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My experience of driving 1500km on Linea 1.3MJD Emotion

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by NumeroUno, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. NumeroUno

    NumeroUno Timido

    Its been three weeks since the delivery.

    Now I own a 2013 model of Fiat Linea 1.3MJD (Manufactured in Jan 2014)

    On the day of delivery: Vecto motor guys were ready with the delivery formalities and I was asked to sign on few documents which I did. I went to the fuel station for filling the Diesel. I was finding it difficult to manage the big vehicle. Finally after few kilometres, I got used to the clutch and gear handling. Straight i took the car to a temple and got the pooja done. Initial experience is good. Wife also said the seats are very comfortable. ICE is good (I do not enjoy the music at loud volume). AC is very effective. Steering handling is good.

    I got a shock when I went air check. The pressure gauge was showing 40PSI. I complained to Vecto motors. Everyone please get the air pressure checked after the delivery and do not trust those guys. At the time of delivery I did enquire about air pressure and SA said, everything checked Sir:mad:.

    I feel below features would be good to have.

    1. Manual locking the doors (with a separate lever) like in Tata Manza.
    2. Little more airflow from the rear vent using a separate fan.
    3. Steering design is good. I would love to have the uniform finish on the steering. At the moment, there is small hump given on two places which I did not like.
    4. Visibility of Speedometer is not good at night (may be because of the amber colored light). But day vision is great.

    I took my car for a 500kM (one way)drive with 5 passengers and trunk full of stuff. It was mainly the highway drive except ~140KM of non highway drive with a 20KM of Ghat. On highway I never felt that Linea is under powered. During the drive of Ghat and also on the non separated roads, I did feel need of that extra power. Later I got used to the trick of maintaining the 2000RPM level by shifting the gears at the right time. After this, it was pretty easy to drive even on the Ghat and that too with the sharp curves. Inside the car it was very pleasant at 23 degree though the outside temperature at times were close to 40 degrees. My car came with Goodyear tyres and the road noise is not much. I found it okay.

    During this trip, I got a FE of 17 per ltr. I was told by SA that till 5000km my highway FE would be around 17 and only after the first service it would improve. I have decided to wait till that point.

    Overall I am happy with the car and do not mind recommending Fiat to my friends:p. Also Vecto motors co-operation was good.:p
  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    First of all, congratulations for your MJD!!! Best budget driver's car a person/money can buy.

    Now related to your 'would have been nice features' :)
    1. There is definitely a manual lock lever present. The lever which you pull to open door; it can be pushed inside further to manually lock all the doors from inside. Now if you want to open the door; first will pull will unlock all the door and second will open the door.
    2. Can't comment as it very rare that i drive more than 2 people. And the time where there are 3-4 person; never got complaints :)
    3. Actually, that's the USP of our cars; those grooves are used to rest thumbs and helps to provide a good grip!
    4. You can adjust the brightness settings from 'My car' menu. go through it and change as per your liking :)

    Hope it helps!! And last but never the LEAST; PICS please ..:p

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