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My Electric Blue ABARTH

Discussion in 'Exteriors / Body' started by romsi_rk, Apr 1, 2012.

  1. sungoa2010


    Scorpion on front door could have given more prominent. The car is going to grab attention from Kannur to Cochin during kerala meet. :up
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  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Name of the thread changed as per your request, Romi.

    One thing is for sure - there is no Punto like yours on the roads of India. :)

    Those Abarth window glass stickers are super cool.
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  3. Thanks bro.... :up

    This was a surprise to me also because till I saw the car I didnt know what sticker they were putting on.

    Even I felt the same regarding the white stripes.
  4. Adipoli stickers romsi ....

    The white scorpion matches well with te blue color.. and also the abarth sticers on the windows .. Beautifully done ... Thinking to put these 2 on my car too :)

    But the red abarth strips looks different .. Not gelling well with the blue color for my eyes ..

    Waiting for the pics of 17 " alloys .. eagarly ....

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  5. Phew

    Phew Esperto

    New Delhi/Mohali
    Grande Punto 1.3
    khatam is the word, just remove the red abarth stick it's not at all complimentng the looks and that spoiler is drooooool
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  6. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Super! Super! Super!
    No other words to describe this beauty!
  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Fida on the Scorpion dude, The original ABARTH style of words would have been perfect match.
    Anyways your grande is a street killer.
  8. Nimish antony

    Nimish antony Regolare

    nice concept vehicle.. cool stickering work goes well with the blue colour.. Left side exhaust needs to be looked into. could do better with a smart end can. Front grille is nice but i feel the finish is not up to the rest. Can try for a honey comb pattern that comes with the Beat which will go with the theme. I personally would like an Abarth logo with the front grille. Overall its an excellent package and im waiting for the 17inch alloys and tyres. Coz it badly needs them to do justice to your hard work.. and pls remove the front stickers.... Rockin Romi punto..!!!
  9. Thanks Ajit for the compliment.... even I felt that the red stripes was out of sorts.. lets wait for some more time.

    17" in a weeks time, so have to wait till then.

    Thanks Jas.... will try removing the red stripes... :)

    Thanks bro.... better late than never.... :)

    Thanks Tony... even I was surprised by the scorpion.... :)

    Thanks Nimish bro... you are the guru for all mods.....
  10. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @Romsi bro, AMAZING!!! Its the only expression i have in my brain now.

    As Nimish said, you should think about grill although its your call.

    One more thing i'll suggest you is, try on some kinda light silverish tints for your babe. She will look lile a complete hot-hatch pack.
    Current tints giving your car an older look. Those reflective(silver) tints will do a freshening job in whole concept, isen't it?

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