I prayed to Ganesha that my Team BHP membership should be approved.

    I m waiting for my positive approval.
  8. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    Coool.. Let me know once your membership gets approved. :D .. So where do you stay in Hyderabad ?
  9. N Kiran

    N Kiran Staff Member Janitor

    You probably should type-in the below comment in the section "Why you should be allowed to join T-BEEP?" (or whatever). Then your membership request might be approved.

    Can also be that they have some min. age requirement to be their member.
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  10. Hurricane

    Hurricane Amatore

    :clapping well said Kiran.. lol :clapping

    Even if there is a min age requirement, all you have to do is to select a different date. Even a child could figure it out.

    How did it go ? Did your registration got approved ?

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