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My Dynamic Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by kiranrv, May 4, 2014.

  1. kiranrv

    kiranrv Amatore

    It is a little big unique story .... few unbelievable incidents happened too

    My initial plans
    Couple of years back I thought of buying a car and kept a small budget and visited Maruthi Showroom to check/TD Alto-800 it was just launched that moment,
    As I am little on heavier side and height of 5'11, the steering touched my legs, Alto-800 ruled out completely, checked alto-1000 same here too
    Checked Ritz (My driving school teaches me on this) and liked it because it is spacious, never thought of buying because of budget constraints... after visited Hyundai and checked Eon once in-between these two years (never thought of buying though)..after that car thought never came to me ....

    How it Happened:
    Couple of my office colleagues planned to buy a car during March'2014 and I was just assisting them..
    One of my ex-colleague offered us treat on 4th Saturday of March'2014 at Zaitoon (Next to Ramkay FIAT), he got stuck in traffic and In order to pass 30-40 min Myself and other colleague went inside FIAT and I was greeted by Mr.Arul ....
    He asked us what car/model we looking at I said Linea (never knew much about Punto), and I asked him does FIAT have any Hatchback in 5-6 laks budget, saw Punto on display and thought it would be costly one because of its premier looks...
    Mr.Arul showed us the Punto which is on display, I sat inside the car and felt Punto would be wonderful car to own spacious, the steering doesn't hit legs and driver seat height adjustment and Tilt-able steering attracted me lot..He offered was one Nov'2013 Punto dynamic for 50000 less .. we left the place with the usual answer of will come back again and left the place..Mr.Arul explained us about Punto and its features that anyone will fall in love with it...

    Next day (on Sunday) I went a small drive with my Girl-friend (fiancé) on the Chennai/Tambaram-Ambattur (NH) on my Suzuki-Access in the evening.. During the drive I was telling her about Punto and how much I liked it she wanted to look at it once as never spoke that long about any car and made me come back to FIAT once more (In between I stopped at Popular-Maruthi near kamakshi hospital) just to check if Punto is written for me.. Sat inside Celerio and had not liked it and even worse sales-guy said they are closing and asked us to come next day for explaining features.. We landed at Ramkay-FIAT at around 8.30 pm and Mr.Arul greeted us again and asked us to wait for few min as he was busy attending other customers in-between, she was reading about FIAT on wiki and I was explaining the Punto features and showing the car on display yo my fiancée.
    Mr.Arul started walking towards us before he reached us I asked him did he still have that Nov'2013 Punto-dynamic he showed us the happy couple whom he attended had just booked it.
    I became hesitant again as the price will go beyond 5lacs now, Mr.Arul offered me some more discounts (TCS employee discount, my girl friend works there) reading my face and at on-road price 5.42 he offered me dynamic Punto petrol
    Couple of day's later on Wednesday went and booked the Vehicle ...
    and the Hight light being I had never done TD as I just completed couple of days in driving school but booked the Vehicle

    Asked for loan options and they said they can do 95-100 % with SBI and HDFC. I took a quote and went to my bank to check if they can offer me loan.
    The Bank Manager at "Oriental Bank of Commerce" Madipakkam took the quote and said he will check and do best for me, same day post lunch the branch guy's called me said DD for 5lacs is ready :) .. The branch guys did mention that mine is one of the few loans in the bank to get loan processed approved released in such quick time..

    Spent most of time even burning mid night fuel on teamfiat.co.in going through possible post and reading about FIAT Punto and FIAT where ever possible

    I was frequent updated about the where about's of 'My Dynamic Punto' and finally it arrived in the First week of April'2014 and mfg dt as Mar'2014 :) , Arul helped me with PDI
    On 10th April'2014 went alone with "LLR" in pocket to take delivery (asked my colleague to come as I'm alone, he is also still at driving school level like me :) ) as everyone was busy , Mr.Arul greeted me with a big smile and explained me about the basic stuff of where and what about service and car.

    Their Manager greeted me and asked how I decided to buy Punto when I told him that because my friend made me wait 30 min for dinner just to pass 30 min I landed at their showroom and booked Punto within 3 days without TD such is impact of FIAT (everyone at Teamfiat made me feel I made a right decision).

    Handed over the key, cake and a photo of handing over key to me and the Ramkay performed initial pooja (they did the same when we took TVS-Wego at Ramkay-TVS).
    Everyone at RAMKAY FIAT wished me safe driving and good luck

    Driving experience in these 3 weeks:
    ODO reads 2700 kms and I drove 2000 in that, Started feeling more comfortable day by day. Still learning to drive and enjoying every bit of it
    - Chennai local
    - Visited panjavadi temple pondicherry, Villupuram Thirs day after taking delivery took girlfriend and her family along and spotted lot of FIAT vehicles
    - took My Punto all alone to Hyderabad (from Chennai) the Fourth day ..
    - Went to Sriharikota and a temple at sullurupetta

    My Punto-dynamic in action:
    (Just masked the number plate not done any editing apart from that)



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  2. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Congratulations on bringing home the Punto. The colour red looks scorching on the car. You indeed have made a practical and a sensible decision, dont worry you wont regret it.

    Good to know that the dealership experience was a pleasant one. The car will grow on you as you drive more.

    Happy mile crunching and drive safely.
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  3. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    congratulations on new car. day by day punto will prove it you that your made the right choice.
    Is the regn in gf's name (to avail the offer?)
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  4. saptarshi.goswami

    saptarshi.goswami Novizio


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  5. kiranrv

    kiranrv Amatore

    I took it in my name :)
  6. svvickky

    svvickky Amatore

    welcome to 1.2 club :) finally i see some 1.2s coming in recently. happy that not alone here where MJDs dominate !!

    Assuming you wil be learning in ur punto like me, you will definitely enjoy it.
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  7. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Congratulations Kiran!! Red is an awesome color to have on Punto!!

    Happy Riding!!
  8. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    Welcome to Fiat and 1.2 Family. You will start loving the car every single day.

    @svvickky so true yaar. I was also feeling the same. Now we see few joining the 1.2 thread in recent months including me :p

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  9. kiranrv

    kiranrv Amatore


    Thank you and you guys are very much true I am enjoying everybit of driving

    I wil be learning in My punto like U :), you feel safer when inside punto

    Thank you. intially I thought of white but ordered Red, as you said it looks really gr8

    What you said is very much true
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  10. kiranrv

    kiranrv Amatore

    Ramkay-FIAT visited me yesterday and gave me a small Ganesha idol, A free water wash and free vehicle check coupon before first service.
    They are doing really good for customer satisfaction now-a-days.

    They informed me that one more FIAT service centre is coming up in poonamallee

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