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My Black Horse ... Punto 1.3 MJD

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by atrup, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    thanks "theblack" :p
  2. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    just came to know from Rajarshi about this weblink 99rpm.com

    does anyone have any feedback or idea about this website.
  3. Fiat-Yamaha

    Fiat-Yamaha Superiore

    @atrup I have ordered GP rear wiper set & Absolute mudflaps frm 99rpm. waiting to get this delivered.

    AFAIK quality and brand they have is of good quality. I will update once I receive the product.

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  4. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    thanks ...

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    checked with Garodia Motors last week. They once again confirmed to open the workshop somewhere mid of Jun. Not sure what kind of customer satisfaction is going on here in Kolkata. I came to know from some TFI member's that they even not aware of parts they have.

    Alas !!! not a good start at all in Kolkata and its high time to sell vehicles here as people are looking for option except Maruti for long time ...
  5. atrup

    atrup Amatore

    It is difficult to bear life with bad wife. But it is much more difficult to have a life where your wife is good but you have to deal with your bad in-laws everyday.

    Probably the saddest moment of my life so far to selling off my all-time favorite hatch PUNTO 1.3 MJD Emotion Pack. Lets share the story …

    My car is from 2009 Oct, 09 and this Oct, 14 I have to pay the tax which is 31k. In addition I know from my last visit that I have to change my left front shocker pad. So, I thought of getting it serviced as I have travelled 14k with Mobil1. I went to Garodia Workshop, the only one in Kolkata to service my car. Rajarshi also went with me for changing one of his shockers. Once we entered we saw all new folks almost. Anyways we gave our car and waited for their turn to work upon. Now, I am sharing my experience only …

    After sometime one mechanic came for a test drive. We went for 4 – 6 kms drive and his suggestion was

    1. Change shocker pad (shocker is ok)
    2. Tightening door with the frame as during jerk noise is coming
    3. Rear Suspension is absolutely fine
    4. AC Gas Refilling if needed

    I had doubt on my shocker as me and Rajarshi gave different kind of trials before hitting the workshop and we were sure that there is problem with the shocker. I told them to open the shocker and check. As suspected I was confirmed and shown that the front left shock absorber was gone. I was thinking about changing my entire shocker to raise the GC more as I travel anywhere no matter how bad the road is may be in 2 or 4 wheels some of which are visible in weekendgetawayskolkata.blogspot.com. But I was not sure if I could get the same feel after raising the height as I saw many to convert back to the old one after using the new for some kms.

    The reply I got was checking all suspension will incur Rs. 400/- as cost that too for each shocker. I told them if they could confirm me if shocker is fine without opening it which is a kind of impossible for Garodia at least. Again there was a kind of argument happened and I finally told them not to change anything and I will pay the inspection charge for the suspension which they had open. They did it. I was in a bit confused as they were telling me to go outside of the workshop every now and then.

    It was my bloody money with which I bought the Italian Beauty and also incurring on each of its problem. Then why I can’t watch my car to be serviced as neither I am entering your service area nor I am creating any disturbances. The guy who created the job card told me that I will get my car around 3 pm which I am sure that I will not get anyways before 4 – 4:30 pm. I was too late and decided to take the car next day.

    Next day when I entered the workshop I saw my black beauty was waiting for me with great exterior looks. I got overwhelmed and asked mechanic and supervisor if everything is done and they confirmed yes. I paid a total amount of Rs. 11000/- approx. for all the work they did and took the car towards my office. I was in real hurry and couldn’t check all the work thoroughly. Once coming down to home from office I realized that

    1. Real jerk on all the suspension
    2. AC working fine
    3. Engine is smooth
    4. Doors are too noisy
    5. Comfort of PUNTO suspension is gone totally
    6. Too much jerking on steering even in idle
    7. Gear shifting a bit hard (no idea why)

    I am dam sure they did something with all the suspensions as I mistakenly mentioned once that ‘I will change all suspension at once after few days’. Just imagine of spending Rs. 11000/- approx. on your car and it started giving the same problem within next 50 kms. Imagine if I went for a long drive with this car, what could happen. Believe me its enough. I didn’t want to visit the workshop anymore as I know nothing could happen with these B*****D’s.

    I thought of taking a try with New PUNTO as mine is 4.6 yrs old. So, I went to Garodia Showroom next day. They took all inspection and was really happy with the maintenance. Now it was time for the quote and the quote for ‘Grande PUNTO 1.3 MJD Emotion Pk’ from 2009 Oct with 54000 kms on ODO, was ‘Rs. 1,60,000/-‘ only. I just laughed and told Mr. Chowdhury isn’t it too low on a Rs. 8.15 lc Rs. Car. As a reply he told ‘Tax payment is to be done in next 5 months which is 30k’.

    I left immediately, putting a large block of stone on all my feelings with Black Beauty, and decided to sell it off to someone else moving to other brand. It is true that I will cherish the feelings of these 54000+ kms in my entire life but can’t tolerate dealing with these ‘Bad Parents’ in every step. Tears was in my eyes when I was washing my buddy for the last time as I don’t know how he will be treated in future by the new owner and I kissed it for the last time. Next day I sold it … L L L L L L

    I checked with Maruti & Hyundai and got a quotation of 2.7 – 3 lacs even 2.2 lacs for pre-owned cars. You are the Worst and Pathetic service provider GARODIA.

    I have written enough and believe me don’t have any more patience to discuss anything no matter if CEO comes to my home.

    Good Bye ‘Punto (.)’ LLLL

    Arup Bhattacharyya
    FB: arupcbz
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  6. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Arup, felt sorry for the service ordeal, but you should have complained and asked them to rectify their mistakes. you would have also escalated it to Fiat India. well I am not sure about the Garodia, but fiat listens to the problems and might have intercepted. The loss which you incurred due to resale and money for buying new vehicle will be huge.

    Anyways as they say - Alls well that ends well. so any plans about what your new ride will be? :)
  7. Rajarshi

    Rajarshi Amatore


    I agree with Atrup. I am currently facing the same issue and its really not possible to rectify each and every problem by escalating it to FIAT. Also escalating the issue will not help anyway, they only take the car and generate lump sum bill amount. In the month of Jan or Feb( i don't remember exact month) i visited Garodia and they found one under body oil leakage issue. They diagnosed the car tell me a parts name ( i forgot the name though) cost around 700-800 that required to be replaced. It was gear oil leakage. That time the parts was not available and now i when re visited in June they said different story. Now they told me that it was clutch pressure plate leakage and that cost me 4.5K (dont remember the exact amount). I dont understand which diagnosed was correct the current one or the previous one :shock:. There are plenty of more things that was not rectified fully. One thing is for sure... "Customer should not be satisfied" is the motto of Garodia. I had informed them that all issues were not fully rectified and they told me to visit once again... I am sure when i visited once again they will again generate same amount bill by changing few other parts! I had similar experience with them previously.Currently I am desperately looking for another car otherwise i will end up paying money of a new car to Garodia. I guess FIAT is happy with Garodia and the number of car they are selling in west bengal ; but i am scared to keep my Punto anymore!!

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