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My 90HP Medium Grey Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by harry_1407, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Guys I became a proud owner of Punto 90HP medium grey very recently and I would like to share my first ownership experience of FIAT in this valuable forum.
    A little flashback:
    Was driving my dad’s Hyundai Accent GLE for past 4 years (Still in pristine condition) as my usage got increased after my marriage and after my wife delivered a baby I was scouting for a Diesel car. That’s when I got myself introduced to teamfiat even without owning a Fiat vehicle (I must say I am lucky here). I test drove almost all the diesel cars in the range of 6-6.5l and I shortlisted two cars a ford figo and a punto. Due to budget constrains I was looking for a second hand cars and that when I saw an ad posted by fellow teamfiatian Teky who’s Minimal grey punto was on sale. I went to Mr. Teky’s place and had a satisfying test drive we both went to another teamfiatian place Mr ramjn and had a great time there. Instantly we became good friends. I came back home and almost convinced my family to look for an auspicious day to give the advance amount. Called Mr. Teky the very next day and said that I am interested in the vehicle and would like to sit and discuss more on the deal. Now comes the shocker, Mr Teky was not interested in selling his vehicle due to other reasons. Was very sad at that time so thought of putting the car buying plans to rest.
    Come August my petrol bills was sky rocketing hence again started the search for some secondhand cars. Sentimentally my family especially my wife was against buying a second hand car for the following reasons
    1. This happens to be our first car
    2. All our earlier cars were second hand
    3. Trustworthiness.
    After lot of excel work calculations and brain storming session with my wife I finally decided to go for brand new punto. I headed straight to VST Motors, Chennai on 29[SUP]th[/SUP] August, 2011 (Saturday) along with my wife, 7 month daughter and my in-laws. Confusion started here whether to go for 75HP or 90HP. After a good 2 hr negotiation I was given a very good discount on 90HP Punto so finally gave the booking amount of 5K at 8:00PM (I went to the showroom at 5:30PM). Color choice was in-between Medium Grey and Minimal Grey. I was told by the SA that 90Hp also comes in Minimal Grey and Hip Hop Black. I took good 2 days to confirm the colors and on 31[SUP]st[/SUP] August, 2011 I confirmed the color to the SA as Medium Grey. The wait time starts from here. During this time I met people most of whom are my relatives who were in for a shock that I booked FIAT. My wife’s grandfather who is in his 90’s was very much blissful (Happy) to hear that I booked FIAT. He told me that during his day’s people will be longing to own a FIAT car. Such was the confidence level people had in this wonderful company.
    The car arrived at the VST stockyard on 12[SUP]th[/SUP] Sep, 2011 and I was arranged for a PDI on 13[SUP]th[/SUP] Sep. A thorough PDI was done which took me close to 3 hrs time. I noticed couple of minor issues which was highlighted to the SA, who accompanied with me to the yard. Except for these minor issues I was completely satisfied with the car. I gave a green signal to the SA to proceed further. In the mean time my loan got approved from SBI. I must say here that I got a good offer from SBI with an interest rate of 11.25% floating, no processing fee and no pre-closure charges. With all set I was very excited in picking up my dream machine very soon. Each day passing was like a year passing by for me. Could not have a good sleep in the night and I was behaving like a kid waiting to lay its hands on a new toy. My better half even said that my 8 month daughter does not behave crankily when compared to me :D.
    The D day arrived, 27[SUP]th[/SUP] Sep, 2011 (Amavaysa) I took the delivery of my second child (Medium Grey Punto 90HP) After a brief customary puja at VST motors I immediately got her a new mats (3D Kagu mats) and then went straight to Shri Balaji Agencies Teynampet to treat her with sun films. I got her CR70 for the front windshield and CS20 for sides and rear. Further puja’s happened at a famous ganesha temple near to my in-laws place on the very same day. The next day I took her to body-guard munishwaran temple for special vehicle puja. I guess Chennai members will know more about this temple.
    Last week 1 upgraded my horn to Stebel Magnum TM80 (Skoda type) at Previlage Motomall Chennai bill came to 1000/- I also got a My shaldan car refresher and Jopasu car cleaning kit from Adamjee GP road chennai My shaldan came to Rs 225 and Jopasu came close to 1120/-.
    Today as I write this ownership experience my vehicle has completed close to 900Kms. I would say it is a sheer bliss driving this vehicle. The way the car handles the road is mind blowing. In a line I must say that I literally lost words to express how this car is and how it rides.
    All I can do is to compare this vehicle with ford figo TDCI as it was a close competitor during my car search process.

    This one goes straight to Punto. Style = Italian. These guys know better than anyone else in this dept.

    Interior fit and finish
    I would rate Punto much better than figo. The coral dash in figo is very jarring for my eyes.

    Equipment Levels:
    No comparison here as the finger points towards Punto. It has Climate Control, 15" alloys, 195 section tires, audio control on the steering, tilt adjustment for the steering wheel, split folding rear seats. Figo Titanium has ABS, Airbags, Blue Tooth enabled stereo but NO REAR POWER Windows. This is something annoying in a car which is upward of 6 lakh Rupees.

    Driving Comfort:
    Both cars came with height adjustable seats. However I found Punto seat to be slightly better in comparison to Figo. The lumbar support seems to be more in punto. The touch and feel of punto steering is mind blowing. My take was Punto

    MJD is an advanced engine when compared to TDCI. I felt figo to be more peppier because of NIL turbo lag. In comparison the first and second or rather the first is very short in Punto it just rolls the car from stand still position. The second gear seems to pull good (In 75HP punto this second gear does not pull high). I guess there is some gear ratio changes done to 90HP. Third is very adaptable and in-gear the punto is much faster. According to my knowledge goes MJD is more fuel efficient than TDCI (Correct me if I am wrong here). My take was Punto 90HP.

    This is where this car litrally stands out. It is a sheer bliss to not to hear any of the Thuds when you go over a pothole. I would say this has the best steering this side of 10 lakh Rupee car. Figo seems to be lighter while it does feel like a big car but those Thuds are not muted when we go over a pothole. My pick here is straight Punto.

    Build quality:
    Punto feels more solid than Figo. My pick here is again Punto.
    I would both are same in Chennai. After going through various ownership experience and other threads in TeamFiat I came to a conclusion that Fiat is here to stay and expand his business. The work undertaken by the VST service center is good. These talks persuaded me to tilt towards FIAT.
    Summarizing all these comparison and other information points the arrow towards FIAT.:up

    my Acknowledgement goes beyond boundaries but need to restrict a few :p
    Lastly I would like to thank my better half who was (and will always be)my pillar throughout this process patiently listening and reading the threads in TeamFiat as well as in other Forum also accompanying me to multiple test drives. Special thanks to my 8 month old daughter who let her mother accompany me during the test drive session and also waited patiently for more than 2 hrs during my vehicle booking time.
    I would like to thank my parents for providing me with the opportunity to be where I am today. Without them, none of this would even be possible. I would also like to thank my younger brother who in spite of his college intern session came along with me for test driving Figo.

    My thanks also extend to all Fellow teamfiatians for their encouraging words and special thanks to Mr. Ramjn (Ramesh) and Mr. Teky (Suresh).

    Overall I am a Proud owner of FIAT.

    Disclaimer: All the above mentioned comparison with Ford Figo are purely my own views. It is not intended to hurt any one's feelings.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2011
  2. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    Many many congratulations Harry.

    You'll be amazed by the 90hp Multijet over time. How it delivers power as well as efficiency.

    You've made a great choice. Now put up some pics!
  3. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Guys wait for the pictures to come during the weekend
  4. Srini

    Srini Regolare

    Congratulations.. Post some good pics.
  5. My hearty congrats harry ...waiting for the pics ...
  6. teky

    teky Esperto

    So it's here finally, congrats on your new ride. Good choice on getting the 90HP, got any chance to take her on the highway yet?

    Are you planning to change the tyre by any chance?

    Sent from my LT15i using Tapatalk
  7. shams

    shams Esperto

    Many congrats Harry!!:):) very nicely written review but no pictures :(
  8. Congrats Harry ! Welcome to Mighty 90 Club. Happy Puntoing. Make yourself available for the Fiat Customer Meet at Benz park, T Nagar, Chennai on 5th Nov.
  9. harry_1407

    harry_1407 Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @gurjinder: Paji.. thank you very much. Will upload the pics soon:)
    @Teky: did not get chance to take her on the highway yet but yes plans are there to take her to my dad's native Thanjavur soon. No plan of any tyre upgrade as of now because of Vitamin M deficiency
    @Srida: Thanks very much. Yes i will make my self available for the Fiat Customer Meet at Benz park, T Nagar, Chennai on 5th Nov.
    @shams: Thank you very much. will upload the pics during this coming weekend.
    @Cuty Red: Thank you very much.
  10. anoop

    anoop Superiore

    Congratulations Harry. You sure made a good decisions :)

    Couple of queries:
    1000 INR for stebel Magnum - did this include fitting also? If it is including the fitting, it is a good deal, but if it was only the price of horn, then I think it is a bit high. I love those horns - had them for couple of years on my bike.
    225 for My Shaldan - Which flavor did you chose?
    Jopsu cleaning kit - Good choice, do dust your car frequently.

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