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Discussion in 'Travelogues & Experiences' started by J Ravi, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto


    Thanks a lot, Ravi, for the compliments.

    The travelogue continues.

    [attachment=4:2ba4lsmq]Goa Maha Trip 11.JPG[/attachment:2ba4lsmq]
    [attachment=3:2ba4lsmq]Goa Maha Trip 12.JPG[/attachment:2ba4lsmq]
    [attachment=2:2ba4lsmq]Goa Maha Trip 13.JPG[/attachment:2ba4lsmq]

    DAY 7: 5 March 2010, Friday

    We got ready, packed, breakfasted and checked out at 11 am. We headed for Pune.

    I had my only encounter with a cop at Ghatkopar [West]. My MMI Lx130 navigator directed me to take a right turn after 300 m. So, I was looking for a space to go to the right lane from the middle lane. As soon as I got into the right lane, there was another junction with flickering signal. Two cops were managing the traffic manually. When he signaled go, I started going straight since I had to take right turn only at the next junction. Then, one of the cops stopped me, asked me to park my car at the left lane and started shouting in Marathi. I could guess what he meant: I did not follow the lane discipline, changed lanes and I should pay a fine of Rs 100. I told him in my broken Hindi that I had to turn right in the next junction, and hence, I took to the right lane because of heavy bumper-to-bumper peak hour traffic and I am going to Bangalore via Pune. By that time, he already opened his receipt book and asked for my driving licence, which I gave. After examining it, he thought for a while and started advising me that I should be looking for warning boards. I said, sorry. After that he let me go without any financial loss to me. I thanked the friendly cop and quickly left the place so as to reach Pune.

    Driving through Mumbai – Pune Expressway was a blissful experience with fantastic multiple-laned ghat road and many tunnels. At Lonavala BP COCO retail outlet, I got my Fiat Linea’s tank topped up. Petrol in Maharashtra is Rs 3 less per litre compared to Bangalore. We also bought some chikkies at Lonavala.

    Here, I achieved my maximum speed in my lifetime. The ambience was perfect. Multiple-laned expressway, almost nil traffic, straight/plain reach, excellently paved road. I tried to break my previous record speed of 160 kmph in my Fiat Linea at NICE Road, Bangalore. Slowly and steadily, I increased the speed of my Fiat Linea, and wow, I touched a maximum speed of 180 kmph. The maximum speed achieved in my previous vehicles were 100 kmph in MS Omni and 130 kmph in MS Versa.

    [attachment=1:2ba4lsmq]Goa Maha Trip 14.JPG[/attachment:2ba4lsmq]
    [attachment=0:2ba4lsmq]180 kmph.JPG[/attachment:2ba4lsmq]

    Goa Maha Trip 11.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 12.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 13.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 14.JPG

    180 kmph.JPG
  2. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto


    We reached Ginger Pune, Wakad, at 2 pm. The tariff for one standard room for two persons per day was Rs 2418 by online reservation made two weeks before the trip. We unpacked, rested, refreshed and headed for Naivedyam for late lunch.

    After lunching, we headed for Jopasu Car Care, Erandwana, for purchasing Jopasu car duster. I met Mr Anand Panchabhai, Director, Jopasu Systems Pvt Ltd. I bought three dusters costing Rs 475 each [one for me and the others for my friends]. As a free offer, I got a micro-fibre cloth measuring 27”x18” with each duster. He hosted us with coffee.

    Then, we headed to Sadashivpeth for shopping at Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale. We bought Bakarwadi and Motichur laddu. Our next port of call was Laxmi Road, where my wife and daughters shopped. After dinner at Naivedyam, we returned to Ginger Pune, Wakad for a good night’s sleep. Today was the last day of our holiday.

    DAY 8: 6 March 2010, Saturday

    After checking out of Ginger Pune, Wakad, we just crossed NH 4, headed for Joshi Vade Wale for a quick breakfast comprising Vada Pav and tea. We left for home at 11:15 am. I cruised above 100 kmph speed most of the time, at times crossing 160 kmph.

    We had lunch at Sai Fast Food just before Kolhapur. My Fiat Linea had her tankful at BP Vadgaon COCO retail outlet. After Kolhapur, suddenly I saw signages in Kannada indicating that we entered Karnataka. There was no welcome sign by Karnataka, no thank you from Maharashtra. What a way to treat toll-paying motorists!

    We moved along Dharwad-Hublic bypass. After crossing Hubli, my Fiat Linea has recorded 5000 km in the odometer.
    [attachment=2:wz2feb4v]Goa Maha Trip 18.JPG[/attachment:wz2feb4v]
    [attachment=1:wz2feb4v]Goa Maha Trip 19.JPG[/attachment:wz2feb4v]
    [attachment=0:wz2feb4v]Goa Maha Trip 20.JPG[/attachment:wz2feb4v]

    Goa Maha Trip 18.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 19.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 20.JPG
  3. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    The nightmare started after Haveri and continued up to Chitradurga. Although road works were in progress at snail’s pace, there was no signages, no destination boards, no info whatsoever. It was a torture to drive on this stretch. At Ranebennur BP COCO retail outlet, I got my Fiat Linea’s tank filled up. We too had our early dinner at BP Ghar Dhaba.

    At Davangere, crude humps touched my Fiat Linea’s bottom twice. Again at Tumkur BP, the same thing happened. The bottom-scrapping happened in Karnataka only and not in Goa, not in Maharashtra. It was shameful that Karnataka NH/NHAI engineers/contractors did not know even to copy their counterparts in Goa and Maharashtra. The torture ended after Tumkur BP.

    DAY 9: 7 March 2010, Sunday

    I drove on NICE Road up ramp after Nelamangala, exited at Magadi Road and reached home at 1:39 am. The trip time recorded in MID was 12 hours 38 minutes. The fuel efficiency recorded was 12.4 kmpl for a distance of 875 km at an average speed of 69 kmph.
    [attachment=4:ejvs4yav]Goa Maha Trip 21.JPG[/attachment:ejvs4yav]
    [attachment=3:ejvs4yav]Goa Maha Trip 22.JPG[/attachment:ejvs4yav]
    [attachment=2:ejvs4yav]Goa Maha Trip 23.JPG[/attachment:ejvs4yav]
    [attachment=1:ejvs4yav]Goa Maha Trip 24.JPG[/attachment:ejvs4yav]
    [attachment=0:ejvs4yav]Goa Maha Trip 25.JPG[/attachment:ejvs4yav]

    All good things come to an end, so were our holidays. It was pleasure all the way to drive my Fiat Linea. Never did I feel any discomfort or fatigue. I thank my Fiat Linea for taking us to all these places and bringing us back home safely and comfortably. I thank my friend, philosopher and guide, MMI Lx130 navigator, for showing us all these places. My MMI Lx130 lost its bearing only once at Mahabaleshwar. In all other places, it behaved like a perfect guide. The last, but not the least, I thank everybody, who had gone through this lengthy topic with patience.

    At last, concluded.

    Goa Maha Trip 21.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 22.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 23.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 24.JPG

    Goa Maha Trip 25.JPG
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    Excellent travelogue, J.Ravi

    And next time you come to Mumbai, lets meet
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto


    Thanks, Amit. We will definitely meet either during my next trip to Mumbai or your visit to Bangalore! :-D
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