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My 2014 (Pre-facelist) T-JET Emotion, Hip hop Black on Sale

Discussion in 'TFI Classifieds' started by maheshvpy, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet

    With a heavy heart, I have decided to part my 2014 (pre-facelist) T-JET Emotion, Hip hop Black. I'm selling it only because I'm relocating to abroad. I love my car so much that I had decided to leave it with my father but he has been talking through me to sell it. Finally head took over heart and I've decided to let the black beauty go as keeping the car idle for years will not make much financial sense as well will do no good to the car.

    I'm putting it on sale on TFI first for any T-JET-wannabe-owner forum member to consider before putting it on other classifieds.

    Details of the car:
    Model: Fiat Linea Hip hop Black
    Date of purchase: 29th Aug 2014
    Month of manufacture: Jan 2014
    ODO: 24,000 KMs (90% on highways on weekend trips (to hometown) as office to apartment distance is only 1.5KMs and I don't prefer to drive the car much inside the crowed Bangalore city)

    Condition of the car:
    Car is in pristine condition. I have 3M PPF (Paint protection film) applied on the entire car except on roof and boot-lip. No scratches or dents. Only blemish is a very small (.25 inch probably) ding on the driver side door body line caused by some one opening the passenger side door of a car parked next to mine. Noticeable only on close inspection. Car has been washed and waxed only 3M every month (apartment car washers don't touch my car). With PPF in place the car is glossy once washed and wiped. Also on regular days just dusting will keep the car shiny as the brunt is taken by the PPF and not by paint. The PPF will take good care of the paint for another 4-5 years. The leather interiors are like new and are in top notch condition without any tear or scratch due to regular maintenance.

    Upgrades / Add-ons:
    The car is in stock form, no any physical changes done what so ever such as re-map. Upgrades / accessories below:
    1. 3M CR-90 film on both front and rear windshields and CR-70 film on window mirrors
    2. 3M Paint sealant and under body coat
    3. 3M PPF (paint protection film) - on Font and rear bumpers, front and rear wheel fenders, all four doors
    4. Kagu 3D mat (for form) + 3M Nomad mats (for function) cut to the shape of the 3D mat
    5. Upgraded to Michelin Primary 3 ST tyres in stock size @ 2000 KMS and the tires are good for easily another 20K
    6. T-JET illuminated door stills (FIAT OEM accessory, not available any more)
    7. Reading light installed in the rear for my daughter (FIAT OEM accessory)
    8. Pre-facelifted (2012) lower GC suspension installed at FIAT @ 15K KMs. This is the best upgrade I have done to the car (the High GC Dampers and springs are still with me if the buyer wants to swap to High GC set-up)
    9. Shell Helix fully synthetic oil changed @ 17.5KMs and the changes it has brought to the engine needs to be experienced by driving it. No more engine "hum" during high revs and the car revs freely with no stress and you will be doing 140-160 KM/Hr not even realizing it.

    With Michelin tires + 2012 plush Low GC suspension + Fully Synthetic engine oil + Heavy chassis + Hydraulic steering + Long wheelbase + Leather interiors and not to forget the T-JET engine the car is such a joy to drive on highways and the experience can only be substituted my much more costlier luxury cars. No other car under < 15 Lacs come close to the driving experience of this.

    I have placed order for 3M Z Type rubber seals from aliexpress to fix the wind noise (I have nailed this after doing lot of research and trial and error on the car) and it is yet to be delivered. I can hand this off to the buyer if he is interested.

    I the car leased on my company name (with my name added as user) for my tax benefits and I would like to directly transfer the car to the new owner. The insurance has been renewed just now good for another 1 year (till Aug 2016).

    Please PM me with reasonable offers. I will coordinate the viewing / test drive of the car with the interested buyers.

    Just a couple pictures added from my iPhone. I will add more pictures from my SLR little later.




  2. Calvinv

    Calvinv Timido

    Fiat Enthusiast
    Looks great, all the best
  3. Prashant Teki

    Prashant Teki Amatore

    Delhi NCR
    Delhi NCR
    Linea 1.3
    Sorry to see a enthusiast parting away from his beauty. Hope some form the TFI family takes this to there home so that it remains in its glorified state as ever.

    @maheshvpy - let me check if there are any buyers with a zest for Tjet (though its a bit hard as the car is in South and I would be asking my friends and known in North, but will hope for the best)
  4. csr1969

    csr1969 Amatore

    KA 38, bidar, AP 10 secunderabad
    Linea 1.3
    Hi @maheshvpy what is the price that you are expecting ? You have not mentioned it anywhere. Your car is a rocker. If you would have put it a few days before instead of an XUV 500 this beauty along with my MJD would have occupied my garage. Anyways all the best with the deal. Please put in some more pics.

    Thanks and regards
  5. Saji Babu

    Saji Babu Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Looking very good. All the best.
    - Btw what's the expected price?
    -3M Z Type rubber seals from aliexpress to fix the wind noise - could you please let us know how to tackle the windnoise with this ? Would be useful for many here who are looking for a solution.

  6. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Team, thanks for your replies. Please do let me know if any of your friends is interested. I can be reached on mahesh4@gmail.com / 9535744277.

    The price is 6.6L (I have priced it reasonably to avoid negotiations).

    The accurate ODO as of today is 24,000 KMs. Attached is the picture of the same.

    @csr1969: Sorry, I missed having the opportunity to put my T-JET in your garage by dilly-dallying if I should sell the car or not.

    @Saji Babu: Regarding the wind noise fix, I was planning to post the details with the results once I receive the seal from aliexpress and test it. Unfortunately aliexpress has messed up with shipment. I'll post my findings so far (without being able to test the fix) in a separate thread.

    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 3, 2015 ---
    I missed to add:
    The car is @ Mahadevapura, Bangalore.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 3, 2015, Original Post Date: Nov 3, 2015 ---
    Sorry, I meant accurate ODO as of today is 24,600 KMs.
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  7. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Added additional pictures from SLR as requested. Pictures are taken today. Pardon me for the dirt on the wheels. I couldn't get the car washed before taking the pictures.

    Also I got inquiries if there was any accident as I did not mention it explicitly. There car is accident free. There are not even rattles and squeaks so far thanks to the FIAT's solid build.











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  8. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    What a beauty! It is so sad that you have to part ways. I wish it goes to another enthusiast!
  9. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    Adding few more details based on the queries I received:
    - The car has 3M PPF on the hood / bonnet as well. I missed to mention it in my listing
    - The car has rear parking sensor that came installed by FIAT during the delivery as free accessory
    - Pairs of FIAT embossed pillows and head rests are part of the added accessory
    - The car has standard 3 years warranty + 2 year extended warranty (4 more years warranty is left)
    - Yes, I paid a small fee during registration to get the special number 5051 (didn't get bill)
    - I have all the bills for services and 3M work
    - The car came with normal spare wheel and not the alloy one. The rear seat does not have fold option and no cruise control.
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2015
  10. maheshvpy

    maheshvpy Amatore

    Linea T-Jet
    All, the car has been sold on Nov-13th (Friday).

    For the TFI record, the sale price is INR 6,65,000/-. A gentleman who is a current Ford Fiesta (1.4 petrol) owner has bought it for my asking price without any negotiation.

    Thanks for all your messages.

    Mods, this thread can be closed.

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