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My Dream Car...or is it just the beginning of my nightmare!

Discussion in 'Tyres & Alloys' started by Signior_G, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. Signior_G


    this is a write up I shared on Fiat's social portal and also written to them, but I am less hopeful of any improvements.
    Please advise!

    Driver: Saurabh Grover

    Cell: +91 9611796796

    Vehicle: Grande Punto Active 1.3L Diesel

    I always aspired the Punto would be my first car (my dream car), much against the warnings of my acquaintances- stating ASS (After Sales Service) or FIAT (Fix it Again Tony) reasons.

    I achieved my aspiration and now as was warned by wise men, I am facing the brunt of a poor product or Service or pretty much both.

    I bought a Punto Active 1.3L Diesel in September 2012. A new driver, I initially avoided the Highway drive but a drive during the night hours indicated that vehice was getting drawn towards the right side. At the first service, I related the same problem to Concorde service. (Irony on their last day of contract of Tata/Fiat). They suggested correcting the "Alignment", but did not provide the alignment report. So much for Faith in a World Renowned International Car maker and its service center.

    The car was driven less and not on highways and the right pull was never majorly felt since I could never let go off the steering column in city traffic. (Bangalore traffic never lets you go beyond 50 kmph till late hours.

    On second service I took the car to KHT Service Center, Whitefield, and related the same problem. They kept the car for 4 days with no update on the turnaround time on fixing the alignment or what exactly have they checked so far. Till I finally called up a Service Manager at KHT in Whitefield, then they informed its probably the tyres and they are waiting on JK Tyre engineers to visit and confirm. I got my car back since there was no assurance which day of the week the engineer would visit. This was on 28th September.
    As per the engineer, both FIAT and JK Tyres authorities have been duly informed and I should hear from them max by 3rd October.

    Again no report was provided, assuring that there was no problems detected with Suspension, Axle or Steering column (I started reading about cars!) and the buck is being passed on to Tyre's. (Again all of it has been a known issue with Fiat Punto Cars!)

    Till today, that is 10th of October I have received no calls from anyone from FIAT or KHT Service center or JK Tyres. I lost patience called to Sivakumar Manager at the Service Center, who assured that issue would be fixed by 25th October (How very interesting!). Upon inquiring about the report, I was assured it would be mailed to me in a few minutes and its been a few hours and I am still waiting.

    Are you guys ever going to get over this habit of providing amazing experience to the customer, or keep adding more people to the bandwagon, who would swear by your ASS (After Sales Service) or FIAT (Fix it Again Tony) events.
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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

    Trust me, this is no nightmare.

    And you are supposed to have both your hands on the steering wheel all the time!

    Roads are banked at an angle, did you try on a flat road, up and down? Did it pull to the same side either ways?

    Given our roads, no car would go straight like a locomotive with hands off the steering wheel.
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  3. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    The issue has more to do with the diagnostic capability of the service center than FIAT itself.
    Also post your service experience at KHT service page. May not be the very right way, but the boss would know that there is a grieving customer.
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  4. rpm19050


    get an alignment done from outside. rotate tyres. see if that helps.

    alignment is important but i feel it should have been part of your PDI.
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  5. dhaya76

    dhaya76 Amatore

    Linea 1.3

    You take your car to the nearest wheel alignment centre and do the alignment and wheel balancing. What I heard that, it is possible that new car may not be going straight when you leave the steering stright on speeds above 40 kmph because when the car is transported through the containers, during the ride due to jolting, the alignment can be slightly changed. I faced similar issue with my previous car SX4 which comes with the same JK Tyre, after I checked the alignment and wheel balancing, it was smooth both high and low speeds.
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  6. Signior_G


    Appreciate the sarcasm :D, but do you think I would be writing this without doing a little more than an extensive self test.
    If 'd touch a speed 50kmph or above in my car, even with hands (yes, both! :() on the Steering wheel, the car pulls right!

    Right or left pull has been a concern with Punto EPS...if you'd check other forums, I am not certain if the same applies to my car or if its a different concern altogether.
    And without the report being shared by the service centers, I cannot be certain either.

  7. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Punto has a Hydraulic Power Steering system rather than a EPS.

    Can you detail what sort of measures the dealer has done to rectify the issue? Sometimes the smallest of the details can cause the biggest of the issues.

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  8. Even my car pulls in the direction of road gradient it doesn't mean car is faulty.

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