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My Fiat Linea ( Now at 5300Km / 1st Service Done)

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by arunabhis, May 13, 2013.

  1. arunabhis

    arunabhis Timido


    My earlier car was a Indica Vista Petrol which was serving me well for over the past three years and with the petrol prices skyrocketing every day , i was planning to change to a diesel car . My daily drive is around 90 km in Mumbai traffic and using a petrol car was not desired.
    But buying a new car is not a single handed decision when you are married, the economics change , as you would now also have to take their comments and views into consideration on a purchase this important.
    Now , that we were buying a new car they why not upgrade to a bigger car. Having decided that how much Vitamin M that we have to spare and the cost of ownership for a new car , we were comfortable to buy a car in the bracket to 10~11 lakhs.

    Options Considered

    The cars that we had in mind to test drive were

    1. Skoda Rapid

    I did a TD on the Diesel Active Plus Version of the car. Overall the drive experience was good, but I found the features too basic for a car at this price point. I certainly did not like the green lighting on the dash and also no passenger air bag for Ambition Plus model .

    2. Fiat Linea

    The TD was done on the Emotion variant . The car felt to be solid built , feature rich i.e. Auto Climate Control, Auto headlamps, 16’ alloy wheels, Steering remote etc etc. Hence Fiat Linea Diesel was chosen.

    Booking & delivery experience

    The earlier car was sold using car wale , as the exchange price given by the dealership was too less.

    The car was booked from Fortune Cars Nerul . The color choice given was "Tuscan Wine" and the SA goofed up big time with the booking as a result we could not get our color choice which would have ended up in cancellation of the booking. The Service Manager later called and apologized for the goof up and offered us to take a different color which he would make sure that we get on time, Oceanic Blue was chosen and since the car was not readily available and hence it was ordered from the factory.

    After everyday follow ups with the SA, finally the good news i was informed that my car has been “loaded” to truck and is expected to dispatch soon. On 1st Jan i got to know that car is dispatched and he will let me know once car reaches at their stockyard and was given the VIN no. , it was a July 2012 make.
    I was apprehensive about the car being a July model and I was pressed to see the car in flesh at the stock yard before taking delivery. The car was finally in the stockyard on 4th Jan 2013 .

    We went to the see the car and did a PDI and it was all ok , the odometer showed 7 KM with H sign .

    We took the delivery on the very same day and i was just love struck when i saw my car standing at the dealership in the evening. Odometer reading 47 with H sign

    The SA was courteous enough for not to keep us waiting , the papers were done before hand and all i did was to sign on the delivery papers.
    The features of the car was also explained in details i.e. Blue and Me and was asked to get the car serviced at 5 K because the service interval set in the car is 15 k.

    On-road price, discounts etc.

    Discount:- 68k (Insurance, Corporate and gift cheque)
    OTR Price :- 1011466
    The freebies included just the basics (foot-mats, mudguards, 3M Polish).

    My review of the car

    I believe this is the perfect VFM package one can get given its equipment levels. The plastics are of average quality but I felt it is still better than some of the competition. The seat support and ergonomics in Linea is way better than some of the other cars that I have driven before.

    What I like

    - Blue & Me
    - 16’ alloy wheels
    - Meaty contoured steering wheel to hold
    - Clutch action in very smooth
    - Auto Headlamp feature.

    What I don't like

    - Annoying wind noise filtering at high speeds.
    - No audible warning while locking/unlocking the car.
    - Blind Spot when you use ORVM
    - Mediocre Audio quality

    Fuel Consumption

    On the fuel consumption,I have clocked around 1800 Km now and it is returning me 12~14 with 100% AC (ACC set at 22"C) in Bombay City traffic. I cannot comment on the highway mileage as I have not driven on one with the new car.
    Ownership Experience till now
    My personal feedback about the car - Awesome. Till now I have done around 5000 km and I am enjoying it , and so does my wife , she find its more comfortable to drive than our earlier car .

    Issues till date

    - None

    Future Upgrade

    - Race Chip :- now installed .
    - Audio System Upgrade

    1st Service Experience

    With Fiat opening up exclusive service centre , the one in mumbai is Balaji Auto which is faraway from nerul . To check i called of Fortune and much to the surprise they were accepting Fiat cars for servicing. the appointment was fixed without delay.

    They have relocated to a new place which is bigger and organized. The SA was appointed within 5 mins of me reporting to the service desk.
    however the SA was not well versed of what needs to be done in the first service and kept on referring to the book.

    Issues reported

    1. Some Karrr karr noise from the arm rest and from some where from the back of the car ( found out to be the rear parcel tray ) after a small drive.
    2. Oil and oil filter was asked to be changed by me since the car was in the stockyard for very long.
    3. Instructed the SA not to do Wheel Alignment and balancing as i doubt them. The SA however said that it may affect the warranty and i fail to understand why.

    The car was delivered to me before the delivery time as i could not see any workload or i guess i am lucky. icon6.png

    Total Bill was Rs 2600/- with the oil change . Fuel Filter was not replaced in this service.

    After effects of the service

    The car now runs smoother and the acceleration has somewhat improved .

    Race Chip Installation

    I had already procured the Racechip earlier and was waiting to complete teh initial run of 5k . After running the car for another 150 km race chip was installed . Odometer reading when installedw was 5300

    The racechip was installed with the factory defaults i.e. (B,1) , the acceleration has definately improved i would say i feel a difference of about 35% now.

    The average consumption has risen by 2 km/l it was giving me a constant of 11.2 km/l earlier and now i have seen the figure hovering around 13.2~14.1 km/l
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  2. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Hi arunabhis, Congratulation on the beauty.
    Well written ownership.
    Good to know that racechip installation has helped both acceleration and mileage :)

    Do post some pictures.
  3. caffeineam

    caffeineam Amatore

    Welcome to the forum and post some pics!

    This just proves that Fiat is still the best value for money buy in this market. Precisely why I bought it back in 2009. If they fix their service side and introduce new products, Skoda/VW will be in trouble.
  4. arunabhis

    arunabhis Timido

    Photo time IMG_0740.jpg IMG_0746.jpg IMG_0747.jpg IMG_0748.jpg IMG_0749.jpg IMG_1105.jpg IMG_1106.jpg IMG_1107.jpg IMG_1108.jpg IMG_1137.jpg IMG_1138.jpg
    Last edited: May 23, 2013
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  5. bharathj85

    bharathj85 Regolare

    Looks like a real deamon.
  6. ramvignesh

    ramvignesh Amatore

    Hi,Blue linea looks Great!!! Can you please tell me about the Race chip you have said? Is it changing ECU value or something? How does that actually work & Will this installation void Warranty? And importantly how much does this costs?
  7. arunabhis

    arunabhis Timido

    Hi Ram ,

    I think this works on the principle of altering the fuel rail pressure i.e it provides more fuel to the engine to burn. as far as my knowledge goes, does not changes the ECU value .
    It is a plug and play device. whenever you give your car for service , remove the device and send it . I got this from Germany . probably it will cost you around 13 k to get it in india. the website is www.racechip.de
  8. Cubbie

    Cubbie Superiore

    Headlights - Pls share how much you spent on the projector lights, looks killer.
    How much of an effort is it?
    Will,itmhave any impact on the warranty claim + how is the throw of this light as compared to regular OEM?
    any harm to the headlight assembly due to heat etc.
    i know its lot of Questions, pls take time to answer. Thanks much !
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Your Linea looks amazing with those demon eyes. Good Selection of color for angel eyes and demon eyes, well suited to the car.

    Cubbie the projector setup has plug play devices and does not need any wire cut so not problem in warrenty.

    Light throw is good but upgrade to high beam light is good for highway drives.

    To fit these projectors one need to open the headlight and thats a bit complex procedure for Linea. Youhave to get it done from expert.

    I am planning to sell my car's projector setup which is used for 1 years.

    Red Angel Eye
    4300k 55W HIDs
    Error free canbus ballast.

    If you are interested please PM me.

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