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My Fiat Punto met with an accident

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by saurav, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto


    Looks like they are replacing these parts (1&3):


    Have you physically checked and verified that these parts have been impacted and need replacement? I am incredulous that a Santro can rear end a Punto, cause damage to these parts and still be driveable.

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  2. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    This big impact and if he still manages to drive way then he must have installed the bull bar :evil:
    Otherwise santro can not withstand impact of this magnitude.
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  3. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    Sorry to see what has happened to your car but I am glad no one is hurt. I have to agree with all of you, I am still finding it difficult to believe a Santro did this and still managed to drive off :confused: Are you sure it was a Santro? Or maybe like mchanna is saying it might have had a bull bar.
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  4. saurav

    saurav Amatore

    i could only have a glimpse of the car when it whirred into one of the bylanes & it was a black santro....don't know if it had a bull bar & how could it be driven, but he did get into one of the bylanes....a motor cycle rider who stopped by when accident happened tried to give a chase, but by the time he could get into the lane the car was nowhere to be seen as per him. Bad luck. Anyways, I'm least bothered about that.

    My major concern right now is to get my insurance rights & expectation set straight with HDFC Ergo that they need to acknowledge what they signed for - CASHLESS FACILITY AT FIAT ASS. I have already sent out mails to HDFC Ergo & Fiat. Waiting for their replies.

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    Yeah! Spot on!

    They are indeed replacing the METAL LINING, CROSSRAIL and REAR WHEELHOUSE SN.
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  5. You will need a anti rust treatment done on welded area otherwise they start rusting quickly.
    How do i know?
    My car met with a similar accident two years back.
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  6. saurav

    saurav Amatore

    Sad to know about your accident mate and thanks for the input mate.

    I guess they are gonna do that as well. I hope the weld quality should be good enough. As far as i know about the welding process, in an OEM set-up at a manufacturing plant they use spot welding and then entire body is dipped into an 'anti-rust liquid' for an even coating. In cases of this nature, it would be done at a work-shop and then anti-rust coasting for a specific area. I hope it holds well and is at par with original finish.
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  7. maverick

    maverick Amatore

    How can someone check whether the anti rust treatment is done or not?
  8. shams

    shams Esperto

    dont worry saurav, the service centers do a pretty good job. my punto was literally re-built after ripping apart its entire body at SC after the major accident i had in 2010. after that i have tested it by driving it in all possible conditions and never had any problems due to that repair work.
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  9. saurav

    saurav Amatore

    Thanks for your words Sham....Comes as a huge morale booster :)
  10. Vighnesh81

    Vighnesh81 Novizio

    Pune, MH
    you all are safe..thanks to Punto build too.your punto can be back in shape soon .

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