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My Fiat BNW 90 HP

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by Mohankv, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. imranshks

    imranshks Superiore

    @Mohan & Arnab thanks for the info. Glad that I too got it done, not at 3M though. It was done at Vecto and charges were included in first service bill.

    I guess Goodyear GT3 tyres on my car are anti underbody and sound damping proof, that's why I couldn't feel much of a difference. Getting rid of them soon ;)

    Cheers !!!

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  2. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    As we were discussing.. Leave them at the doorstep of the showroom so that they know abt ur plight....

    my ride quality is just getting better and better day by day... the tyre pressure was an issue before.. now its just perfect...

    U got to drive now once to know yourself..

    Ur car will be back to making you smile as soon as u get her some new shoes... ;)
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  3. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    Hi guys..One question here. Doesn't FIAT provide under body protection coating right from the factory. I own a 2012 Punto and when inquired, the service center guys told that it comes with under body coating right from the factory itself. I also could see it when the car is lifted on the ramp.Please clarify this. Also i haven't done any paint sealant coating so far. Please advice is it that helpful in preventing small scratches. My car color is Tuscan Wine. Thanks in advance for your valuable suggestions.
  4. Every car comes coated with underbody protection, similar to Factory fitted iCE..but according to our need we change the ice, same case here.It gives better finishing with long lasting result.
    I didnt go for the underbody treatment because it doesnt make sense to get this treatments done in a new car.Two years down the line, makes more sense then.
    Btw, you should go for paint sealant from 3m to keep your car healthy and shining.

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  5. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    Hey bro,

    i don think fiat comes with factory anti-corrosion treratment because Imranhks was told by the service guys to go for the treatment at the service station and he got it done also, But the 3m coating is worth it. It is a rubber based paint that also helps in sound deadening as well.. And the 5 year warranty with 10 free inspections is a good long term investment..

    And about paint sealant it is must as per me to keeping ur car paint that glossy new out of the showroom look.. i have got that done too.. I recommend you to get it done asap.

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    With the rainy season fast approaching i thought this would be right time to get it done and its covered for 5 years, So peace of mind.
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  6. Every car from every manufacturer comes dipped in anti corrosion paint . No doubt 3m or other private players will have better quality@higher prices but these are small small things which car manufacturers cant neglect.

    Yes with the onset of monsoon its better to get it done before that.But I think it makes more sense to get it done after a year or two when the car will be older.

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  7. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Incorrect. All cars come anti corrosion treatment, be it Nano or a BWM. But the process adopted for this anti corrsion treatment will be different.

    There are 3 types of anti corrosion treatment that manufacturers adopt. Ferrous, Zync (forgot the exact name) and Tricatonic. Ferrous type will generally will be test with a 500 hours water spray test, Zync based around 5000 hours and the tricatonic would be around 25000 hours of water spray test. This test gives a ball park life of the anti corrosion treatment done on the car.

    Of course, the cost increases with the better treatment. As far as I am aware of, the Fiats come with the Zync based anti corrosion treatment. Most of the luxury cars come with the tricatonic anti corrosion treatment which is expensive.

    By the way not to divulge from the topic. Most Japanese car manufacturers in India are going the Ferrous based anti-corrosion to cut cost even on a 10 Lakh rupee car.

    The paint sealant is an additional polymer based coating which protects the paint surface from the UV rays and other weather contaminents. Its a good option to invest in for a new car.

    Its more to do with the cost of such set up in the painting process. A manufacturer would adopt based on the target market. For example the Etios twins come with the Ferrous based anti corrosion which is not that great as the even the rubberized coating can get chipped with small stones. So it makes even more necessary to get a high quality antirust coating done to the underbody and wheelwells.

    Saw a Duster with its underbody rusted in 5 months. So its better to get it done before any sort of rust sets in on the car.
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  8. pdydeva

    pdydeva Regolare

    The process of zinc coating (in Fiat cars) is called galvanization. Having an additional layer of rubber coat (like the one 3M provides) on top of the already existing zinc layer is no harm I believe. It protects the raw metal from direct exposure to moisture. In addition it gives some level of sound damping.

    @Arnab: I feel instead of waiting for 2 years, it's safe to get a rubber protection layer on top of the existing zinc coating. It could also protect the under lying zinc layer from scrapping the roads.
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  9. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore

    An Update regarding the AIR BAG failure message in the car..

    When this error message starting appearing it used to show up if i took tight turns both right and left.. Now since 4 days its continuous.. The warning stays on from the time the cars is cranked up till its ignition is turned off.. Occasionally the horn also is not working only to come back again in time and work normally..

    Got info that the part has arrived at Vecto yesterday and they asked me to come over today to get it replaced.

    But due to work i will be going to Vecto tomorrow and getting the part replaced.. Will take pics tomo and update.
  10. Mohankv

    Mohankv Amatore


    Took the car to vecto motors around 10 am and was greeted by Surendra mins later, Car was taken in anfd the work began.

    This was a complicated job cos the airbag/horn had to be removed along with the steering wheel assembly and replace the faulty combi switch..

    Here are a few pics whn the work was in progress..

    1st the Aibag/horn pad removed.

    Then the rest of the steering coloum was dismantled..

    The faulty part that was replaced

    The new one being put back.. 20130601_114322.jpg 20130601_114336.jpg

    No more error messages and worrying abt the horn working or not..

    There was a slight jiggling noise before on rough roads and potholes from behind the wheel which is is not anymore...

    The whole replacement job took abt close to 2 and half hours,

    Off for now.. Cheers to all and Happy weekend!!
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