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My Electric Blue 1.4E+ Grande Punto, christened as Trinity.

Discussion in 'Punto 1.4 Fire' started by MihirC, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. sungoa2010


    Thanks for updates. Hardly see EB Punto now days and desperate to see one.:)
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  2. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Agree.. when i was booking punto they had stopped this colour :hit

    Neat pics man
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  3. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    2nd year 17200 kms update + TASS servicing review. The journey continues, even better

    Hi guys,

    Its been a long time since I posted an update on the thread and not a day has passed when I don’t keep thinking that its high time now that I
    should be posting but, life gets in the way. Infact she completed 2 yrs on 15th December, the day after the factory visit. The factory visit was
    more of a homecoming for her. Anyways……So today I have asked my director to wait, cancelled a couple of meetings and here I am.

    Will be posting in 3 parts

    1) Praise for Trinity,
    2) Respect for Trinity,
    3) Love for Trinity,

    Under point (1) I ll be describing why the praise and affection for Trinity for not being exactly what she is supposed to be. She is supposed
    to be a car, a mechanical electrical product and she is exactly not that. She is a family member, and I take care of her like a daughter ( this
    again is something which members might find funny but that’s just how I feel about Trinity so what the hell) Give her meals on time, wash
    her everyday, kiss her and tell her how pretty she is looking, take her to Dr. Prakash when she is not well. The Dr. gives her goodies as well
    everytime for being such a being such a brave girl. Trust me guys she understands what I tell her and speak to her about and she listens what
    I tell her to do and not to do and responds accordingly. Trinity is not a machine, it’s a living being with a heart and soul and I have endless
    experiences to prove just that.

    Under point (2) I ll be describing why the praise and affection for Trinity for keeping me and my family always safe in some really bad
    situations and I’m sure had it been any other car in those sticky times, I wudnt be sitting here typing what I am had it not been for Trinity. No
    second thoughts! Period !

    Under point (3) I ll be describing why the praise and affection for Trinity for growing up to be such a well mannered girl, who knows when to
    be docile and when to be aggressive. Her manners both in the city and on the highway have only improved and her appetite has gone down a lot
    on the highways (18.xx kms/ltr on the highway many a times) . She handles herself with ease even now and whether sh is at a speed of 10 or 120
    her manners remain the same, whether it’s a straight road or a ghat her manners remain the same. Calm composed and serene. She has opened
    up really well and for a planned overtaking, its not an issue even if I’m at 40kms /hr in the 5th gear. The responsiveness has only increased. I can
    use the 3rd gear as an automatic gear in the cities right from 15kms/hr till 50-60 kms/hr. Never have I felt the lack of power or torque in any gear
    not for pick up and not for overtaking neither in city nor on highways. So that really makes me wonder about the sluggishness of the car which
    people used to mention. The only exception is when I’m at 175 kms/hr, which has happened like not more than 10 times in 2 years.

    So my last update was when Trinity was at 6900 kms, Its been a wee bit more than a year now and now the odo reads 17,200 kms. The year was
    a good one for Trinity. She has grown up into a really pretty teenager. Rebellious, loving affectionate and everything else she should be. She
    had a couple of accidents lot of scratches by stupid bike drivers and the morons in my society. But she pulled thru everything and not once did
    she let me down and I love her for that. She took the brunt of stupid drivers in the city and on highways even at high speeds at times but always
    kept me away from harm. I thank her and talk to her and tell her everyday how much she means to me and how much I love her. Lol but true.

    The first accident was when I was traveling back home from work and a rickshaw driver jumped a signal and suddenly came in front of me ,
    perpendicular to me. I slammed on the brakes but it was a gap of just 2-3 feet when he came in front of me so banged into him at a speed of
    around 40. I still find it difficult to believe that the rickshaw along with a passenger was thrown off the ground and landed 10 feet away and all I
    got was a crack in the bumper and loss of bumper alignment.

    The second accident was when I was driving back from Alibag which is like a coastal village around 120 kms from Mumbai ( for those who are
    not from Mumbai). It was dark, raining heavily and a 10-12 inches deep pothole was filled with water and I missed it and the front driver side
    wheel went in the pothole at a speed of around 100 kms / hr. It was a loud thump noise of the suspension and the steering went rigid. I knew the
    tire had burst. I didn’t brake but kept my foot constant on the accelerator as there was traffic from behind as well. At no point even when the tire
    burst did the car lose control or changed direction. Luckily for me there was a restaurant only 2 kms ahead where I got the stepny installed. But
    the impact of the pothole + the 2 kms drive on the flat tire resulted in the alloy getting bent. Thankfully there was no accident.

    Now that the accidents are covered, I ll come to the other parts of the time spend with her.

    1) Looks-

    Looks is a very personal thing and I understand that. Speaking personally, the only other car which I find to be a really good looker in this
    segment is the Polo. The car which I find the best looker is obvious by the ownership thread. The design is timeless and although the car was
    launched in 2009, and despite being a 3 year old design in India it still looks very fresh very new and timeless. The nose down type of stance
    is pretty aggressive too and this is what I would call a fluidic design in the real sense than just labeling the word fluidic.

    2) Comfort-

    The car seats, the ride quality have only ensured a non tiring ride for 2 years now. No matter the distance no matter it’s a city or a highway,
    traveling in this car is very comfortable. The suspension is nicely tuned and the ride quality improves as the speed picks up is what I have
    experienced. When it comes to the comfort of enjoying the drive, apart from the ride quality, the AC chills the car effectively, although it
    takes a bit more time to cool than I would prefer but that’s not saying it takes ages. Like 10 mins to chill the cabin on a full blower. The other
    creature comforts of speed sensing wipers and music system is a very nice touch and ensures my hands remain on the steering wheel and not
    on the music system, the same is for the steering mounted controls and the Bluetooth system.

    3) Ride and handling-

    Theres not much to say about the cars ride and handling to be honest. Straight line control is good even at 175 kms/hr on the expressway
    and planned and signaled change of lanes even at 175kms/hr is as easy as if the cars being driven at 100 kms/hr. theres absolutely no loss of
    composure in the car and it does the needful without breaking into a sweat. As far as the twisties are concerned, have driven countless times
    in the ghats/twisty roads on way to lonavala , mahabaleshwar etc. and taking turns at speeds at even 100kms/hr without troubling or affecting
    the surrounding cars in anyway is a breeze. 0-minimum body roll, no lack of composure no nothing. Its like the car was made for such
    drives. Not to mention, I don’t have to press on the brakes to control the car, I only have to press on the accelerator or release the accelerator

    nothing less nothing more. The ride and handling is exceptional at all speeds on straight roads and twistys alike. Never once would you feel
    that the car will lose control. I honestly haven’t felt that even once in the 2 years.loss of control?? Whats that?? And in all my experience I
    haven’t seen too many cars that have such a potential in this segment. The only thing I can say is the goodyears have a distinct tire noise at
    high speeds but the stick like a leech to the road when it comes to grip.

    4) Engine-

    The engine now that’s one more area where theres not too much for me to say !!!! you feel the Italian roar, you feel the punch and you feel the
    animalistic rawness when required, while at times you ll have to look at the rpm meter to see if the engine is running. I first felt the engine open
    up in between 3000-5000 kms, which I have mentioned in my previous posts. The second time I felt the engine open up was at around 11,000
    kms. What I felt when I say the engine opened up is that the motor gets more silent at idle, revs freely till the peak redline and the responsiveness
    of the engine while shifting the gears has improved tremendously. Trinity pulls up from almost any speed in any gear. Even at 40kms/hr in 5 th
    gear it pulls up quite well. She is not sluggish in the slightest way and I really would like to understand the basis of people’s comment that the
    car is sluggish. Who wouldn’t prefer the Abarth version of Punto or even the version if they put the T-jet in the Punto. There’s never enough
    power when you have cars , whose body and chassis can support the power the engine churns out. I would rather have a car which has the
    potential to handle all the horses that the engine can churn even if they are less, rather than buying a powerful car whose chassis n body cant
    support the power of the engine, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    5) Third servicing of the car and experience at TASS Worli-

    The 3rd servicing was done at the TASS at worli 2 weeks back. All the required top ups, changes and replacements were done. I had a list of the
    issues to be sorted out/ list of things to be checked in the car are as under

    1) Wipers don't clean the front and rear wind screens properly,

    2) The steering pulls to the left while driving. Even on a straight road,

    3) The car scratches on speed breakers even with 1 passenger,

    4) A "dhoop" noise comes from the backside of the car when going thru potholes even at very low speeds,

    5) Driver side alloy wheel to be replaced as it had scratches when installed,

    6) Underbody and engine guard to be checked,

    7) The RPM needle goes up even when the accelerator is not pressed,

    8) Caps on the plastic strip on the bumper near the wipers are missing and have to be replaced,

    9) Low average in the city, ECU to be checked and tuned,

    10) New version of Blue n me to be installed if available,

    11) Paint touch up to be done in a few places,

    12) Windows make a "thud" noise when rolled down and squeaking noise when rolled up,

    13) Rear defogger filament is broken at one point, but defogger is working, has to be replaced or repaired,

    14) Front passenger side mirror cap to be changed,

    15) Foam of the driver seat has got pressed and gone down near the backrest,

    16) Gear shift is not smooth,

    17) Steering wheel controls don't work sometimes,

    18) Stud mountings to be checked.

    One thing I would like to mention here is about the SA at TASS, I have mentioned him before and a lot of members have had a good experience
    with him after that as well, his name is Prakash and he looks after the FIAT’s at TASS. A gem of a person , good knowledge about the cars, both
    technically and practically, honest to the core and very helpful.

    Its been more than 1.8 months that I have been getting Trinity checked by him and never had any issues with respect to the service or availability
    of spare parts etc. All the issues mentioned above were attended to and resolved. The only issue I faced was, when I was informed that the
    servicing was done, I took Trinity out for a test ride and realized that the center return of the steering was gone !!! and it had become pretty hard
    as well like a non power steering car. The issue was shown to Prakash who said they will try to resolve it, they tried for a day and then they
    replaced Trinity’s steering rack under warranty.

    Now the cars running just fine more responsive than before in city due to the traffic the FE dips down to 9km/ltr but when the traffic is sparse or
    medium in the city I even get 16kms/ltr that too even in very short distances. On highways if driven sedately I get as high as 18kms/ltr though on
    a few occasions I have managed to squeeze 19kms/ltr.

    Will be posting on a regular basis now on guys. Apologies to have not being able to post since long. Hope this makes up for it. My phone had issues and i lost all the pics i had ttaken pre and post service so attaching some pics i took a few days back and today.
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  4. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    you are obsessed man::OO

    Excellent writeup ... would have been like amul butter nothing better if you can share some pics too
  5. Aniket

    Aniket Superiore

    Thane, Mumbai
    pics pics pics mihir / nikhil bhai
  6. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    Hey thanks so much shadow, the pics are coming up soon...... ;)
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  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    You wished and the pics have appeared!
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  8. Shadowfax

    Shadowfax Regolare

    Thanks Guruji.... My favourite pic in this is the PANDA PIC
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  9. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    Thank you so much Gurjinder. Its sad that i lost the really good pics that I had.:(
  10. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    Hahahahaha pics attached above buddy !

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    Hahahahaha pics attached above buddy !
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