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My FIAT GP MJD EPK BN White - 15K review

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by rajatgoyal01, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. rajatgoyal01

    rajatgoyal01 Timido

    Hi all

    My first post on TFI.

    I got my italian beauty in 3week of Jan '10 through CSD. Will not go through the decision process here as its been covered by fellow TFIans over and over. Suffice to say that various reviews i read on T-BHP were the clinching factor once i had fallen for the looks of the car and thoroughly enjoyed the test drive.

    Its been over 14K Kms and 10months now and mostly happy with my choice so far. Will be going in for the 2nd free service any day now and hence this post.

    Want some feedback on service centers in Noida/E Delhi. do let me know the contacts of the person you dealt with if u have a good exp in noida/e. delhi service centres.

    Will start out by highlighting the problems complaints faced so far:
    1. squeaking sound from suspension when there are more than 2 ppl in the car and i go over a bump.
    2. loud squeaks from the driver's seat (diff from the sound in point 1above) while driving especial during braking.
    3. although summers have ended but AC performance was very average this year with long time to cool the cabin and not much effectiveness during June-July heat in Delhi.
    4. rear door beading/lining has come off and is hanging from the door frame( not referring to B pillar lining but rubber lining that is on the door itself, around the window)

    other than that quite trouble free, not a single glitch or break down(touch wood)
    I know these are not major problems but they are irritating when u face them everyday and they reduce the pleasure of an otherwise enjoyable drive.

    Now coming to the good parts, fiat has got a lot of things right with this one.

    the handling, cornering, turning, braking, high speed stability are all like a much bigger, costlier car.
    the engine is super refined compared to the diesel engines of just 10 years back.
    the equipment/features again are fitting of a higher segment.

    all this goes to show that fiat has worked really hard and to give credit to them, balancing performance and features with a competitive price is not easy. so I dont feel so bad about cheap plastics in the interior or gaps in some panels. these i can live with...

    I would also like to add that i have not made any mods whatsoever. AM running a 100% stock Punto and going by the manual in the running/usage.
    that means im either very boring/vanilla or that i love this car just the way it was made :)

    I've manged to get a lot of tiny nicks and scratches all over the bumpers,doors and body. they are all inch sized or less but they too spoil the show of an amazingly good looking car. my question is, do service center chaps do the touch up and if they do, what is the time & cost of this usually?

    One other thing, i had a bit of a mishap cpl of days back when a SUV cut across lanes suddenly ahead of me and i dint react quick enough, so a bit of my headlight casing has broken and fallen off, exposing the bulbs inside. Is there a way to get only the casing changed or do i have to get entire assembly replaced?

    Please do let me know if anyone can answer my queries

    look forward to any questions/comments/suggestions.

    Also, apologies for the sketchy review, will post more details and pics after my service is done.
  2. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Welcome home Rajat and thanks for sharing your ownership report with us. Do share the pics soon.

    Friend, I may not help in suggesting best service center in your area. Pleas wait for some Delhi members to answer your query.

    Make sure to point these issues to service manager and it will be taken care of. Meanwhile take a look at here http://teamfiat.co.in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=24&p=84&hilit=squeaking sound#p84

    I suggest if it's not big or noticeable scratches than ignore it. I guess, thats a part of driving in Delhi traffic.

    You may need to replace the complete assembly I don't think casing comes separately.

    Hope, I answered your queries.

    Looking forward to read your review after your service. Have a happy stay at TFI!

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