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My black beauty

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by morpheon, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. Well its been around 11 days since i got hold of her so i'd thought i will give a ownership review.

    the question Why the Punto ?

    i wanted a diesel hatch and since
    -Polo VW aftersales big no no
    - Not a fan of Swift's Styling ( reminds me of a frog, don't ask me why)
    - i did consider the i20 but dropped the idea because of its suspension and light steering (dad owns a fluidic verna, which was a bad decision :( )

    so the obvious choice was Punto :D
    then the decision between 90 hp or 75 , i left it to my heart it said 90 hp no doubt :D
    and the colour , well in the sport edition they had three choices and well i prefered black over them and well hip hop black it is.

    now there were 2 Fiat dealers in my town i first contacted mohandas motors but then due to the pesky nature of the sales executive there left them and chose kulathunkal , the Sales executive there(ratheesh) was too good and he added a couple of freebis and promised me delivery within 10-12 days.
    So i booked the car with them on 23rd august and got hold of her in the flesh on 6th September.

    i am rather happy with the response and experience i had with kulathunkal and i would definitly recommend the sales executive there over the MM guys.

    She had completer around 1200 kms till date and she flows like a breeze.

    What finds special mention

    -Styling She looks a class apart from the other Hatchs, people do turn back and look at her again.
    -Suspension and Handling , just awesome no other words , she is European afterall.
    -Engine Refinement

    Not so great
    -Though the Aluminium pedals(i think aluminum not sure) looks nice im not too fond of them as
    -I find the Accelerator pedal a bit too high and found it a bit uncomfortable after:confused: 2 hours or more( i dont know if its just me or anyone else:confused:)
    -The dead pedal isnt much accessible when wearing Shoes
    -The pedals have rough Edges and a friend of mine who drives barefoot didn like them that much.
    - would have loved an armrest

    And she returned around 16.5-17.5 mileage in a recent trip that i had taken with her.

    And Am i happy ? Definitely ,even my dad who rarely praises anything that i do said that the car looks good and told my mom that he loved the car after taking a ride with me .... well he should as he did own a padmini and a uno.

    So this is me Arun Signing off .(PS sorry for the lack of pics, what to do , will do a photo-session IMG_0686.jpg IMG_0689.jpg IMG_0687e.jpg IMG_0685.jpg with her real soon)
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  2. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Morpheon Congratulations for new beast. 90hp looks best in black but without those side strips, my personal opinion.
  3. Naughty

    Naughty Superiore


    Your Ride looks beautiful... :)
    Liked those Red Ears on that Black Beast...
    Hip Hop Black is one among difficult to maintain color... Hope You will take great care of your Ride...


    Neel :up
  4. yes black is one hard colour to maintain , even the slightest bit of dust and scratches look bad on it, well i dont mindd the stickering thought id paint the alloys black and the callipers and drum red and make a red black combo out of it
  5. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    +1 Kedar.. Somehow i always feel these brands never really come out good with aftermarket stuff sometimes... ;-)

    I have a black Abarth as well and its very very difficult to maintain.. but that said the day its cleaned all the effort would be worth it.. well more than worth it
    So dont worry.
    Great car , awesome color what else.... oh.. yeah dont forget to show her lots of roads. She likes to run
    She likes to "Figure skate" a lot ;-)
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  6. Arun,

    Congrats on your Black Beauty.She looks hot in Black Color.
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